Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Central Missouri Humane Society Has Won The Nation Wide Shelter Makeover

Photo by TrapLight Photography

The word on the street is that two little girls named Amanda Huhman and Libby Burks are the ones who earned all the credit for allowing the Central Missouri Humane Society to become the winners of the makeover.

These two girls had put a lot over work into their cause to see that their much needed home town shelter win. And to be able to get all the town folks involved is amazing when you think about the love and kindness that went into the event.
Well it doesn’t stop there for these two little girls their next trick will be a weekly Web Show called Animal Talk. Now that’s amazing what these girls can come up with…. Keep it going and believe in your dreams and they will always come true.

Read the article by Sharon L Peters here.

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