Friday, February 6, 2009

Salmonella Outbreak Has Now Hit The Dogs

A Dog from Oregon has been tested positive for Salmonella from eating a peanut product dog biscuit that had been manufactured in Georgia called Happy Tails Multi Flavor Dog Biscuits.

So now we all have to take a look at all our dogs food to make sure that we are not feeding them any of these type biscuits. I wonder how many case are out there that wasn’t report by their owners.

Read the article here.


Let'sTalkPetFoods said...

I watched CSPAN senate meeting on Peanut Recall. Spent 2 hrs giving piece of mind to TV & FDA who SIDE STEPPED to make them unaccountable.

2001 (FDA inspected 1st time)
2006 (FDA *contracted to inspect)
2001-2006 state inspected.Records no longer available according to plant)Saved only 3 yrs.
2001- 2008 (12 cases found at plant )

Neither plant nor private labs-legally required to report this ! Senator asks FDA how they get companies to issue *voluntary recalls*. FDA says they *CONJOLE* them & companies agree based on legal alternatives if they don't .

FDA worried about humans, not pets getting sick ! Dogs carry salmonella in their systems.. Dry pet foods and some human foods carry salmonella within FDA % allowance! Over that and they act !

Plant under criminal investigation. (8) people died ! One healthy 70 yr woman, who ate PB on he toast every morning died!~ Only Crime? Her age!


lotusgreen said...

grrrrrrrrr (no pun intended)

i don't have a dog, but a cat, but nothing is scarier/more infuriating than this kind of thing.

(but i did watch a teensy bit of the puppy bowl on superbowl sunday and it was so cute!)