Friday, July 16, 2010

Does Your Dog Eat One Of These?

Before I get into this my two dogs are very picky on what they eat and different types of dog food and treats might get one of the dogs upset and not the other. So we all need to watch what our dogs are eating, especially something new.

A group of dog owners that meet at the Marco Island Dog Park in Florida have been experiencing their dogs getting sick over a dog treat called chicken jerky products that are made in China. No there isn’t any recalls, it just that some of the dog owners dogs have been getting sick from eating these treats.

So the bottom line is with any treat of dog food is that if your dog gets sick from it try stopping your dog from eating the treat or food and see what happens.

Read the article by Chris Curle and Don Farmer here.

Now the British Veterinary Association is warning dog owners about the danger of the artificial sweetener which is called Xylitol.

So what’s in the food you are feeding your dog?

The Head of Service at VPIS Alexander Campbell said: With the increasing number of products containing Xylitol on the market the VPIS recognises the extreme importance of raising awareness of the danger to dogs of ingesting this substance, particularly in the light of a case we handled the other evening which involved a dog eating a muffin made with this sugar substitute.
This is yet another instance where a food or food additive deemed safe for human consumption proves to be dangerous for other species. Pets should really only be given foodstuffs formulated for them.

What the BVA is saying is: Xylitol is not considered harmful to humans, but if ingested by a dog the substance is dangerous because it triggers a sudden release of insulin which causes a dramatic drop in blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) and can lead to liver damage.

Read the article here.

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