Friday, December 5, 2008

Judge To Sentence Two Kidnapping Dog Thieves

Photo by Stan Wayman

So what will the good Judge named Duncan Allen going to do to the two dog thieves named Andrew Phillip Davidson & Scott Joseph Wilson that stole a coworkers little Maltese Terrier and held the dog for ransom.

The article said that Andrew has been working as a volunteer at the RSPCA shelter walking dogs and cleaning cages. The question is do they trust him to be around the dogs; maybe he might steal one of the dogs for himself and try and give it a home.

Our is he there working to try and show the Judge as a request by his lawyer. I have read a lot about dog napping in the past and it just like taking someone’s child to me. Just think about what the dog’s owner had gone though in his mind when the ransom note said: for your dog’s safe return failure to comply or police contact and there’s no hope for your dog.

So should the Judge Allen throw the book at these guys or make them clean the cages for life?

Read the article Shelley Hadfield here.

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