Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ok Dog Owners, We Need To Train Our Dogs

Just in today’s news there were a few different dog attacks and there’s many more each day that we don’t even read about.

A dog owner down in Davie, FL was bitten either by her dog or another dog as a Akita and a Pit Bull began fitting and the women tried to stop the dogs.
Read the article here.

A little ten year old girl from South Bend, Indiana was bitten on the arm by a Pit Bull that cause her to be hospitalized. The police had to shot the dog which made it the second dog shot this month in South Bend.
Read the article by Ed Ronce & Sue Lowe here.

The was a twelve year old boy that was attacked by a Pit Bull when it jumped over a fence and bit the kid in the face and leg. Poor little kid named Dylan Leone wound up with an eight inch gash on his face and was bitten three times on the leg.
Read the article by Rachel Hatzipanagos here.

So the end result works out like this. A woman named Diane D’Allessandro was bitten by a dog and now she is trying to sue the dog’s owner for a half a million dollars. Yes that’s a lot of money for a dog bite, so you just might want to be a little more thoughtful when you walk your dog.
Read the article by Christine Legere here.

I feel bad when I read about someone getting bitten by a dog and you know at times it’s just a reaction by the dog when someone goes to pet your dog. But when you read about an untrained dog that is known to be wild you wonder how they became so wild. We read about dog training all over the news and the web and still there are owners who just don’t care.

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Allison said...

As a personal injury attorney who has seen several dog bites and mom to two (soon to be three!) dogs, I can tell you that the half million figure is not that unrealistic. The costs can be astronomical when there is significant facial damage and several bouts of reconstructive surgery are necessary. In many of these instances, the owner failed to properly and consistently train and socialize their dogs. The dogs that, statistically, cause the most severe injuries are physically strong breeds with similarly strong personalities - breeds for whom proper training is even more important.