Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Give A Lending Hand & Help The Seniors Feed Their Pets

Photo by Ed Yourdon

We all know how hard it is to get by at times, but did you ever think how hard it can be for the senior who are living on a tight budget. Well there is a fund drive called Season Of Suppers which is going on to help them feed their pets.

The groups that are running this benefit are the Pet Hospital, The Banfield Charitable Trust & Meals On Wheels Association of America. So just think about all these homebound seniors that rely on their pets to help keep them in comfort even during hard times.

The Visiting Nurse Meals On Wheels program of Rochester, N.Y director Phil Shippers said; We know that many seniors in our community are compromising their own nutrition by sharing their meals with their pets.

The Banfield’s 2008 Season of Suppers campaign takes place throughout Banfield’s more than 730 Pet hospitals across the country that was founded by a man called Warren J Wegert back in 1955 who’s commitment was to offer the best care for owners pets. Who would ever thought that fifty three years later the foundation that Warren Wegert had started as a dream has now become one of the biggest pet hospitals in the world that even to this day still cares for the wellbeing of pets and their owners.

So find out where your local Banfield Hospital is and help make a donation and an elderly smile.

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