Saturday, November 5, 2011

34 Dogs Rescued While 30 Dogs Are Euthanized

The Friends of Animals shelter in Cloquet, NM has taken in some thirty four dogs from a home in the local area after the police reported the issue about the amount of dogs living in a home.

The Chairwoman from Friends of Animals Linda Towne said: There was a small tool shed type structure no bigger than a bathroom that was filled with cages piled up on top of each other up to the ceiling, that must be where the dogs were kept at night.

.The medical coordinator for the shelter Beth Wendroth said: They were all very matted and dirty, and it was a big job. We can't thank Kennelz and Bitz from Pet Boarding and Grooming of Moose Lake enough for offering their assistance in helping to clean up and groom the dogs.

Read the article by Wendy Johnson here.

Down in Weatherford, TX where thirty plus dogs were rescued from Michele Colleen Sweet's property along with other dead animals last month has finally been arrested for animal cruelty.

The sad part is that thirty of these poor dogs have been killed. And Michele Colleen Sweet said that see didn't have the money to care for the animals but why did they all have to be killed is my question.

Read the article by Susan McFarland here.

A warning is be reported at the Los Altos Dog Park in Northeast Albuquerque for a Parvo virus outbreak. So if you live in the area be careful with your pets in the park area.

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