Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puppy Mill And Animal Shelter Owners Get Their Sentence

The place that was called One More Chance Rescue and Adoption owner named Jeff Burgess was convicted for animal cruelty and given five years probation and will not be allowed to own dog for a year .

The Judge also Jeff Burgess is not allowed to interact with any kind of animal shelter or dog affiliated organization for what he did at his so called rescue. There were three hundred and sixty seven neglected dogs and they also found seventy six dead dogs in his rat hole.

So finally this Bethel Township animal abuser has received his sentence for what he did to those dogs, I only wish it was more for his neglect to these dogs. The guy was even offered help and he said no while dogs died and lived in hell.

Read the article by Megan O’Rourke here.

Remember the Caldwell County puppy mill in NC that was busted and nearly three hundred dogs were rescued from the place called Mason Creek Kennel in Hudson, NC .Well the owner named William ( Bill ) Thomas Allen has pleaded guilty to one hundred and four counts of animal cruelty for the neglect he caused these dogs.

So now another puppy mill is closed for good.

Read the article here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dog Wouldn’t Obey Me So I Beat Him

That’s what a sick animal abuser named Sam Wray Mullinax from Cleveland County, NC said about the beating he gave his little puppy with a stick.

The Cleveland County health services coordinator Sam Lockridge said: It was pretty vicious, sickening really, It was a pup, probably around four months, maybe a little older.

This poor puppy had a fractured skull from being beaten so hard it had to be killed and now this animal abuser Sam Wray Mullinax who has been charged with animal cruelty will be the first abuser charged under the new law in NC called Susie’s Law.

So now we will have to wait and see what this new law is all about when court time comes. I personally hope it hurts just like he did to his puppy.

Read the article by Rebecca Clark here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bret Michaels Teams Up With PetSmart

Bret Michaels Pets Rock(TM) Collection Coming Exclusively to PetSmart(R) Stores in 2012

Legendary Rocker Brings His Signature Style to Pet Products

Singer, songwriter and pet enthusiast Bret Michaels is introducing a line of pet products to be available exclusively at PetSmart (NASDAQ: PETM). The Bret Michaels Pets Rock(TM) collection will launch in summer 2012 and be available in the more than 1,197 PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and online at This product line follows the 2010 launch of other exclusive, innovative brands by PetSmart, including Martha Stewart Pets(TM) and GNC Pets(R).

"Our pet parents have told us they want unique, high-quality products for their pets that are also fun and reflective of their personalities," said Matt McAdam, vice president of merchandising for PetSmart. "Adding the Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection to PetSmart stores enables us to continue to meet our pet parents' needs with a 'cool' line of products from an entertainer with a demonstrated passion for our four-legged family members."

Consumers saw another side of Bret Michaels in his recent reality television show as well as his partnership with the American Diabetes Association, through which he gave funds and raised awareness of the disease with which he has had a lifelong battle as an insulin-dependent diabetic. Through his two reality television series, viewers also got a firsthand look at Bret Michaels' commitment to his family, including his two daughters and two dogs.

"As a musician who loves animals, I'm thrilled to be collaborating with PetSmart to create the Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection," said Michaels. "As a dedicated pet owner myself, this is a natural partnership for me, and I can't wait to unveil the collection. I know my own pets rock, and I wanted to design a line of pet products every bit as fun and cool as they are."

For more information on the Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection, visit

About PetSmart

PetSmart, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETM) is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. The company employs approximately 48,000 associates and operates more than 1,197 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, over 185 in-store PetSmart(R) PetsHotel(R) dog and cat boarding facilities and is a leading online provider of pet supplies and pet care information ( PetSmart provides a broad range of competitively priced pet food and pet products; and offers dog training, pet grooming, pet boarding, PetSmart Doggie Day CampSM day care services and pet adoption services. Since 1994, PetSmart Charities, Inc., an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization and the largest funder of animal welfare efforts in North America, has provided more than $134 million in grants and programs benefiting animal welfare organizations. Through its in-store pet adoption partnership with PetSmart Charities(R), PetSmart has helped save the lives of more than 4.5 million pets.

Follow PetSmart on Twitter @PetSmart
Find PetSmart on Facebook
See PetSmart on YouTube

About Bret Michaels

Rocker and pop culture icon Bret Michaels has been making hits--whether solo or with notorious rock group Poison--for 25 years. Poison's record sales, in combination with those from Bret's solo albums, exceed 31 million records worldwide, with chart-topping hits such as "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and "Something to Believe In," among many others. Beyond his legendary work with Poison, as well as his acclaimed solo career, Michaels has gone on to enjoy a stunningly successful run in the realm of reality TV, including a first-place finish on 2010's "The Celebrity Apprentice," and VH1 hits such as "Rock of Love" and "Life as I Know It." Michaels recently partnered with Dean Guitars to design his first-ever signature Bret Michaels series, and will be embarking on his first-ever concert cruise, "The Bret Michaels Super Cruise," in November 2011. Philanthropy remains an important facet of Michaels' career as well: a lifelong diabetic, Michaels partnered with the American Diabetes Association in 2010/2011, acting as a spokesperson and sponsor. He gives generously to the cause, donating both his time, money, and support to a number of diabetes charities. Bret continues to evolve as an artist and as an entrepreneur, taking on new projects in music, business, and beyond. He started the spring with his "Get Your Rock On" solo tour, followed by the Poison 25th Anniversary Tour and then Poison/Motley Crue Summer. Bret Michaels is currently in Australia on tour and will be rocking right through 2011.

Heart Breaking Animal Abuse In Waynesboro, GA

I wasn’t going to post this photo due to the graphic view of this animal abuse of this poor dog. But people need to know and see just how sick some of these abusive dog owners are.

A Waynesboro police office had seen this poor dog while driving and reported to the to the animal shelter who came out and took the poor dog back to the shelter. The police are blaming these two animal abusers named Clarence and George Freedman for the neglect of this dog.

