Friday, December 23, 2011

These Are Suppose To Be Happy Times For Are Pets

First you have the Windmill Animal Rescue in New Market, Minn. that is looking for a miracle to be able to stay open.

The owner of the no-kill animal shelter Toni Maat said: It's unconditional. Don't get that anywhere else. There's no price you can put on that. ( As she describes her animal shelter.)

Read the article by Jody Ambroz here.

Then you have the Sayreville Pet Adoption Center which is another no-kill animal shelter which might be closing their doors too if they don't get any donations.

The director Barbara Keegan said: In today's economy, many folks are coming forward to surrender their pets due to foreclosures, evictions, lack of employment, etc. With owners in such dire straits, we are not able to charge our normal surrender fees of $100 to $150, which barely cover the cost of housing, food and medical needs for these animals. Some folks cannot make any type of surrender donation and yet we still help them. These are desperate times for many people, and yet we cannot turn our back on these animals who end up here through no fault of their own.

Read the article here.

To top it off you have an animal abuser named Shellie L. Hubbard from Portland, WA who was high on drugs and allegedly threw her boyfriend's dog into traffic which was struck by a car and died.

Read the article by Laura McVicker here.

At least one good thing happened when the Pennsylvania SPCA rescued twenty six dogs from an illegal breeders named James Hines and Denekei Lawson.

The director of Humane Law Enforcement George Bengal said: We've had the owners of this property under investigation for the past five months. Due to the amount of complaints we've received about these suspects selling sick dogs, we were glad that we were able to rescue them from the conditions they were living in.

Read the article by David Chang here.

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