Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Dog Food Warning

Caution to Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers about a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products. The products—also called chicken tenders, strips, or treats—are imported from China. FDA continues to receive complaints of sick dogs that their owners or veterinarians associate with eating chicken jerky products. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007.

Australian news organizations report that the University of Sydney is also investigating an association between illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky in Australia. At least one firm in Australia has recalled their chicken jerky product and the recall notification stated the product was manufactured in China.

What is FDA Doing?

FDA, in addition to several veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the United States, is working to find out why these products are associated with illness in dogs. To date, scientists have not been able to determine a precise cause for the reported illnesses.

FDA has conducted extensive chemical and microbial testing but has not identified any contaminant.

FDA continues to actively investigate the problem. Many of the illnesses reported may be the result of causes other than eating chicken jerky.

Tips for Consumers

Do not substitute chicken jerky products for a balanced diet. The products are intended to be used occasionally and in small quantities. Owners of small dogs must be especially careful to limit the amount of these products.

If you choose to feed your dog chicken jerky products, watch the dog closely. Stop feeding the product if your dog shows any of the following signs, which may occur within hours to days after feeding the product:

- decreased appetite, although some dogs may continue to eat the treats instead of other foods
- decreased activity
- vomiting
- diarrhea, sometimes with blood
- increased water drinking or increased urination

Call your veterinarian if signs are severe or last for more than 24 hours. Blood tests may indicate kidney failure (increased urea nitrogen and creatinine). Urine tests may indicate Fanconi syndrome (increased glucose). Although most dogs appear to recover, some reports to FDA have involved dogs that have died.

Consumers and veterinarians should report cases of animal illness associated with pet foods or treats to the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator listed for their area at

This article appears on FDA's Consumer Health Information Web page (, which features the latest updates on FDA-regulated products. Sign up for free e-mail subscriptions at

For More Information
Preliminary Animal Health Notification

Date Posted: December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Woof Woof

US Army Extradites Disgraceful Soldier For Dragging A Dog

It was good to read that the US Army has come though on releasing a disgraceful soldier named Cody Hahn who had dragged a dog to near death tied to the back of his truck.

The Sapulpa, Oklahoma Sheriffs department has charged Cody Hahn with cruelty to an animal, transporting an animal in a cruel & humane fashion along with abandonment of an animal.

Read the article by Manny Gamallo here.

Indiana Subpoenas Puppy Mill With Search Warrant

Animals, Records Seized from Troubled Puppy Business

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter announced today that a Cloverdale woman's failure to comply with a state subpoena to produce business and tax records resulted in the removal of approximately 60 animals from her property.

The Indiana Attorney General's office, the Owen County Sheriff's office and the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDR) served Tammy Gilchrist with a search warrant for business and tax records dating back to 1998. Gilchrist was also served a jeopardy assessment authorizing the state to immediately collect tax the Indiana Department of Revenue finds is in danger of being recovered if standard assessment and collection procedures are followed.

"This woman has left behind a trail of misery for many consumers over the past several years," said Carter. "The seizure today effectively puts her out of business."

When she was unable to produce payment of $192,960.28, Gilchrist was served with a jeopardy levy, enabling the state to seize her bank accounts and inventory of animals including approximately 55 dogs and four horses. Three veterinarians and 15 volunteers from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and local animal care and rescue organizations were on site to assist with safe removal of the animals from Gilchrist's property.

"Ms. Gilchrist has shown a pattern of negative business practices that has resulted in the actions taken today," said Carter. "She was unable to produce the necessary records or payment, so we were able to remove and find temporary shelter for the animals. Taxpayers are victims too if some don't pay their fair share."

Carter said the support of the HSUS was a key to achieving a good result for the animals.

"The future of these animals is a lot brighter," said Anne Sterling, the HSUS' Indiana state director. "It is extremely gratifying to know that we have given these animals the chance to live outside the confines of their squalid cages."

Many of these dogs were emaciated and suffered from obvious medical ailments such as open sores and severe skin conditions. These animals have been placed with multiple humane organizations in the state. Once at their temporary homes, every animal will be assessed by a veterinarian, given any necessary medical attention, evaluated and placed for adoption.