Waynesboro Animal Control Officer Desiree Bizzell said: It was very heart wrenching for me, I was very disturbed for a couple of days, I was just upset, sick to my stomach.
And if you think that this was bad enough, Officer Bizzell had four cases even worse than this.

The Deputy Chief Rosey Lodge said: it's the worst case of animal cruelty he's ever witnessed. He wants the people of Burke County to know he's tired of seeing it, It is a crime to neglect animals and we're going to prosecute them to the fullest. If people don't want to take care of their animals, they shouldn't have them.

Now Clarence has been arrested and the police are looking for George Freeman and will be charging the two with animal cruelty .

This dog was so abused that the vet had to put it down because of the severe injuries due to neglect.

Read the article by Jillian Benfield here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Treatment For Dogs With Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment For Dogs

Diabetes affects not only humans but also animals. While humans generally show some willingness to modify their behaviour to help their treatment, pet owners face additional problems in that animals generally do not understand the need for intervention. Treatment plans should be based on an understanding of natural fluctuations in blood glucose levels but these are very hard to determine. Nadja Affenzeller and colleagues at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna have now shown that a commercially available system for continuous glucose monitoring can be applied to dogs without requiring the animals to be kept in a clinic. The resulting information can give valuable guidance to veterinarians to improve the dogs' treatment. The work is published in the current issue of the journal The Veterinary Record.

Diabetes has many severe consequences that can only be prevented by maintaining blood glucose levels at values that are extremely close to those of non-diabetics. There have recently been considerable advances in insulin treatment but these require a precise knowledge of fluctuations in blood glucose levels that is difficult to obtain. Measurements are generally taken while patients are in clinics but the results may be misleading as a result of differences in food intake and exercise, as well as the associated stress, all of which may lead to changes in the normal patterns. Monitoring blood glucose levels while patients - people or animals - are leading their normal lives would give far more meaningful information.

Menarini Diagnostics has developed a system for the continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels in human patients. The system, known as GlucoDay, can measure glucose concentrations over a very wide range, which makes it potentially suitable for use in animals. Nadja Affenzeller and colleagues at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna thus tested it in ten diabetic dogs, all of which were believed to be receiving appropriate insulin treatment. The system was found to be well tolerated and to work well under the test conditions, although one of the dogs lost the apparatus in the course of a fight and the system stopped working before the end of the monitoring period in two other cases.

Despite these slight problems, the results were extremely revealing. Based on the detailed records of blood glucose levels, it was clear that none of the ten dogs was being ideally treated. The scientists were able to make recommendations for improved treatment, varying from reducing or increasing the insulin dose or changing the type of insulin to changing the animals' diets.

Affenzeller is clearly excited by the system's potential. "The information on the dogs' glucose levels was easy to interpret and enabled us to improve the treatment in every single case. This doesn't mean that the vets hadn't done their work properly but shows how difficult it is to determine appropriate treatment without detailed information of this kind." Thanks to the application of continuous glucose monitoring systems such as GlucoDay, it may be possible to give diabetic pets the quality of treatment that to date have been possible only for humans.

Article from Medical News Today

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harry Potter Dog Berry Being Dumped By Its Owner

Yes you read that right, the owner of the Harry Potter dog Berry named Daniel Radcliffe is looking for someone to take on his two dogs because he says he doesn’t have time for the dog.

Reading some of the comments you can see that everybody is mad at his decision to dump his long time companion. He just sounds like the so called animal lovers who dump their dogs off daily at the shelters.

You would think if he is going to be working in an area for a time that he would have brought his two dogs with him, it’s not like he can’t afford it.

I also like one of the comments by Roger Renthro who said: So what Mr. Thompson, you can no longer use these dogs to earn you money so it is out to pasture for them then? You are out of town using other animals to make money for you. Be honest. You should at least pay someone to care for them as they have earned you piles of money. DISGUSTING behavior from you, pal.

So what’s your thought about this so called dog lover.

Read the article by Mary McConnell here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Canine Companions of Independence Brings Out Their Wounded Veterans Initiative

It always nice to know that the Canine Companions of Independence is there to help the disabled and now they just reached out to those at Fort Sills in Oklahoma to let the soldiers know that they are there to help if needed.

An ex veteran who was injured in an accident named Kirk Black talked about his service dog Sergi who has become his best friend. While talking to the soldiers Kirt talked about how he over came his injuries and how his dog had helped give him another chance to live with his injuries.

Kirk Black said: I was amazed at seeing dogs that were nine to ten months old and so well behaved and just so loving as most dogs are. Sergi and I have been together for about two years. He just turned four the other day and he is a great partner. So if I was out somewhere and I dropped my cell phone and couldn't reach it, I'd say Sergi, Sergi get. That's it. That's it. Heal. So, then if I couldn't still reach it, if I didn't have great dexterity, I could tell him Sergi lap. That way I can get him closer to me. Drop. That's it... Good boy.

What a great company Canine Companions of Independence is for all they do to help people that have disabilities free of charge.

Read the article here.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today’s Dog News: Help, Sad and Fun Dog Times

An animal shelter in Georgetown, Ohio named the Brown County Animal Shelter has hit the wall with so many dogs that they might have to make the un-wanting decision that we all hate to here because so many people that called themselves animal lovers are dumping their dogs in the streets or at the shelter.

The Brown County Dog Warden named James Massie said: We're trying to give the public and rescues as much time to get these dogs out and find them homes. We don't like putting a dog down period, but if we do we're going to do it right and humanely. Some of the dogs we've had almost two months. We try to hold onto these dogs as long as we can. There's no use for us to put a dog down if it's healthy, non-aggressive, and perfectly adoptable.

So where are all you dog lovers in Ohio the shelter needs your help.

Read the article by Bryce Anslinger here.

As the dog banning goes on in the city of Overland, MO as of 2012 you will not be able to own a pit bull dog unless you register your dog before January. So that's got to make a lot of dog lovers mad because of a few uncaring owners who chose to make their pit bulls aggressive.

