Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sad Dog News Today

In Missouri the Stone County deputies have busted a possible dog fighting ring when they seized nineteen pit bulls with the help of the Humane Society.

Debbie Hill from the Humane Society said: The animals are on very heavy logging chains, sometimes 30 pounds of chain attached to the animal's neck that they must wear every hour of every day, very short pieces of chain, chained in the woods, and you can see basically the path worn in the dirt, the multiple piles of feces there.

Hopefully these dogs will get another chance of life in a new home and these two that was arrested will get the book thrown at them.

Read the article by Linda Russell here.

Now after all the news report telling you about the danger of leaving your pet in a car when it’s hot out would have gotten though to everyone by now.

Well I guess this dumb girl from Wausau, Wisconsin wasn’t at class that day because she left her dog in her car for nearly four hours. Yes four hours which killed her dog due to the heat that brews inside a car during the summer season. Now she is in jail and being charged with mistreating an animal resulting in death.

When will people learn about the dangers of leaving your pet in the car and even leaving kids in the car is bad too.

Read the article here.

When I read this article it made me wonder how this person named Mallory Partow from Troy, NY was even allowed to own any dogs in the first place.

You would think that a person who has ninety two charges of animal cruelty already on the books and now she is facing two more counts of animal cruelty for abandoning two dogs with no food or water after being evicted.

I’m sorry to say, but people like this needs to be feed to the dogs for what they do to these animals. So upsetting to read articles like this, seeing that she is only having bail set at five hundred dollars doesn’t say much for the laws in that area. Hopefully the Judge sees it different and throws her butt in jail for a long time.

Read the article Michelle Kim here.

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