Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dogs & More Dogs Need To Be Adopted With Your Help

Greyhound Pets of America will be holding an adoption day on March 14th at the PetSmart in Spring Hills, Tenn. These guys need your help to bring them to a loving home because every year there are twenty thousand greyhounds that are retired and if there are not adopted they will be killed. How sad is that, you would think that after all the money these owners made off their dogs they would at least give them a good home. Maybe they should ban the racing sport all together to help save these animals from being destroyed.

Read the article by Greg Menza here.

While over in Cherokee County, GA the State Inspectors had their hands full when they seized one hundred & thirty dogs from a breeder today. They received help with the dogs by the Atlanta Humane Society who took the dogs in even though it will put a big strain on them.

Hopefully these dogs will be adopted in the coming weeks.

Read the article here.

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