The officials are saying that they are being proactive. So what kind of dogs are they going to ban next, because of the real animal abusers? I'm glad that I don't live in that town that chooses to discriminate a dog because of its breed.

Read the article here.

The Surgarcreek Borough Police in PA are looking for a brutal dog killer who shot one dog and beat another to death.

The dog owner Dusty Carter two dogs who got loose said: We put fliers up looking for them and got a call they were found shot and dumped in the creek. My pit bull was shot with a high-powered rifle. It tore her apart and my boxer had a crushed skull and a broken neck. She was evidently beaten to death.

The Surgarcreek Borough Police Chief Matthew Carlson said: They basically showed no regard for the lives of the dogs, A lot of times someone who does this has no conscience toward the life of a canine.

I agree with the police chief on this on because whoever did this is one sick individual that needs to be locked up for a long time.

Read the article here.

And for a little fun dog news if you are in Colorado this weekend. First there is the National Agility Championships that will be held at the Mesa County Fairgrounds that will have a special two time winner named Teddy Bear.

This dog has been though hell before being adopted and to make it this far just shows that you can train any dog to be a winner. So if your there enjoy the day as a hundred plus K-9 dogs show you there skills.

Read the article by Kelly Asmuth here.

Then if your in Kusa, Co you can enjoy the day at the Dachtober Fest that sounds like fun with dog races and so much more. They are donating the proceeds to help support the All Breed Rescue Group & Giner’s Legacy.

So how can you go wrong, when you get to watch the fun and support an animal shelter.

Read the article by Ann King here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NJ Police Arrest NY Sicko For Chocking The Eye Out Of A Dog

After lying to the West New York Police an animal abuser named Rafael Ramirez Alvarez was arrested for chocking a little Pomeranian eye right out of it socket. Now if that isn't sick thing to do that to a little dog or any dog.

The Director of the West New York Police Department Michael Indri said: I think it's shameful, I'm very glad we were able to apprehend this guy because something this cruel, especially to a defenseless animal, is not going to be tolerated.

Now this abuser Rafael Ramirez Alvarez has been charged with third degree animal cruelty with might get him three to five years in a cage. I only hope that the judge is an animal lover and confines this lowlife to the max.

Read the article by Michaelangelo Conte here.

Update: Rafael Ramirez Alvarez who is currently locked up in the Hudson County Jail has his bail set at fifteen thousand dollars but due to being illegally in the country he will probably be deported.

And for the poor little dog had to have one of its eyes removed because of the sicko and possibly the other eye. All this because he was drunk and angry then decided to take it out on the dog. Now thats a lowlife and I hope that he gets whats coming to him.

Read the update here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

China’s People Stand Up To Live Dog Eating Carnival

Finally the government of China has given in to the people request to end the sick carnival where they kill live dogs and eat them in public. So hopefully this old tradition will come to an end with all the support from the local people.

A township official named Zhang Jianhong said: The government stopped the dog eating carnival held in every October in Qianxi Township, Jinhua City in Zhejiang Province due to resentment voiced on the Internet as well as increasing discontent among villagers.

The guy that started this protest on line named Junchangzai said: The government's quick response should be encouraged. I hope eating dogs will not be a custom there anymore. It's not a carnival, but a massacre.

Well for me I'm totally against eating dogs and I know that it was an old custom for some of these countries, but to kill the dogs while they are alive in the street is so sickening to even think about.

I don't know who this guy Junchangzai is, but he has opened the minds of a lot of the Chinese people to see how sick this old culture really is. And all of us dog lover would like to thank him for all he did to help put a stop to this. Hopefully he will continue on and help put a total stop to this barbaric custom.

Read the article by Yang Lina here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dead, Abused and Thrown Out Dogs In The News Today

So who threw the little Maltese out of the nineteenth story window to die, well the Dallas police is looking into a women’s boyfriend after a fight broke out between the two.

So after reading the article you have to know that it was her boyfriend who did this out of anger, so the question is why hasn’t he been arrested by now.

A Dallas police Sgt. Named Warren Mitchell said: When she arrived home around 8 o'clock the next morning, she was informed by tenants who lived there at the apartment as well that her dog which she had left the night before was deceased on the 8th floor, Keep in mind she lives on the 19th floor.

This is so sad to try and understand why someone would do this to a little dog because they were angry. Yes I have found this guy guilty because who else was in the apartment at the time.

Read the article here.

A lazy girl named Joan Renee Zalk who was watching a friends dog had decided to walk her friends dogs while driving her car will soon be facing charges of animal cruelty and felony menacing for what see did.

Then reading a statement by the owner of the dog named Erin Livers said that she knew Joan Zalk walked her dog like that really kills me. How could you call yourself a responsible dog owner knowing that this was going on? I really feel that Livers should be charged with animal abuse too for allowing this to go on.

Read the article by Blair Shiff here.

Then you have an employee named Leroy Huff from the Social Security office in Winder, GA who physically man handled a woman named Melissa McMann because she had a service dog with now papers.

What’s wrong with these people that they don’t know what a service dog is and then to harm the poor lady and forcefully push her out the door. I very surprised that her husband only called the police and didn’t hit the guy. All I know is if you did that to my wife the outcome would have been a lot different.

Melissa McMann said: I proceeded to tell him that he doesn't have papers but that he's wearing his harness and he's a certified seeing eye dog.

I feel real bad for what this woman went through because of the stupidity of this employee. So remember that service dogs are there for a reason and sometimes you are totally unaware of the person’s illness, so be kind and respect the person and their dog when you see them.

Read the article here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Distemper Outbreak In Louisville, KY Has Changed The Rules

With an outbreak of distemper going on at the Louisville Metro Animal Services their new director Justin Scally has come up with not just plan B he went on to Plan C.

I will have to say that with all these plans the dogs will have a better chance due to the three different shelters where the dogs will be placed.

Justin Scally Said: We're having to operate three facilities basically at this point, which isn't necessarily what we want to do, but it's what we feel is responsible for the animals at Louisville Metro.

