Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just My Messy Dogs

Ok so I thought that I would write about my two dogs today.

Last week we decided to rescue two horses that were about to become puppy chow and let me tell you they were pretty beat up when they arrived. One of them is only eight months old while the other one is about seventeen months old. So for the last few days the two dogs have been trying to get to know them. One of the dogs keeps going nuts every time he sees the two horses. And the other dog has found a new trick called rolling in the stable.

For some of you that haven’t seen the inside of a stable, well let me put it this way… Not a good place to be rolling around in… which comes to my situation. I am now looking for an automatic dog washer; yes that’s what I said.
So now who has one or do I need to design one myself is the question.

Back to the two dogs, I will say it is funny to watch the two horses chase the dogs around and I just hope they don’t step on the little guys. I think in time to come they will become friends and will enjoy being around each other.

Who knows maybe the dogs can get a horseback ride out of the deal.

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