Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take Your Dog Back Say’s Oakland Raider Robert Thomas

That’s what Robert Wayne Thomas who is an Oakland Raider linebacker.

Thomas brought a Bulldog from Catherine Jenna Garber for twenty five hundred and Thomas said that the dog is deaf.
After owning the dog for three months Thomas wants his money back.

I can only say that if you went out and brought a dog you think it would be for life, no mater what has happened. After three months you would think that you would become attached to the dog and would care enough to love your pet.

Catherine Jenna Garber said: The dog came back to us and he was very thin, the dog was dirty and just did not come back to us in a real healthy condition. We didn't know if the dog was abused or kicked or something.

Read the article by Paul T Rosynsky here.

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