Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yes Dogs Do Bite

There were two kids that were attacked at different times by a dog that got loose while they were on their way to school in Fenton, Missouri.
Over in Fremont, California there was a nine year old that was mauled by his family dog that just only bit someone a few weeks ago.
And near Colorado Hills there was a five year old who was attacked by a dog.
A little seven year old named Tanner Joshua Monk from Breckenridge, Texas who was mauled to death by two pit bulls now has the owners facing felony charges.
Then you have a man named David Scoular from Canada who had his leg bitten to the bone when he approached two dogs and tried to kick at one of the dogs.

That’s a lot of dog biting in the past two days. I have read that dogs that are chained up seem to be the most aggressive, due to not being social with other animals and people. You also need to watch out for dogs that are behind a fence, they are going to protect their turf.
Here is a quick 10 point tip on training your dog by Chamois Rose-Wood.

Here's a simple step by step beginners training for your dog by Linda Lombardi.

There are so many different types of training out there for your pet, alls you need to do is a search. And remember why you brought your pet to begin with...Wasn't it for Love and Comfort?

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