After reading about some of these animal shelter that haven't really been caring for the dogs which I won't go into and then to read about this animal shelter sure makes a difference. With their main concern on how the outbreak started and to protect the other dogs is a really good idea with the local help. So hopefully they will find the cause and these dogs will make it though this so that they will be able to find a new home.

Read the article by Adam Walser here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Do You Know Where The Money Is Really Going

I decided to change the title of the post from Dog Killing Artist Gets A Contract to what I posted after I started to read into this dog killing artist named Tom Otterness who is being awarded money for two project with one in NY and the other in CA.

Some of you probably don't remember this dog killer Tom Otterness who made a snuff film out of his dog that he adopted. Then back in 1977 he filmed shooting his dog for a video called Shot Dog Film, how sick is that.

So now the a New York Library in Battery Park is going to have a piece of art which is being paid by a donor on their front steps. And over in San Francisco, CA the San Francisco Arts Commission will be giving this dog killer seven hundred and fifty grand for his work.

As I said that I started to read a little more about this dog killer and I came across this petition to stop the New York work from being done. And then I ran into a site called Peta kills animals which were really disturbing to read about how many dogs these people really kill when they are always asking for money which doesn't even go to help support our buddies. Then off a link there was a site called Humane Watch.Org, which goes on to say how they too have been downgraded for their so called contributions to support our buddies.

So as of today I will be removing all their banners for the mis-truths of their real support for my buddies. Sorry if I offended anybody but if you are asking for support to help these cats and dogs but you chose to spend the money somewhere else and kill these animals when your suppose to be helping them, then you're no friend of mine. Woof…Woof…

So if you love animals you should support your local animal shelter instead of these so call animal groups. I know that I will…

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Canadian Puppy Mill Raid Nets 500 Dogs While US Raid Nets 66 And A Wolf

Their was a raid that happened just west of Montreal when five hundred dogs were removed from a puppy mill that were suffering with skin and respiratory problems as reported by Guy Auclair from the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Lauren Scott was quoted as saying: This is definitely one the largest operations that we've ever come across in Canada. It also involves some of the worst conditions we have seen to date. I personally can say that I found it heartbreaking to see what these dogs have endured.

Now the Humane Society International will be treating and caring for these dogs while they wait and see what charges will be filed on the owners of this puppy mill.

Read the article here.

While down in Prosperity, SC an animal abuser named Kenny Caldwell has been charged with sixty six charges of animal cruelty when the police had to remove all the dogs and one wolf.

So now this is another puppy mill that will be shut down because Caldwell didn't even have a permit or a license to run a puppy mill. Hopefully this place doesn't ever open again.

Read the article by Emily Baird here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

So You Only Killed 5,174 Cats And Dogs

I have read so many times about how so many animals that has been killed because of these selfless so called pet owners that will just dump their pets when the going gets rough. Then to read about another animal shelter who thinks that they are doing a good job because killed only eighty four less animals then they did the year before.

It is just sickening on how these so called pet owners don’t even seem to care about the pet that they once love just to have it killed because it was an inconvenient to their needs.

Yes a lot of people are losing the jobs and home, but there are a lot of places that are offering to help with feeding them too. The biggest one I read about is the one that says: we had to move and they don’t allow pets, well how come you didn’t rent from a place the doses allow pets.

So there is really no excuse when you really think about it except for someone who becomes too ill or too old is probably the only true reason. Then again I still see many people that are old in age still holding on tight to their pets because they still know what love is about.

More and more I dislike those puppy mills that just keep on breading these puppies for money.

So here is that sad article by Brian Perry about all those dogs they killed here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pet Dental Hygiene Tips From National Pet Pharmacy

Five Tips for Proper Pet Dental Hygiene celebrates Pet Smile Month with recommendations for keeping pets' teeth healthy and clean

September is Pet Smile Month, a time to remember the importance of proper pet dental hygiene. Studies reveal that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age three(1). In fact, oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in both dogs and cats. Dental health is about proper maintenance, yet few pet parents follow their veterinarian's instructions. has pulled together the following recommendations for keeping pets' teeth healthy and clean.

1. Give Them a Yearly Checkup

Unfortunately, dental checkups are something most people don't think about as part of the yearly trip to the veterinarian. But, just like people, pets suffer from dental issues that if left unchecked can lead to serious health problems.

2. Grab a Toothbrush

Believe it or not, you can brush your pet's teeth. However, according to a recent petMD poll, fewer than 4 in 10 pet parents ever pick up a toothbrush. Fortunately, it's not too late. There are a variety of toothbrushes and toothpastes specially made for pets. Dog toothpaste and cat toothpaste even come in flavors they'll enjoy. Do NOT, however, try to brush their teeth with "people" toothpaste; they could ingest it and become ill.

3. Stimulate Their Gums

Don't forget to massage their gums regularly. Not only will this promote healing should your pet have an oral malady, it will strengthen their gums and make them less susceptible to problems like gingivitis and tooth decay.

4. To Treat or Not to Treat?

Dental treats for dogs and cats are okay in moderation, but they're not sufficient to effectively clean your pet's teeth. If, however, you regularly clean their teeth, special pet supplements and treats are a good addition. Try giving your dog or cat a chew or treat as a reward for good behavior while getting them used to having their teeth cleaned.

5. Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to heart, kidney, and other serious chronic illnesses. Don't wait until your dog or cat shows signs of distress to have their teeth checked out; your pet won't show signs of discomfort until they're in considerable pain. Preventative care, annual checkups and a well-balanced diet can ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

About is a fully licensed, full-service pet pharmacy offering a wide selection of pet meds, vitamins and comprehensive pet health and wellness products. was founded to provide pet parents an online pharmacy they can trust, selling only U.S. FDA/EPA-approved medications – the exact same medications dispensed from the vet office. is a subsidiary of the Pet360 family of brands, which also includes – the most complete pet food and supply retailer online, and – the world's leading online resource focused solely on the health and well-being of pets.


