Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iowa Pets Need Your Help

Photo By Jacquie Winiecki

With all the flooding in Iowa there has been a lot of abandoned and lost pets roaming around and a women named Jacquie Winiecki from Cambridge , Minnesota is looking for help with their pet drive to help support the animals.

Read the article here.


Jacquie said...

hey! This is Jacquie. Thank you for posting a link to the fox 9 story on your blog. Here is an update I sent out regarding our trip. It was a HUGE success!!!

Thank you everyone for your support and donations! I know that some
people requested that I call with updates but that just was not
possible. We got to Iowa City at 3:30 am on Saturday. After getting
things moved around in the camper so we could find our bed, we finally
went to sleep at about 4:30 am. We woke up 2 hours later at 6:30 am at
started to unload the truck. The shelter was soooo happy to receive all
of the donations! They said that aside from Petsmart, that we were the
largest load of donations that they received!! As fast as we could take
things out of the truck, they were loading supplies up to go out on the
boats. In the pictures I took, you can see our donated supplies in the
back of a pick up along with a boat. All of you helped out tremendously!
Anything that they have extras of is being shipped out to the
surrounding shelters so EVERYTHING will be used for the flooded out
animals! Also - with the donated gas money we received we were able to
make it out there and back! I had $40 extra and gave that to our
friends, Marc and Mandy who were awesome enough to help me with driving
the supplies back to my house from Lino lakes and watching my little dog
TJ while we were gone. I could NOT have sorted, and loaded everything
without Mandy's help! AND they were nice enough to pick TJ up and drop
him off for us because we were exhausted.

All of the animals were taken care of amazingly well. None of the cages
were soiled and cleanup was constant. There were many cats and dogs,
however I did not ask for a current count. I saw one family that was
there to take their dog for a walk. They are staying in a place that
does not allow pets and the shelter is holding their dog for them until
they can get situated. It was so sad, yet so happy because their dog was
so excited when he saw their owners coming to take him for a walk!

We filled up their office area with office supplies. They had NONE. We
also had clothes, gowns, gloves and masks. All of which they were in
dire need of. They said when they left the shelter that all that they
took with them was the computer. The one lady said to me "Is that REALLY
paper?" when I said yes she was so happy!

We stayed for a few hours and assisted with the sorting of supplies and
donations and with kennel cleanup. They had enough hands on help so we
left just before noon. We stopped along the way to sleep for a couple
hours and ended up getting back home at around 9 pm Saturday. I slept
until 1 pm Sunday! Still exhausted today but it was WELL worth it!

If anyone else is interested in going out there, please tell me. I know
that Medtronic still has supplies that can be sent out there and I have
had many other offers for donations as well! Things that they really
need are as follows:

Office supplies (all, pens, paper, staplers, paperclips, scissors, etc)
garden hoses and nozzles
dog toys and cat toys (there were none except what we brought out there)
hand sanitizer
rubber gloves
bite proof gloves

Thank you all again so much for all of your support and donations. You
guys truly made this a success. We did not get a final count on
donations, but our best guess is that we had over 2000 lbs of donated
items! Thank you all so much! Below is a list of items we had BEFORE we
stopped in St. Paul to get another HUGE load of donations:

200+ cat toys
30 bottles of shampoo
Medical Supplies
15 litter boxes
3 kitty condos
20 collapsible crates
6 plastic crates
48 bowls/dishes
HUNDREDS of blankets/sheets/towels
71 leashes/harnesses/and collars
50 dog toys
200 lbs dry dog food
50 lbs cat litter
100 lbs dry cat food
2 large boxes of canned cat and dog food
office supplies
misc grooming supplies
small animal supplies

Pictures can be seen at the following link:

Let me know if you have any issues viewing the pictures or have any
specific questions about our trip.

Jacquie Winiecki and Rocky Goertz

Dogman2 said...

A Big Thanks Jacquie & Rocky for all the work you did. As I read your post I was almost in tears just thing about the joy that the shelter employees felt and thinking about all the dogs...Thanks...The Dogman2

Blair Sorrel said...

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Dogman2 said...

I read about that article Blair and I remember back in NY they were having the same problem with dogs getting electrocuted there for a while. The biggest problem is that most dog owner are unaware about their dogs being electrocuted by a lamp post.