Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Puppy Mill Closed Down

After reading about so many puppy mills over the years you would think that people would stop doing it. Well this woman named Gayla Jackson from Sparta, Tenn. had some two hundred dogs running around in her home by the White County Sheriff’s this week.

I just love what Gayla Jackson said of her excuse as quoted by Sheriff Oddie Shoupe: She said she needed the help and didn't know where to turn, and that this was a blessing in disguise. She started grooming dogs, then it blossomed into a breeding operation, and it was too much for her to take care of.

Don’t you just love the BS that these heartless puppy mill breeders always have to say the same thing when they get caught. They don’t have any regards for the animals but how much money are they going to make. There should be a national law not just some town code of enforcement.

Read the article by Jeff Tang here.

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Anonymous said...

After reading a ton of articles on this, I don't see anything about what is going to happen to her?? Please tell me she is going away for a long time for animal cruelty!!!