Will There Be A Human Lyme Disease Outbreak From Dogs

New Study Links Incidence of Lyme Disease in Dogs to Increased Risk to Humans

Data From the Companion Animal Parasite Council Predicts Human Lyme Disease Outbreaks

The more dogs with Lyme disease, the higher the incidence of this tick-borne illness in humans, according to the results of a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Using data from unique "prevalence maps" provided by the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC,, scientists found that people in areas with a higher-than-average number of dogs with Lyme disease are at greater risk of contracting the disease.

"The study shows that by tracking the occurrence of Lyme disease in dogs, veterinarians can help predict possible outbreaks of the disease in humans," said Susan Little, DVM, PhD, a director with the CAPC. "Results show that when dogs commonly test positive for antibodies to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease in a given area, the risk of disease to people is greater."

In the study, CDC analyzed data from previously published disease prevalence maps, which showed the prevalence of antibodies to the agent of Lyme disease in dogs, and cross-referenced it with U.S. national surveillance data on the occurrence of Lyme disease in humans. CAPC provides real-time, online maps track the incidence of Lyme disease and a variety of other parasite-borne infections in both cats and dogs. Visitors to the website may search for canine or feline infection rate results by state, county and type of parasite.

"What the findings really confirm is that our pets serve as sentinels for us, showing areas where we are at greater risk for tick-borne disease," said Little. "It is a powerful demonstration of the strength and importance of routine veterinary care and the human-animal bond."

According to Little, the study's findings underscore the importance of educating pet owners about the risks of parasite-borne disease to pets and their families, as well as the need for year-round prevention of all companion animal parasites. The Lyme disease research and prevalence maps are essential tools in helping educate human and veterinary health care professionals and pet owners about this growing problem.

Seeing a veterinarian is another way to keep pets and people safe from parasitic diseases, and CAPC experts recommend veterinary exams at least once a year. Veterinarians regularly track the disease prevalence in a given area and, like the CAPC, serve as an excellent resource for pet owners.

About the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)

The Companion Animal Parasite Council ( is an independent nonprofit comprised of parasitologists, veterinarians, medical, public health and other professionals that provides information for the optimal control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets and people. Formed in 2002, the CAPC works to help veterinary professionals and pet owners develop the best practices in parasite management that protect pets from parasitic infections and reduce the risk of zoonotic parasite transmission.

SOURCE Companion Animal Parasite Council

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Starved, Killed And Greatful Dogs In The News

The Huntington Police in W. VA. are looking for an animal abuser named Robert Jarrett who had left seven pit bulls with no food or water outside in the hot weather to fend for themselves for the last three weeks.

How could someone just leave their poor dogs for that long with no food or water. Now Robert Jarrett will be looking at seven charges of animal cruelty if he is caught.

These poor dogs would have been left outside even longer if it wasn't for a neighbor named Romaine Johnson who finally took matters into his own hands to put an end to this abuse.

Read the article by Kelly Brennan here.

Two Indiana animal shelters are hitting on hard times with one of them called Humane Society of Putnam County in Greencastle will be closing up shop at the end of the month and now they don’t know what to do will the animal in their shelter come closing time.

So the question is are they going to kill all these cats and dogs because they are unable to find them homes before they close or will another shelter somewhere take these animal and give them another chance at life.

Then you have Animal Care and Control in Marion County which says it has to kill some twenty animals a day from lack of funds and they are looking at even more cuts which will make the odds of one of these animals life even worst.

Where are all the animal lovers in this sad state that will offer some kind of help to these shelters. It’s so sad to read things like this when you wonder how many people that say they love animals and run out and buy one to just dump them off to be killed.

Read the two sad articles here: Putnam County …. Marion County

Well at least one area is looking out for the animals in their local shelters. A group of restaurants will be helping out the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation of Winston-Salem today when twenty five of these businesses will be offering a percentage of their sales to help support homeless and helpless animals in their area.

Now that is how you show your support for these poor animals that are in need of finding a new home. A Big Thanks to all of these restaurants for their support.

The Oklahoma City Police are looking for the lowlife that tied two dogs to a tree where one of them had died. The one that died was a neighbor of Cindy Sullivan who had found the two dogs and said that the one that was dead has been missing for months.

So now is there some wacko running around killing dogs in Oklahoma as Cindy Sullivan had said that she has seen this before. It makes you wonder if your dog will be next.

Read the article by Bobbie Miller here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Drug Shortage Is Getting Worst For Our Pets

I posted an article a while back about the drug shortage that will be affecting the care of out pets and now the list is getting longer.

Here's a statement from the FDA webpage:

A drug shortage may involve either an actual or a potential shortage of a drug product. When drug shortages involve medically necessary veterinary products, it is FDA’s policy to help prevent or alleviate them. FDA works with drug manufacturers in the U.S. and, when necessary, other countries, to find ways to resolve shortages of medically necessary veterinary products. FDA does not have the authority to require a company to make any product, even if it is medically necessary.

What Is a Medically Necessary Veterinary Product?

A Medically Necessary Veterinary Product (MNVP) is a product that is:

Used to treat or prevent a serious animal disease or condition, or
Is needed to assure the availability of safe food products of animal origin, and
No other available source of that product or adequate alternative drug substitute exists.
Owner inconvenience and non-therapeutic uses are inappropriate reasons for classifying a product as an MNVP.

What Are CVM’s Roles during an Animal Drug Shortage?

CVM’s roles in managing animal drug shortages include:

Reviewing all animal drug shortage reports to determine if a shortage truly exists.
Determining if the shortage involves a Medically Necessary Veterinary Product (MNVP).
Creating an action plan to prevent or alleviate an animal drug shortage. The action plan may include:
Holding discussions with drug manufacturers and others in the animal health industry;
Speeding up the animal drug review and approval process; and
Exercising enforcement discretion (certain situations when the FDA decides not to strictly enforce approval requirements found in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act).

What Causes Animal Drug Shortages?

