Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summers Here, Please Don’t Do What These People Did

Down in Hillsboro, MO you have a guy who would leave his dog tied up outside all day but this time the poor dog couldn’t even reach his water and had been left out in the sun all day which unfortunately caused the dog to die.

I still don’t understand why people do this to their dogs knowing that it gets hot out there. It’s shows a real lack of caring to me when I read something like this.

Read the article by Chris Regnier here.

Then over in Memphis, TN you have a dumb yes dumb couple named Gregory Fisher and Amanda Lillard who decided to leave their poor dog in the car for four hours while they did what they needed to do. But when they finally came out to the car the poor dog was so ill you would think they would have called for some help or something. No they decided to drive off with the dog in the back, but good thing they were pulled over by the police who seen the dog in despair and brought the dog to the vet.

Hopefully the poor dog will survive at this point from being baked in the car.

Read the article here.

So Please don’t let this happen to your dog and if you see your neighbor who just leaves their dog out all day, say something to them. And if that don’t work contact the authorities because you just might be the one who saves the animals life.

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The Teacher's Pets said...

This breaks my heart, when we see dogs tied up outside for hours in the humid hot summer sun, or even worse when they are left in cars! Shame on these people, who should not be Pet owners!