Monday, April 20, 2009

One By One States Finally Cracking Down On Puppy Mills

The State Legislature’s in Washington have approved a bill to crack down on puppy mills in there state today while they wait for the Governor Chris Gregoire to sign the bill into affect.

It’s great to read that some states are finally taking some time to look at the puppy mill business that have gotten away with abusing so many poor little dogs for so many years.

Read the article here.

Well over in Arizona the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition and the circle L Rescue Ranch held a forum with their Congressman John Shadegg and the state Attorney Terry Goddard to discuss the awareness of the puppy mills though out their state.

It looks like it’s a beginning to ending these mills in Arizona.

Read the article by Eric English here.


Pet Lovers said...

And I say it's about time! These horrible puppy mills have been in business for a long time: the business of reproducing sick dogs and making healthy ones sick. I have long prayed for a clamp down like this, slowly but surely now.

From a fellow animal lover.

Dogman2 said...

As they say one by one they will be taken down, now if people would stop buying from these puppy mills there wouldn't be any...