Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chain Off 2008 Has Started

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Judith Beall and her niece Vanessa Beall has taken part of the Chain Off awareness in Redlands, California for some twelve hours today to help out the cause.
Read the article by Michael Sorba here.

So what is Chain Off

This is what Dogs Deserve Better. Org posted on their site

Chain Off has been held annually around the 4th of July since 2003, highlighting the reality that while Americans are celebrating their own freedom, there are tens of thousands of Man's Best Friends in every state who are still not free: America's chained and penned dogs. These dogs are found in backyards stretching from Delaware to Alaska, from Maine to Hawaii, throughout the provinces of Canada, and in countries around the world.

I can hear a few different dogs by where I live that are chained up and even a few that are left outside to long during the day. I even notice how my dogs react to the cry of the dogs that are either chained or left outside. I know my dogs have feeling too and they will give a bark or two back to say hello.
I can only say that it’s upsetting to see any type of animal be neglected or mistreated.

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