Friday, August 27, 2010

PetAmberAlert Goes High Tech Launches New Alert Methods and Increases Success Rate by 20% has re-launched its popular amber alert service for lost pets. Thanks to the new technology and a nationwide state of the art database that has taken over 3 years to put together, alerts are delivered within 1 hour after placing an order via phone to neighbors and fax to businesses. Since the service upgrades earlier this month there has been a 20% increase in the amount of lost pets that have been found thanks to PetAmberAlert, going from an average 50% to 70%. has been online since 2005. Over the years PetAmberAlert has gone from simple online lost pet postings, to actively sending alerts via email and then via express mail. Over time it has shown that Fax and Phone Alerts offer the fastest response and highest success rate in finding lost dogs, lost cats and other lost pets.

PetAmberAlert has also implemented the following upgrades to their service:

1.) Immediate Action - Alerts Delivered Same Day!

PetAmberAlert is now delivering alerts via fax the same day vs postal mail which would take longer due to delivery times. Sometimes the alert would even be delayed longer due to weather or other postal issues.

2.) Dual Action - Phone Neighbors/Fax Businesses!

Pet Amber Alerts now cover all bases when it comes to alerting the neighborhood. They are able to phone local residents in the area and fax posters to local pet businesses. This type of alert spreads quickly and notify's thousands of people in the area within one hour. This is truly a break through and it is estimated that an additional 5,000 pets will be found this year alone thanks to the service upgrades.

3.) Cases are Analyzed Individually for Best Result!

PetAmberAlert has some of the best Pet Detectives in the country who are working on call 24/7. They will check through each case and analyze which agencies would be most beneficial to alert (ie. police stations for stolen cases, targeting specific locations of last known sightings via phone etc.).

4.) Database is Update Daily for Accuracy!

The PetAmberAlert nationwide database is checked for accuracy daily. (They make sure fax numbers are up to date and check for new agencies that have opened in the area for every case). They are also classified as an exempt organization by the National Do Not Call Registry, thus they can also phone neighbors who are on the Do Not Call List.

5.) Alert Receipt/Delivery is Verified!

PetAmberAlert is launching a new customer account center on its website . The same day customers place a order they will be able to see an exact list of where the poster/phone alert has been sent and may instantly call for verification. Lost Pet Owners will also be able to make changes to pets information, and place alert re-orders for their lost cat, or lost dog.

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