Saturday, April 3, 2010

11 Year Old Trying To Buy Vest For Local Police Dogs Keeps Getting Ripped Off

OK who stole little Genevieve Lampert money that she was collecting to buy another vest for her local police dogs. Apparently some lowlifes has taken the canisters from two locations that she was using to raise funds for another vest she wanted to buy and even a scrap metal place called Spunder Metals Inc. has ripped her off on the money that’s due to her.

It’s sad when an honest child is trying to do good and a few people out there just wants to steal from her. I just love reading about the kids who have made it a mission to help the unfortunate dogs out there and to go out of their way to offer to help protect my buddies.

Read the article by Jon Yates here.

Here is a list of a few companies that offer K9 Vest for dogs:
International Body Armor

Illinois Vest-A-Dog

Kevlar for K9s

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, Inc

Maine Vest-A-Dog

P.E.P. K9

Rhode Island Vest-A-Dog

Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog

Vested Interest Fund

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