Saturday, April 3, 2010

Buffalo Police Catch Dog Fighting Operation Red Handed

The Ferry- Fillmore District Police Officers working on a tip were able to catch two people named Ellen M. & Joshua Thomas who are bother and sister red handed with a ring setup in the home and a video camera showing dogs fighting.

Three dogs were rescued with the help from SPCA from a life of hell from these two lowlifes.

The public relations director of the SPCA Serving Erie County Gina Browning said: This investigation probably saved the lives of these dogs. I think people are surprised that this is happening in Buffalo, they think it’s happening in the bigger cities, but instead it may be happening a few blocks away. It’s sad, but it’s exciting to see another law-enforcement agency take something like this so seriously.

I must say myself that this was some great police work to be able to catch these two red handed, hopefully there will be more people added to the arrest list.

Read the article by Gene Warner here.

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