The HSUS was called in to assist the Indiana Attorney General's Office with the rescue and placement of these animals. As a result, the HSUS brought together local volunteers and rescue groups across the region to secure assistance for the rescue operation and to find placements for these animals.

Members of the Bloomington Animal Care & Control, New Albany/Floyd County Animal Shelter, Humane Society of Indianapolis, Humane Society of Northwest Indiana, Humane Society Calumet Area, Humane Society of Brown County, Monroe County Humane Association and Saving Paws Rescue also assisted by taking in animals or removing them from the property.

"Our office coordinated a major operation today with experienced animal welfare volunteers and, as a result, we are hopeful the animals seized will be in good hands," said Attorney General Carter.

Carter also commended the cooperation of Owen County Sheriff Chester Richardson, John Eckart, Commissioner of the IDR and Owen County Circuit Court Judge Frank Nardi, whose diligent preparation made the execution of the seizure a success.

"The public expects law enforcement agencies to work together, that's what made the seizure a success," said Attorney General Carter.

The Attorney General's office has received complaints about Gilchrist failing to deliver puppies offered for sale, misrepresenting the health or age of puppies, failing to deliver registration papers, failing to refund shipping fees, failing to obtain a kennel license and/or selling puppies with various viruses that died a few days after delivery.

As a result, the Attorney General's office filed a suit against Gilchrist in 2006. Operating under multiple aliases and business names, Gilchrist agreed to comply with consumer protection laws after learning of the State's intent to seek an immediate restraining order against her and her business.

Since October 2003, Gilchrist offered puppies of various breeds for sale to consumers through advertisements on various websites. She has conducted business as AKA Kennel, TEKS Kennel, Puppysrus and Affordable Pups, with a principal place of business in Owen County, located at 11231 Highway 231, Cloverdale, Indiana.

SOURCE Office of the Indiana Attorney General

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who's The Top Dog Warden

Tom Skeldon: Dog Warden of the Year 2008

Awarded by -- The only U.S. non-profit organization founded by and operating on behalf of dog bite victims.

Toledo, OH, December 17, 2008 --( Tom Skeldon has vigorously worked to prevent horrendous pit bull maulings resulting in serious injuries or death of human beings, their domesticated pets and livestock. As the prevention of these horrific attacks have a clearly higher social priority over other animal issues best addressed by non-profit animal welfare organizations, his tireless focus on the growing dangerous pit bull epidemic, while enduring relentless unfair attacks by organized groups with both open and hidden political pro-pit bull agendas, has earned Tom Skeldon the justifiable reputation as the most effective dog warden in the United States of America. His dedication to protect the residents of Lucas County and other people across North America through his consultation, education, and testifying for other jurisdictions facing their own epidemic of pit bull attacks, from the shores of the Pacific, to the heights of the Rocky Mountains, and into the colder regions of Ontario, Canada, reflects greatly upon him, the Office of the Lucas County Dog Warden, and all of Lucas County Ohio. Through his efforts, hundreds of communities across the U.S. and Canada are better protected from these inherently dangerous dogs, resulting in the prevention of several fatal and near-fatal pit bull maulings. Therefore, upon this 16th day of December, 2008, hereby bestows upon Tom Skeldon, the Dog Warden for Lucas County Ohio, its award for Dog Warden of the Year -- 2008. will be issuing additional awards for the year 2008 on January 5th, 2009.

About is a national dog bite victims group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks by creating common sense laws. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks. Our website,, launched in October 2007 and contains a wide collection of data to help policymakers and citizens learn about dangerous dogs. Our research focuses on pit bull type dogs. Due to selective breeding practices that emphasize aggression and tenacity, this class of dogs negatively impacts communities the most. Our website hosts important dog bite studies, U.S. dog bite fatalities and other key bibliographies. In the Legislating Dogs portion of our site, we offer examples of breed-specific laws (state-by-state) and documentation of the constitutionality of these laws. The Victim Realities section provides a glance into the unforgettable stories victims leave behind and much more. operates out of Seattle, Washington and can be contacted via: 206-260-2915 or Research contributions and active website participation stems from individuals that span the United States of America.
Colleen Lynn

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ok They Are Still Trying To Make 1 Million Adoptions

The Home 4 the Holidays adoptions count is at 760,599 so far so lets keep up the good work and spread the news. You know you want a pet to call your own, so come and adopt a loving animal that just wants a place to call home.

