Thursday, August 12, 2010

West Virginia Judge Said You Will Pay For The Care Of Your Seized Dogs

All in all it’s about time a judge has made the owner of dogs that was seized pay up for their care.

A judge named Joan V. Bragg from the Berkeley County Magistrate has ordered Leonard Woods Jr. who ran the YipYipDog Kennels LLC to post a twenty five grand plus to help pay for the care of some ninety four dogs that were seized after his home was condemned.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Capt. D. Scott Richmond said; The health of the dogs ranged from not so bad to not so good and described the housing conditions as deplorable.

Personally I don’t know this guy but if you are going to run a kennel as a breeder it should be done right and not out of your backyard. The article said that one of the pit bulls had died from giardia which is a protozoans, tiny, one-celled parasitic life forms with the potential to cause serious illness.

Read the article by Matthew Umstead here.

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