Many reasons for animal drug shortages exist. Some of these include:
Unavailable raw materials
Unavailable packaging materials
Marketing decisions by manufacturers
FDA enforcement issues

Here is a a list of some of the drugs that are currently in short supply that should be of particular concern to cat and dog owners that was put together by Dr. Jennifer Coates from PetMD

Immiticide — the only drug licensed to treat heartworm infections in dogs is not currently in production. I hate to think of the number of animals that might die if this situation isn’t rectified soon.

Vetsulin — a type of insulin manufactured specifically for pets that is no longer being made. This has forced owners and veterinarians into the costly and potentially dangerous position of
having to switch to a different type of insulin.

Chemotherapy drugs such as cisplatin and doxorubicin that are used to treat a variety of cancers.

Antibiotics — including some types of amikacin, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, metronidazole, and gentamicin.

Pain relievers like buprenorphine and butorphanol.

Acyclovir — an antiviral drug sometimes used to treat feline herpes infections.

Propofol — a type of injectable anesthetic.

Acetazolamide — used in the treatment of glaucoma.

Aminophylline — used to relieve airway constriction and help animals breathe.

Injectable atropine sulfate and glycopyrrolate — used to keep an animal’s heart rate up during anesthetic procedures.

Azathioprine — a therapy for autoimmune diseases.

Bupivacaine with epinephrine — a local anesthetic used to block the pain of declaw procedures, incisions, etc.

Injectable diazepam — used to treat seizures, as part of anesthetic protocols, and more.

Injectable furosemide — used to reduce fluid build-up in the body (e.g., in the lungs as a result of congestive heart failure).

To see the full list of drug shortages you need to see ASHP current lits here.
It's not just a list for animals it also a list for humans drugs too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Many Dog Treats Can Your Dog Balance

Here's a short little video of a dog balancing a bunch of dog treats that I thought was worth sharing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

South Carolina Deputies Arrest An Animal Abuser For Dog Fighting

The South Carolinian Deputies were able to recover twenty four dogs that were being used in dog fights and were able to arrest Stanley William Taylor Jr. in Northern County thanks to a tip. Now Stanley William Taylor Jr. is being charged on two counts of animal fighting and baiting act.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said: This was a large scale dog-fighting operation that we feel has been going on for some time. It’s terrible that people would put dogs through this for sport and their enjoyment, to watch dogs mutilate and kill each other. That’s about as low as you can get.

I have to agree with Leon Lott that these kind of animal abusers are nothing but a waste and they are sick to be treating these dogs like that. I hope that they are able to find more of these animal abusers that were there that night and slam the book at all of them.

Read the article by Sammy Fretwell here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Dog's Prayer:

"Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in the entire world is more grateful for your kindness than mine. Don't be angry with me, and don't lock me up as punishment. After all, you have your job, your friends and your entertainment. I only have you."

Sad, Bad, Good and Glad Dog News

Tennessee Woman Comes Home to find her dog hung

How could anybody do something like this to a dog. That’s what the owner named Juanita Phariss would like to know after she found her ten month old Siberian Husky hanging from her tree.

I hope that the local police finds this animal abuser and charges whoever it was with the maximum fine. This had to be a horrible day for this woman to see this when she came home.

Read the article by Mark Bell here.

Lake Wales, FL Couple Arrested For Animal Cruelty

The local Deputies from Polk County have arrested Kelly Elizabeth Ryan and Buddy Alan McCann and charged these two with eighty four counts of animal cruelty and other charges for not having any food or water for their pets.

Read the article here.

For Some Good News

Two dogs that got lost in Rampart Range Recreation Area in western Douglas County, CO have been found when some dirt bike riders seen the two dogs on a trail and reported it to the local Sheriff.

Luckily these dogs were able to survive and after the vet checked them out they were able to return home with their owner.

It’s always nice to read about a happy ending after reading so many sad articles lately.

Read the article by Ryan Budnick here.

Well One More Pet Store Will Not Be Selling Any Pets

The Oregon Humane Society has confiscated over one hundred animals from the Circus World Pets store in Newport, Oregon today.

I can only look at this as another pet mill being closed down with so many animals up for adoption you would think these stores would be helping out, but no they are out to make a buck and turn a blind eye on these animal mills.

Read the article by Toshio Suzuki here.

If You Don’t Feed Your Dogs For Two Weeks Something Sad Like This May Happen

This article was very sad to read about a dog owner named Andre Lumboga from Indonesia's Batam island who left his seven dogs to starve to death with no food or water and when he finally came back the dogs were so hungry they even ate two of the dogs just to survive and then they ate their owner.

So the outcome is very sad that this guy had lost his life, but why would anybody just leave their dogs with nothing for that long. So was it justice for the dogs for what he did to them or not. Hopefully the surviving dogs will be spared from being put down because of what happened and be able to find a home from someone who cares.

Read the article here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beaten, Lost and Hostage Dogs

How could you strike your dog with a two by four and think that it’s not animal abuse. Well in Endicott, NY the police have charged George Clarke with torturing and injuring an animal for what he did to his dog.

Now a judge will have to decide if Clarke will be charge with the abuse or not, but even though there was a witness to the beating of this dog and an admission to the abuse the judge who have found him guilty.

A person think this should never be able to own another animal in his life for what he did to his dog.

Read the article here.

A woman named Delilah King is asking for your help in finding her service dog named Buddy that she lost while in an accident @ I-25 and 38th Ave in Denver, CO.

Delilah King said: Buddy is irreplaceable. I would give anything to have him back, we don’t go anywhere without one another. It’s really hard.

So if you have seen Buddy and who like to help Delilah find her dog please contact here @

Read the article by Deborah Takahara here.

So it’s bad enough that you were caught in Hurricane Irene and you had to put your dog in a shelter, but to find out that you might not be able to get your dog back for another six months is crazy.

It all started out when the temp shelter also had bats flying around in it with the dogs and official named Jerry Parks who is not answering anybody on the answer about why there dogs have to be quarantined for six months.

Could you only imagine what these owners and their dogs will go though if they are unable to get there dogs back for six months. I feel for these people and wish that someone will help them out.