Home 4 the Holidays

Give A Lending Hand & Help The Seniors Feed Their Pets

Photo by Ed Yourdon

We all know how hard it is to get by at times, but did you ever think how hard it can be for the senior who are living on a tight budget. Well there is a fund drive called Season Of Suppers which is going on to help them feed their pets.

The groups that are running this benefit are the Pet Hospital, The Banfield Charitable Trust & Meals On Wheels Association of America. So just think about all these homebound seniors that rely on their pets to help keep them in comfort even during hard times.

The Visiting Nurse Meals On Wheels program of Rochester, N.Y director Phil Shippers said; We know that many seniors in our community are compromising their own nutrition by sharing their meals with their pets.

The Banfield’s 2008 Season of Suppers campaign takes place throughout Banfield’s more than 730 Pet hospitals across the country that was founded by a man called Warren J Wegert back in 1955 who’s commitment was to offer the best care for owners pets. Who would ever thought that fifty three years later the foundation that Warren Wegert had started as a dream has now become one of the biggest pet hospitals in the world that even to this day still cares for the wellbeing of pets and their owners.

So find out where your local Banfield Hospital is and help make a donation and an elderly smile.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ok Dog Owners, We Need To Train Our Dogs

Just in today’s news there were a few different dog attacks and there’s many more each day that we don’t even read about.

A dog owner down in Davie, FL was bitten either by her dog or another dog as a Akita and a Pit Bull began fitting and the women tried to stop the dogs.
Read the article here.

A little ten year old girl from South Bend, Indiana was bitten on the arm by a Pit Bull that cause her to be hospitalized. The police had to shot the dog which made it the second dog shot this month in South Bend.
Read the article by Ed Ronce & Sue Lowe here.

The was a twelve year old boy that was attacked by a Pit Bull when it jumped over a fence and bit the kid in the face and leg. Poor little kid named Dylan Leone wound up with an eight inch gash on his face and was bitten three times on the leg.
Read the article by Rachel Hatzipanagos here.

So the end result works out like this. A woman named Diane D’Allessandro was bitten by a dog and now she is trying to sue the dog’s owner for a half a million dollars. Yes that’s a lot of money for a dog bite, so you just might want to be a little more thoughtful when you walk your dog.
Read the article by Christine Legere here.

I feel bad when I read about someone getting bitten by a dog and you know at times it’s just a reaction by the dog when someone goes to pet your dog. But when you read about an untrained dog that is known to be wild you wonder how they became so wild. We read about dog training all over the news and the web and still there are owners who just don’t care.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bethany Conn. Kennel Gets Raided

A dog kennel in Bethany Conn. was raided today by the State Police and Animal Control today. The report goes on to say that there were over thirty dogs that were removed for the home.

Read the article by Erin Cox here.

Best Friends Animal Society Finally Get Their Day

The Best Friends Animal Society has been picketing a Beverly Hills pet store called Pet Love for selling puppy mill dogs. The group has even offered the owner help in getting rescue dogs for them to sell and help with promoting the store with the community, but the owners have now decide to leave and close their store.

You would think with all the offers that they received they would have stayed and made the community better and help the cause for all the homeless dogs. I guess not, it just goes to show you that they were in it for the money… So we say …See Ya….

Read the article here.

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Special Girls Goal To Help Her Local Dogs

Here’s a nice story about a little girl named Molly Bergman who spent her time making money to help the dogs in her local shelter. This isn’t just any girl this is a girl who has a heart and love for dogs even though she is autistic. It just goes to show you that a love for animals is stronger then any type of illness.

