Monday, August 16, 2010

West Virginia Town Votes Down Specific Dog Breed Ban Ordinance

Everybody want to ban this type of dog and that type of dog. Well in a small town of Point Pleasant, WV the city council was unable to come up with enough votes to ban these types of dogs for the second time.

Most people are afraid of dogs like the pit bull from what they read in the news about them, but they are really loving dogs if they are trained and loved right. So how could we ban any dog from living in our town because of the breed they are? People are bitten by all kinds of dogs from all types of breeds, not just one or two different types. I was even bit by a dog when I was young, but that didn’t stop me from owning dogs.

Read the article by Hope Roush here.

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WV Pit Bull Haven said...

WV Pit Bull Haven was in attendance at this meeting.

We'd like to make the public aware that ALL of the city officials in attendance were kind and VERY receptive to the opposition of their proposed breed-ban.

In fact, the motion failed in an 8-1 vote with 1 Councilman abstaining.

We want to thank EVERYONE that took the time to write to Council, also local residents that came out to address their concerns and frustrations in a polite manner, and especially the Council members for their open-mindedness and rational based leadership.

Congratulations Point Pleasant!