Friday, May 23, 2008

Smoking Dogs Along With The Oldest Dog And Milk Bones 100th Anniversary

Here is an article by Nanette Pearl who runs a Pet Chat column that talks about second hand smoke with your dog that was printed in the May Dogs in Canada and written by Jeff Grognet.
This article talks about different dogs with long and short noses and how the short nose dog will have fewer nasal tumors but more lung tumors.

Read the full article here.

Del Monte's celebrates Milk Bones 100th Anniversary in Times Square with a dog house built with one hundred thousand dog biscuits.
Ivanka Trump & Cristian dela Fuente came out and made a guest appearances for the cause. Del Monte also made a Million Dollar donation to its Milk Bone Canine Heroes that help provide service dogs. What a gift…..

Read the full article by Karlene Lukovite here.

Photo by the BBC

David Richardson from the Britain said his Labrador named Bella is twenty nine years old which would make him the oldest dog alive. But the Guinness World Records won’t list old Bella do to not having a birth certificate.
I would just be Grateful to be able to have my buddy with me that long.

Read the article by Urmee Khan here.

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