Thursday, November 3, 2011

Illegal Puppy Mill Dogs Die In A Fire

What is being called as an illegal dog breeder ( really another puppy mill ) which was being ran out of a home in Greenburgh, NY had burned down and killed around twenty dogs which was being housed in a twenty by twenty shed.

The owner Ross Taylor who was once caught running a puppy mill back in two thousand and six had once again went into the puppy breeding business and this time it cost the lives of these poor dogs.

Greenburgh Building Inspector John Lucido said: If it was found that they had all these dogs we would have given them violation notices to remove the dogs down to the number permitted, which is three. It was an illegal business where a person was breeding dogs in a residential neighborhood, which is not permitted. We will have an investigation. Whatever violations are found will have to be written up and they will be taken to court.

It's just sad to see the photo's of the burned out shed where these dogs had to live and to think that there were no complaints prior to this fire.

Read the article by Shawn Cohen and Leah Rae here.

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