Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bethany Conn. Kennel Gets Raided

A dog kennel in Bethany Conn. was raided today by the State Police and Animal Control today. The report goes on to say that there were over thirty dogs that were removed for the home.

Read the article by Erin Cox here.

Best Friends Animal Society Finally Get Their Day

The Best Friends Animal Society has been picketing a Beverly Hills pet store called Pet Love for selling puppy mill dogs. The group has even offered the owner help in getting rescue dogs for them to sell and help with promoting the store with the community, but the owners have now decide to leave and close their store.

You would think with all the offers that they received they would have stayed and made the community better and help the cause for all the homeless dogs. I guess not, it just goes to show you that they were in it for the money… So we say …See Ya….

Read the article here.

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