Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Great Dog Recues

Photo by Pat Sullivan

First was the pit bull that had fallen down into a drainage pipe some sixteen feet down in water up to his neck. Thank fully a worker hear the dog barking and with the help of the Gulfport Firemen they were able to rescue the poor dog.

The dog owner was grateful to see her dog again after being missing for a few days.

Read the article here.

Next there was a dog who was so lucky that a bunch of loggers from Mayfield Township, Maine helped save the life of the wounded dog that had been shot in the head and neck.

Just to even think that the dog was able to survive in the woods for some time is unbelievable and for the guys who had help this dog get some medical help he now has a chance to live.

Read the article by Sharon Kiley Mack here.

So a Great bit of Thanks goes out to those who had help save a few of our buddies… Woof... Woof...

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