Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dog News For 11-15-2011

Hunters Shot Two Therapy Dogs In Minnesota

The main question is why these two hunters would shoot two German Shepherds named Devaki and Makita. These two dogs happened to run into the woods looking for something they heard and then the dog's owner Shannon Hautala gun shots on which she came across the two hunters who said that they didn't see the dogs.

But the next day Shannon Hautala said: We asked them if they shot them, and one of the hunters admitted it and said they have a right to shoot anything that came on their property. And after finding her dogs Shannon Hautala said: My dogs crawled through the woods with wounds and lay in the woods all night long and suffered, and they didn't even have the decency to either tell me that she was there, or to go in the woods and finish it themselves.

Now how cruel is that to just let the dogs die like that after they shot them for no reason.

Read the article by Jessica Miles here.

Just a side note: Old PETA is at it again but this time there line is : If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey? So now they are trying to ruin Thanksgiving for kids in Utah with billboards being placed by schools.

Things like this is why I removed their banner from my blog. Sorry if I offended any one my I'm allowed my option.

Read the article by Stephanie Grimes here.

The Co President of the San Francisco SPCA named Dr. Jennifer Scarlett has said that three puppies were being treated for parvovirus from the Occupy SF protest area. And there might be even more dogs running around with the virus.

A spokesperson for the SF SPCA named Krista Maloney said: There were also dogs at the camp that showed symptoms of two other diseases: kennel cough and giardia.

So what are they going to do now whit all these dogs running around though out the protest area passing on all these virus and disease's.

Read the article here.

I was reading an article done by the I Team in CT that did an article about bulletproof vest for dogs and their story was about a company called Connecticut Vest a Dog which is being questioned on where all the money went that was suppose to buy these vest for dogs.

The article was good but after reading the comments from people from the company past and present it seems to be getting heated up on who did what. I will say that it's a must read if you have ever donated any money to help buy one of these vest for a dog.

Read the article here.


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