Molly goal was to buy dog collars and tags to be placed on the animals before they are adopted so that if they become lost they can be traced back to their owners. Who would have imagined a little girl coming up with an idea like that?

A Special Thanks goes out to Molly from all our buddies.

Read the article by Joe Lambe here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dawn Kairns Donates Portions Of Royalties To Shelters & Rescue Groups

Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups Can Benefit from Portions of Author Royalties from Sale of Book, Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life

Authors' goal is to donate portions of book proceeds from Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life, released in July, 2008 to animal rescue groups who are interested in partnering in book sales. It also lets those grieving from the loss of their pets know this book can offer them support in their time of grief.

Boulder, CO, December 06, 2008 --( “Animals are such gifts to us and the human-animal bond can be such a powerful part of our lives,” says Dawn Kairns, author of Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life. Dawn has donated portions of book proceeds to local humane societies (The Humane Society of Boulder Valley and The Denver Dumb Friends League) and to Mainline Animal Rescue (MLAR) in PA. MLAR is devoted to raising awareness of the conditions in puppy mills and rescuing their canine victims, a passionate cause the author shares. Kairns has also donated her books to numerous rescue group fund raisers, including MLAR. She is in the process of partnering with Table Mountain Animal Center so that a portion of her book proceeds sold through that shelter will benefit Table Mountain. Her goal is to continue to support animal rescue organizations by donating portions of her royalties from the sale of Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life by partnering in similar fashion with animal shelters and rescue groups.

Kairns’ hope is that the love from her deep bond with Maggie will speak to readers who connect with their dogs in the same way, and will offer support to those experiencing pet loss. Ann Johnson, LCSW of the Human Animal Bond Trust (the group of veterinarians and mental health professionals who run this Pet Loss Group) in Denver states, “I plan to share Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life with all members of the Human Animal Bond Trust, Inc. and to keep the book available at our Pet Loss Group meetings. As one of the three mental health professionals who have facilitated our Pet Loss Support Group for the past 20+ years, and a dog/animal person forever, I can only agree with everything you've included in your book and would wish everyone could read it.”

In Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life, the author’s black lab, Maggie, helps Kairns find her place in the world, both personally and professionally. Through her relationship with Maggie, who she calls her once-in-a-lifetime dog, Kairns learns that dogs are intelligent, emotional beings that can sense our thoughts. When Maggie’s health is compromised, Kairns takes readers on her journey to discover what’s really best for our pets when it come to pet food. The depth of their bond opens a surprising door for the author to trust her intuition over intellect, and to respect the messages communicated through her dreams. Pet guardians who have experienced the profound sense of loss that comes with losing their own cherished pets will find a kindred spirit in this book.

Author Bio
Dawn was born and raised in northwestern Indiana, but Colorado has been home for over 31 years. A lifelong animal lover, her passion for dogs led her to volunteer with local rescue organizations, including the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Front Range Labrador Rescue, and Freedom Service Dogs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the author and her husband travelled to Mississippi to work with the Humane Society of the United States assisting the displaced Katrina dogs. Her own dog and cat are rescues. A family nurse practitioner turned writer, Dawn Kairns has also published in nursing journals, American Fitness magazine, The Daily Camera, and Real Travel Adventures Magazine.

Contact Dawn Kairns for more information or interviews:
Tel: 303-449-4624 or 303-579-0547
Fax: 303-449-4416

ISBN: 978-0-595-47435-6 ● Publication Date: July, 2008 ● Price: $15.95 ● Publisher: iUniverse ● Trade Paperback: 168 pages

Friday, December 5, 2008

Judge To Sentence Two Kidnapping Dog Thieves

Photo by Stan Wayman

So what will the good Judge named Duncan Allen going to do to the two dog thieves named Andrew Phillip Davidson & Scott Joseph Wilson that stole a coworkers little Maltese Terrier and held the dog for ransom.

The article said that Andrew has been working as a volunteer at the RSPCA shelter walking dogs and cleaning cages. The question is do they trust him to be around the dogs; maybe he might steal one of the dogs for himself and try and give it a home.

