Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost, Hungry,Kidnapped and Angry Dog Owners In The News

The Connecticut grey hound dog racing group is trying to sue the Protect Dogs, Grey2K USA, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society of the United States to get their dogs back racing again.
You would think that after all we have read over the years on how these poor dogs get treated and dumped off when the owner are though with them, they would be hiding their faces. The voters in Connecticut knew all about the cruelty these dogs went through, that’s why they voted to abolish dog racing to begin with.

Read the article here.

Ok we got one hungry dog named Bailey who likes to eat gloves and socks so much that he had to have them removed from his stomach. And to think the Vet thought it was a tumor, this sure made the family happy to have their dog back home.

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While over in Lewis County, Washington a little two year old decided to take a walk with his little dog while good old dad was asleep. Well needless to say the boy and his dog got lost until a firefighter from Toledo found the child in the woods with his little buddy laying next to him. Now if that isn’t one nice ending story I don’t know, if you watch the video it will have you in tears.

Read the article by Drew Mikkelsen here.

Well over in Pflugerville, TX the police arrested three kids named Kevin Salter ,John Kern and Monica Montanez for trying to steal a kids dog. The would be robbers punch the little boy and were able to take one of his pit bulls before being caught.

Now how low is that to hit a little child and take his dog.

Read the article here.

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