Friday, April 2, 2010

Who’s Going To Be One Of The Owners Of The Rare Fox Red Labradors Litter

Renowned Kennel Expecting a Rare Litter of Fox Red Labradors

Los Angeles based Labrador breeder is expecting a rare litter of Fox Red Labrador Retrievers on April 23, 2010. Bred from champion stock, this is a unique opportunity to get a Keepsake Sired Labrador on the west coast.

Susana Labradors located in Simi Valley, CA near Los Angeles is excited to announce an upcoming litter of Fox Red Labrador puppies at their accredited kennel. Expected to be born April 23, 2010 and ready to be placed in homes circa June 20th, these highly unique puppies are of champion stock and offer a rare opportunity for west coast residents to claim an extraordinary companion for their families and/or homes.

With the puppies on the way, ownership applications are being accepted now.

Boasting over a decade of experience in raising Labrador Retrievers, Susana Labradors is a California Labrador breeder expert in owning, breeding, training and raising unparalleled fox red, white, chocolate, yellow, English cream and black Labradors to pristine specifications. This particular litter of Fox Red Labs promises to be no different – a stunning representation of the kennel’s outstanding capabilities in the field of breeding fine canines.

In addition to the overall quality of the dogs that Susana Labradors is known to produce, they are further pleased to introduce this litter of not-too-common pups. For 80 years breeders have sought to lighten the coat of the typical off-white Labrador to suit public demand; however, this upcoming litter comes from a rare line that aims to increase the dark red coat in an effort to emulate Autumn leaves for a natural camouflage during the hunting season.

In the end, there are very few Fox Red Labs and for this kennel to bring a Champion Sired litter to the west coast, sired by the only Fox Red Champion ever, is truly a first.

Between their notable bloodline and upbringing in the California sun, these Labrador puppies promise to be something special and since they’re the first of their kind on the west coast, they will go quickly.

For anyone interested in owning a well-adjusted pup from a renowned kennel and champion bloodline, this upcoming litter of rare Fox Red Labs is the perfect opportunity. With years of passion and experience under their belt, Susana Labradors offer only the finest canines and this special litter is a limited-time chance to claim the perfect companion.

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