Monday, November 14, 2011

Dog News For 11-14-2011

The Memphis, TN Police have arrested two animal abusers named Charles Cross and Lindell Tanner for animal fighting when they received a call and found the two holding a dog fight.

One of the three dogs was found with injuries from being involved in fighting and now these two will be charged with animal fighting.

Read the article by Josh Roberts here.

Then you have a sick o named Kenneth I. Milosavich from Pueblo, NM who has been arrested for sexually assaulting a dog. This sick o will be having a lot of different charges being filed against him when he was arrested by the Pueblo police.

Read the article by Nick Bonham here.

Up in New Jersey a guy named Gyula Szatmari has been arrested and charged for riding his motorcycle with his dog Bosco on it.

Over the years I have seen so many people riding with their dogs on their bikes and you can see that the dogs just love it.

So now Gyula will be finding another way to get his buddy on the bike for a ride that is more safer.

Read the article here.

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