Friday, May 2, 2008

Trio Try And Get Owners Dog To Memorial Service Get Arrested

Just picture this:
You hear about a man who is dying in the hospital and his poor dog is being locked up in the dog pound waiting to be put a sleep.

Well these three kids tried to break the dog out of the pound to be with his owner, but they got caught. The story said that the man had died the next day.

This story is what the real America is all about, the love of one to another even if we don’t know the other person. And just think about the poor dog that was only lost walking around because his owner lay dying in the hospital.
So two of the kids have been charged and sit in the county jail.

Here is the question:

If you were the Judge would you charge these kids or would you tell them that it was wrong to break in , but what they were attempting to do was an Honor and a great privilege to know three kids that would risk their own butt for someone else.

Read the article here.

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