Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Gift Of Giving Will Allow General Patton The Chance To Walk Again

We all know that Vet bills can add up quickly if your pet becomes ill, so when Cassie Driskel from Springfield, MO. English bulldog terrier named General Patton lost the use of his back legs she didn't know how she would pay the bill.

That's when the word of love started spreading with her friends and co workers and the residents at a care facility called The Fremont where Cassie Driskel works.

Cassie Driskel said: I was like, oh my God, what am I going to do? My friends have been phenomenal. I mean most of the money has come from people I don't know. It is truly mind blowing and it's been very moving. Because of the generosity of so many people, especially people I don't know at all, he's most likely going to come back, 100 percent, I will never be able to appropriately express my gratitude, the most I could say, I guess, is thank you and I hold all of those people in such a special place.

Read the article by Lisa Rose and Cliff Erwin here.

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