One of the dog owners named Billy Harvell said: I put them three dogs down there during the hurricane thinking y’all had chosen a safe place for my animal. Apparently y’all didn't. While another dog owner named Linda Best said: Six months is a long time for a dog. If any of you have a dog, you would understand.

Read the article here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna : Treating Epilepsy In Cats Study


Seizing the opportunity: treating epilepsy in cats

To most people, the term epilepsy conjures up images of generalized convulsive seizures with salivation and loss of consciousness for several minutes. However, cats are known to show strange types of seizures in which consciousness is usually impaired although not all of the body is affected. New research by Akos Pakozdy and colleagues at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna shows that cats that suffer in this way have changes in the hippocampus, the part of the brain most commonly affected in human epilepsy. Although cats with such epileptic seizures may not respond immediately to treatment, they sometimes do so within a few days and if treatment continues they may once again show normal behaviour. The findings are published in the current issue of the "Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery".
Many cat owners are not sure how to react when their animals start behaving abnormally. The diagnosis of epilepsy and similar conditions is particularly difficult because the symptoms are so variable. In some cases the first sign has been described as “looking into space” – which is generally considered to be how most cats spend the majority of their time anyway. But when it is followed by twitching of facial muscles, chewing and swallowing and excessive salivation even the most unaware owners are probably tempted to consult a vet.
Akos Pakozdy and colleagues at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna now report an investigation into a total of 17 cats that were presented to the Clinic for Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases with specific epileptic symptoms. The condition of nine of them was unfortunately so severe that nothing more could be done. In the other cases, the researchers noticed that treatment seemed ineffectual for the first 4-11 days, which made many owners fear that their animals would never recover. But when treatment was continued beyond this period a good number of the cats responded well and in four cases the animals survived even longer than it took the scientists to prepare their results for publication.
All the affected cats were found to have changes in the hippocampus and related structures, the part of the brain most commonly affected in human epilepsy. Importantly, no structural problems could be found in other areas of the brain. The changes in the hippocampus appeared similar to those observed in a special type of human epilepsy (MTLE-HS), although the researchers report some differences.
There are several indications that the seizures directly lead to hippocampal damage. Although the evidence is not clear-cut, it is clearly preferable to treat the condition as soon as possible to minimize damage. Pakozdy notes that some cats may be particularly susceptible to hippocampal damage and thus not respond to treatment but in other cases “if the cat is treated early it may not develop severe lesions with refractory seizures and the final outcome will be better”.
The new work at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna suggests that cats with hippocampal damage may have a better prognosis than indicated by previous studies and that the condition is not necessarily fatal. The owners of the surviving cats report that their pets enjoy a good quality of life, so it is clear that this type of epilepsy in cats can be treated effectively. Whether their owners will be happy to let them continue staring into space afterwards is of course another matter.
The paper Complex Partial Cluster Seizures in Cats with Orofacial Involvement by Akos Pakozdy, Andrea Gruber, Sibylle Kneissl, Michael Leschnik, Peter Halasz and Johann G Thalhammer is published in the current issue of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.
The scientific article in full text online (including video footage) 
The work follows on from the group’s previous research on the aetiology of seizures in cats, also published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (Pakozdy et al. 2010, J Feline Med Surg 12, 910-916). 

  Original Article here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Along With A 9/11 Tribute

Calling All "Pupparazzi:" Helen Woodward Animal Center Announces Celebrity Judges For The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Presented By Eukanuba

Event Features 9/11 Tribute, Surf Dog Competition, Canine Costume Contest and more than 70 Vendors!

The largest surfing dog contest in the country just got bigger with the addition of several celebrity judges to the lineup. Tyana Alvarado from NBC's The Apprentice, Craig Silke from ABC's The Mole, Dennis Luciani from NBC's Average Joe, Mark Munoz and Michael Munoz from CBS' Amazing Race and Gillian Larson from CBS's Survivor will be judging events at Helen Woodward Animal Center's Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon presented by Eukanuba on September 11, 2011 at Dog Beach in Del Mar.

The sixth annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes a 9/11 tribute to police and search and rescue dogs as well as more than 80 dogs hitting the waves to raise awareness of and money for orphaned pets. The event also features a Canine Costume Contest; Doo the Dah, where people and pets in costumes surf together; more than 70 vendor booths; and the induction of the first dog into the HWAC Surf Dog Hall of Fame.

The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon kicks off at 8 a.m. with a 9/11 tribute honoring all of the dogs involved in the search and rescue efforts following the events of September 11, 2001 – the largest deployment of search dogs in U.S. history.

At 8:30 a.m., the competition begins. Internet sensations Riccochet, Nani, Dozer, and Buddy join their canine friends to compete in four weight classes. Winners from each category are invited back to surf in the "Best in Surf" at 1 p.m. The Surf Dog competition is judged by top riders from Volcom, other pros and surfing aficionados.

At 10 a.m. the Costume Contest kicks off with celebrity judges Tyana Alvarado, Craig Silke and Dennis Luciani. Doo the Dah starts at 11:20 a.m. when both people and their pets take to the waves in costume, performing stunts judged by Mark Munoz, Michael Munoz and Gillian Larson. At 1:30 the event concludes with an awards ceremony honoring the top dogs of the day as well as the first inductee into the Surf Dog Hall of Fame.

For more information about the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, visit or call 858-756-4117.

SOURCE Helen Woodward Animal Center

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Saved And The Charged

Up in New Castle, Ohio five pit bulls have been saved after some construction workers heard their cry from a storm drain and were rescued by the local fire fighters.

Apparently the mother dog had a total of ten puppies and five of them fell into the storm drain somehow , but she caught the curiosity of the construction works and lead them to her puppies.

What a great article to read today that these puppies have gotten not only another chance but they were all adopted by the local town folks.

Read the article here.

Now for the sad news

How many times have we read about people leaving the pets in the car and they died. Well this time it was even worse when Isabella Rojas-Soriano from Perth Amboy, NJ tied her dogs leash around the headrest of the seat in her vehicle while they went to eat.

