Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Cooked Dog Books To Sad Dog News

Well the books didn’t work out for a Williamson County Animal Control Department in Franklin, Tenn. after an audit of the books found an employee named Kerrania Jensen had stolen over one hundred thousand dollars.

This is real low to steal from an animal shelter that could have used the money to help the shelter take care of the abandon pets.

The director of the Comptroller's Division of County Audit Jim Arnette said: There was a lot of trust put into Ms. Jensen. When you put that trust in an individual, it's very disturbing to find out they've been committing a fraud.

Read the article here.

In Pryor, Oklahoma the SPCA had rescued eight King Charles Cavalier Spaniels that were living in inhumane conditions at a Amish farm with no running water or electric.

Cruelty Investigator Wade Farnan said: Filthy, hadn't been cleaned in I don't know when. Some of them had water, some of them didn't.

Read the article here.

If you want to adopt one of these dogs you can go to

The Humane Society is offering a two thousand dollars reward to find out who is responsible for stoning the animals in Washington, DC . There have been some twelve animals killed in the past month by these reckless thugs.

Read the article by Malachi Constant here.

The Morgan Hill Police arrested a sick’o named Kevin Fitfield back on Tuesday for dragging what was reported as a terminally ill dog named Snowflake on the ground after someone reported this guy.

How could you do something like that to your dog?

Read the article here.

A guy named George Cochran had his pit bull tethered outside and due to the rope binding up which caused the poor dog to hang himself. The Lee County Animal Services had told George at an earlier date to use a better way to tie his dog up but now it’s too late for his poor dog.

I hope other people that tie their dog up outside think twice about how they tie up their dog, before their dog dies too.

Read the article by Linh Bui here.

Richmond, VA is reporting around five thousand calls this year just on animal cruelty which seems like a real lot for any one area.

Richmond's director of Animal Care and Control Jody Jones said: People are asking us to come out and investigate these types of crimes. And help them fix the crimes that are taking place in their neighborhoods. The increase in calls has led to some wonderful prosecutions here in Richmond.

Hopefully more people in all areas of the word will report any animal cruelty that they see to help put a stop to the abuse to our friends.

Read the article by Rachel DePompa here.

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