Monday, July 5, 2010

Who’s Poisoning The Dogs In Houston, TX?

After watching the video you kind of wonder if there is some sick person going around trying to poison the dogs for some strange reason. Luckily Charlotte Liberda was smart enough to bring her dogs to a vet or her beautiful dogs would have been dead.

I hope all the dog owners in that area are on the watch for any cheese balls that might be laced with strychnine.

Read the article by Andy Cerota here.

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Anonymous said...

In 2006, my now ex, who is marrage now to a murder mistory actress, refused to help me when someone was betting my horse (I have photos of wipe marks). The HSPCA just said to move the horse. The girl who helped me found her back yard gate open and her dog dead! Why is it that this type of crap is not investigated. Later that year, I got very sick and found an unknown substance in the gallon jug of orange juice. MY sister, who was my only character witness for my divorce was also predivorce, she was sick at the same time but died. I took all this to the local police who did nothing after finding out that my sister's new boyfriend who posted cyanide and happiness cartoon of one charactor stabbing the other with a bloody nife! Her new boyfriend's mother shared a pobox in navasoda tx with my now ex step mother! Hmm? Surely you can see a motive here. Why has the district attorney's office not investigated this issue! Because the DA's head investigator is friends with my husband's sisterinlaw! Hmm? And why is it that all the money is going to these people as a result of these other people who are all dying of sudden illness and or heart attacks? My question is "WHY ARE THE POLICE NOT USING DOGS TO TRACK THE LAST PERSON FROM THE HOMES OF PEOPLE WHO DIED? Because it looks like natural death. After beeing left in multiple gas leak and having my x remove the red tags and turning the gas back on with out telling me, I CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER, WHAT THE HELL IS STILL GOING ON IN HOUSTON TX?