Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Dogs Seized In Different Areas

Florida deputies down in Polk County have done it again, this time they rescued sixty two dogs in Haines City that were taken from James Odom. So far James has been charged with twenty counts of animal abuse with more charges coming his way.

Sheriff Grady Judd said: It was a clear message; we are not going to tolerate animal abuse. Our Animal Control staff is working around the clock to address this overwhelming influx of abused animals. We are asking the rescue groups who we have worked with before to come to our aid. We will be open around the clock to ensure that the rescue groups have the opportunity to respond to our plea for assistance.

They must really be over whelmed with all the dogs they have rescued in the past week.

Read the article here.

Down in Plant City the police arrested four people on charges for dog fighting named Antonio Ramirez, Bobby Bailey, Hector Rodriguez and Ricky Quiroz.

Great work and I hope these four get the book thrown at them.

Read the article here.

Up in Pierce County, Washington the animal control officers removed about fifty five dogs along with other animals from a home owner in Eatonville.
This is the same owner that had her animals taken from her a year ago and still she hasn’t learned her lesson.

Hopefully she will be charged this time by the prosecutor.

Read the article here.

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