Saturday, August 28, 2010

There Will Be No Missing Dog Posters In My Town

Can you imagine a town that will fine you if you put up a missing dog poster to help find your dog. Well that’s what a town called Durham, NC is saying to a guy named Otto Ladensack because he posted the signs on telephone poles.

I guess the Durham Planning Department didn’t even care about why the signs were up in the first place, considering that Mr. Ladensack was in an accident with his little girl when their dog Maggie ran off out of fear.

Thankfully their dog Maggie has returned before they were fined for the signs. But can you believe a town wanting to fine someone who is only trying to find their pet; I guess they don’t like animals is all I can say.

Read the article by Steve Sbraccia here.


Dog Mama said...

WOW. No, I cannot wrapped my brain around it no matter how hard I try!

Chris J said...

This is really amazing........Its unbelievable..I never imagine that there will be any town where there should be no missing dog posters. Durham is really very safe for specially dogs..