Thursday, May 1, 2008

For The Love Of A Dog- What A Day

I came home today after being away for a few days and I read about a man who dropped two dogs over a fence at an animal shelter in Alabama.

See the video here
: Warning: Some images may be disturbing

So this guy who dropped the two dogs off, killed one of them. After seeing himself on the news that made him turn himself in.

Read the article here.

So just when you think the day is shot with all the bad news you come across an article about a little boy who’s dog need to have an operation but his family is unable to afford to pay for it.

Little Clint Bingham was not going to give up and wanted to save his dog named Rex who is a Golden Retriever with the help from his friends.

Read the story by Steve Koecher here.

Now after reading a story like that it just gives you hope and allows you to appreciate your pet animal even more.
As they say : A dog is a man’s best friend

Got to go and play with my dogs….

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