Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bad Food And Toys For Dogs

We all know that beer is no good for a dog’s liver and Macadamia and Walnuts can cause paralysis. Then you have chocolate which can definitely kill a dog and caffeine is no better. There are a few other things like avocados, onions, which are toxic along with grapes and raisins. The raisins can kill a dog in just one serving.
This is pretty scary when you think about all the house hole items that are laying around in your house.

The ASPCA said they received over one hundred and thirty thousand calls in two thousand and seven. That sure is a lot of calls.

Finish reading the article by Sloan Barrett to learn some of the good foods.

For Help Call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center @ 888-426-4435

Ok now we have a few toys that carry lead yes lead it’s not only in kid toys it is also in dog toys.
This is what a news 5 investigation came up with.

Four Paws
Rough and Rugged Ball

Puppy Toy Slipper
Squeaky Play Dog Toy Hammer
Squeaky play yell jack

Percival Platypus

Toyshoppe Playables Donut
Toyshoppe Playables Hot Dog
Red Twist
Spotbites Newspaper

Petstages Colored Ball
Spot Hamburger
Petstages Donkey

This test was only on fourteen toys. I wonder if all their toys that were made were tested. Could you imagine what the number would be.

Read the article here.

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