Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Dog’s Owner That Didn’t Give Up

So just because you own a dog you think he won’t get sick, well there is a guy named Jeff Button who worked with his best friend named Rakker who is a K-9 dog while working the Bomb Squad. Jeff couldn't figure out why his buddy was always getting sick. So after my times to the Vet and after trying so many meds that just didn’t work, Jeff finally found a med that work from a friend.

Sometimes by word of mouth works best and Jeff was finally able to get his dog Rakker back to better health. We all know how we love our buddies and will do whatever it takes to help them, so Jeff quest didn’t stop there. Jeff went on to help his fellow friends out on what he had found and the next thing you know he left his job and started a business selling dog products that he knows are good and healthy for dogs that he even feeds to his buddy Rakker.

Sometimes we just need that little push to find our goal in life and to be able to pass on the experience that Jeff had gone though and to help other dog owners is even more a plus. As Jeff and his wife Joanna has said in their motto "Because your dog deserves to be healthy!" is what it’s all about.

So stop by and see all the healthy food that they have on their site and don’t forget to see Rakker's Blog here.

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