Friday, December 30, 2011

What A Gift From An Anonymous Donor

The Detroit Dog Rescue has received a one point five million dollar gift to help build their no kill animal shelter from an anonymous donor .

The founders of the shelter are filmmaker Monica Martino and hip-hop artist Daniel (Hush) Carlisle. Hopefully this shelter will survive with so many shelters closing.

Monica Martino the Co Founder and CEO of Detroit Dog Rescue said: This donation is just the beginning, while Hush and I were working on the streets of Detroit, we saw firsthand the true scope and scale of the stray dog situation. This problem in Detroit is an epidemic and the system that is in place to control it is broken. The first step is to build a no-kill shelter.

The hip-hop artist Daniel (Hush) Carlisle said: Detroit Dog Rescue is much more than just a shelter. It’s an organization that will succeed through community outreach, economic assistance programs and education, because we cannot end the stray dog problem without the citizens of Detroit.

Read the article by Megha Satyanarayana here.

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