Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three Dogs Earn Their Spot In Wisconsin Pet Hall Of Fame

Three dogs who stood out among many other dogs that won was a mixed Labrador/ Beagle named Chloee, a Dachshund named Frankie and a Maltese named Peaches N Cream. These dogs are not like another kind of dog, each one of them was picked for their skills that they each learned.

It’s always nice to read about a dog who has met the challenge to be helpful to a person in need. These dogs were trained by professionals who cared enough to teach them their skills. Most of us just take for granted that we own a dog but these guys are the ones who brought true love to the ones in need like Peaches N Cream who help save a little girl that went into a diabetic coma and Chloee who is a service dog and a therapy dog that helps a guy who is in a wheelchair. And we all remember Frankie the dog who walks around in his own wheelchair that helps teach us not to give up no matter what.

Yes they are special bunch of dogs.

Read the article by Andy Nelesen here.

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