The poor dog named Scoobey had become tangled up and chocked it’s self to death. What a sad way to die because the owner Isabella just didn’t leave her dog home knowing that they were going to leave the dog in the minivan. Now Isabella has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty for what she had done and to top it off the poor family had to see their dog lying dead in the minivan.

Read the article by Charles Webster here.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Preventive Care Guidelines For Your Cats & Dogs

Nation's Top Veterinary Organizations Release New Preventive Care Guidelines to Keep Cats and Dogs Healthy

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) today announced the publication of new health guidelines for dogs and cats.

The guidelines were developed in response to startling statistics that indicate visits to veterinarians are declining while preventable diseases in pets are increasing. The guidelines are designed to provide the foundation for the veterinary practice team to promote preventive veterinary medicine.

"These new guidelines, which were created by veterinary experts brought together by the AVMA and AAHA, are the first of their kind and will be the foundation of the newly formed Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare," says Dr. Rene Carlson, AVMA president. "The guidelines are extremely important because we know that fewer and fewer pet owners are bringing their cats and dogs in for regular preventive care. Experts agree that regular visits are essential in preventing health problems such as ear infections, dental disease and obesity."

The guidelines are a tool to help ensure complete checkups by providing a springboard for veterinarians to explain to their clients the importance of each step in the preventive care checkup, without being overly prescriptive.

"We're seeing some evidence in some data sets of increasing disease prevalence, and these diseases are the kind of things that are very easily prevented," says Dr. Michael R. Moyer, AAHA president. "We know that we have tremendous value to offer our patients, but we have more to do as a profession to communicate that value, the importance of those preventive care visits and what we do during these visits, to pet owners."

The AAHA-AVMA Canine Preventive Healthcare Guidelines are available on the AVMA's website (, or

For more information, please visit or

The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world. More than 81,500 member veterinarians worldwide are engaged in a wide variety of professional activities.

Established in 1933, AAHA is well-known among veterinarians for its leadership, high standards for veterinary practices and pet health care, and most importantly, its accreditation of companion animal practices. For more information about AAHA, visit the Association online at

SOURCE American Veterinary Medical Association

Mars Veterinary One Of A Kind Dog DNA Tests

New One-of-a-Kind Dog DNA Tests Give Purebred and Designer Dog Owners Unprecedented Wisdom

-- Mars Veterinary™ Expands Line of Dog DNA Tests to Cover Purebreds and Designer Dogs --

It may look like a purebred Labrador but is it really? Is your "Puggle" really bred from a first generation Beagle -- or something that just resembles a Beagle? For curious owners who don't have pedigree documents for their beloved dogs, two new DNA tests announced today can finally answer those nagging questions and may help them take better care of the health of their pets.

Mars Veterinary™, a global leader in pet care and canine genetic breed identification has expanded its range of dog DNA analysis products with two new one-of-a-kind genetic tests.

Wisdom Panel® Purebred and Wisdom Panel Designer Dog certification tests can help satisfy owner curiosity and give them the knowledge to care for their specific dog type. The new tests, available online now at, evaluate the genetic patterns within a dog compared with the genetic signatures observed in Mars Veterinary's database of known purebred dogs.

Wisdom Panel Purebred and Designer Dog

The state-of-the-art Wisdom Panel Purebred and Designer Dog tests – the only dog DNA tests designed specifically for testing purebred and designer dogs – both comprise a “do-it-yourself” cheek swab, allowing owners to simply administer the test at home and mail back the samples in a pre-paid package. Within three weeks of receipt of the swab sample, dog owners can expect to receive an e-mail notifying them that their official Ancestry Report is ready. The Purebred dog test results will confirm based on the extensive Wisdom Panel data base whether the dog’s ancestry consists of a single breed over four generations. The Designer Dog test results will similarly confirm whether the dog is a first generation cross between two purebred dogs from different breeds which forms a true hybrid between the two purebred parents. Both tests are available online at for the low price of $69.99 each.

Between its existing Wisdom Panel Insights and Wisdom Panel Professional Canine Genetic Analysis DNA tests and the revolutionary new products, Mars Veterinary with a goal to set a national standard to breed classification for both purebred and designer dogs – a move that it hopes will discourage irresponsible breeding practices. It also will assist all dog owners in making more informed decisions about the health and wellness of their pets.

Understanding Disease Predisposition

Understanding a dog's true genetic makeup won't make owners love their dogs any less -- but knowing what to look for from a disease predisposition perspective may help them take better care of their pets.

"Wisdom Panel Purebred and Designer Dog tests may unearth a breed history that owners never even suspected," said Dr. Angela Hughes, Veterinary Genetics Research Manager at Mars Veterinary. "Knowledge of the true breed makeup of a dog can help owners work with their vets to be on the lookout for certain diseases they never would have suspected and increase the chances their dog lives a healthy and happy life."

The Science Behind Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel canine DNA analyses are based on more than a decade of extensive research, drawing from expertise of leading scientists, veterinarians, universities breed organizations throughout the world and the Waltham® Center. This science has also yielded the swab-based Wisdom Panel Insights, the most comprehensive swab product on the market and Wisdom Panel Professional, the only blood-based canine DNA analysis available exclusively through veterinarians. Wisdom Panel development included the analysis of more than 19 million DNA markers from more than 13,000 dogs, enabling the detection of breed composition of dogs with unprecedented accuracy.

About Mars Veterinary™

Mars Veterinary is a division of MARS® Incorporated, a company known for innovative consumer and pet food brands that are trusted by people around the world. Its mission is to facilitate responsible pet care by enlightening pet owners and communities with valuable insights into their pets as individuals through innovative, science-based discoveries. For more than a decade, Mars Veterinary has researched and developed state-of-the-art genetic tests for mixed-breed dogs, revolutionizing personalized pet care. By discovering a dog's ancestry, pet owners and veterinarians can work together to tailor wellness programs that fit the needs of a dog. For more information, visit