Friday, June 4, 2010

I Heard Of Horse Power In A Car, But Dog Power?

It wasn’t really dog power but there was a little eight week old Lab stuck in Darlene Broome’s car which was strange to find after hearing noise coming from her car.

Darlene Broome said: I kept hearing this whining like an animal noise coming from around my car and the puppy was wedged in the motor on top of the transmission. The puppy was actually stuck, about an eight week old lab that she found under the hood of her car. I've heard of cats doing this before getting up in motors of vehicles but never a puppy or dog.

It’s amazing that the little dog even survived the ordeal in the first place. And a Big Thanks goes out to Matt Baxley for helping this puppy out of a jam and taking the dog to a vet.

Read the article here.

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