Our is he there working to try and show the Judge as a request by his lawyer. I have read a lot about dog napping in the past and it just like taking someone’s child to me. Just think about what the dog’s owner had gone though in his mind when the ransom note said: for your dog’s safe return failure to comply or police contact and there’s no hope for your dog.

So should the Judge Allen throw the book at these guys or make them clean the cages for life?

Read the article Shelley Hadfield here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Community Helps Fulfill A Dream Come True With A Gift Of A Dog

Photo by Steve Mellon

A little girl named Angelina Hentosz from Upper St. Clair, PA has received a dream go true with the kind help from her community when an Elementary school students and staff helped raise funds to allow her to receive a special kind of dog.

Little Angelina suffers from an extremely rare genetic illness that is called Dravet Syndrome which causes her to have seizures and with the help of the community she will be receiving a special kind of dog from the Pawsabilities Unleashed in Kentucky.

Her new friend will be a British Labrador who will help her thought her time of needs. To read an article like this just shows the love of her community and reminds me of the time my own community helped out with our son during his time of needs when we needed help for his Chiari Malformation expenses.

The best part of this is that when a community gets together anything is possible to help make someone’s dream come true and little Angelina’s will now have the help from her new dog that will no only be her friend but will be there to help save her life.

So A Special Thanks goes out to all that has help this little girls dream come true.

Read the article by Maria Sciullo here.

Is It The Last Stop Pet Grooming Spa

The owner Erik Webb of Happy Tails Pet Spa in West Knoxville is being investigated by 6 WATE news reporter for the deaths of a few dogs that were brought to his place of business that had died.

The article said back in November a beagle named Moxie died from having three broken ribs and a lacerated liver.
That doesn’t sound like no pet grooming to me.

Back in January a little Lhasa Apso named Bogey was dropped off to be groomed and when the owner went to pick the dog up he was dead. The vet report said it was due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Tell me how dose something like that happen to a dog who is suppose to be getting groomed.

Another couple lost two Bichon Frise dogs at Happy Trails Pet Spa a few years back from being at this place.

Is there something going on at this place that is causing all these dogs to die. I wonder how many people still haven’t come forward to talk about their sad experience with this owner.

Read the article by Kristyn Caddell here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Man’s Love For Animals Helps Again

A man named Roger James from Washington has helped in past donations for our buddies, but this time Roger has donated a half a million dollars to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society to help build a new animal shelter.
Now that is one gift that just shows this man’s love for these pets knowing that it will be a no kill shelter.

A Special Thanks goes out to Roger James

Read the article by Joe Chapman here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Philadelphia Animal Care And Control Association Loses State Contract

Video by Dave Bentley

So what a State to do when an animal control association can’t even take care of our poor buddies. They say your fired…
View the video by Lu Ann Cahn to see just why this happened.

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Organic Pet Treats

So Bright, LLC rolled out its new line of organic, holistic, and all-natural pet treats recently. Treats are available in three recipes for dogs and cats.

Evergreen, CO, November 28, 2008 --( So Bright LLC has introduced a new way to treat your dogs with SOrganic, SOHolistic and SONatural Baked Dog Treats. Each treat contains healthy wholesome ingredients that are both made and sourced in the U.S.A. All Treats are wheat and corn free and contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Lastly the ergonomic shape of the treat fits perfect to the contour of your thumb to help with bating dogs. Each Treat line comes in three exciting recipes. Organic wet cat and dog food is also a part of the So Bright Line. (Beef, Liver, and Beef and Liver)

To purchase these treats, consumers can go directly to their website (

Just Say SO.

So Bright, LLC
Pete Thielmann

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mars Petfood Recall Update

Mars Petcare US Announces Extension of Voluntary Recall

Contact: Debra Fair at (973) 691- 3536

Franklin, Tennessee (November 25, 2008) —Today, Mars Petcare US announced an extension of a previously announced voluntary recall of dry cat and dog food products manufactured at its Allentown, Pennsylvania facility with “Best By” dates between August 11, 2009 – October 3, 2009. The pet food is being voluntarily recalled because of potential contamination with Salmonella. This voluntary recall affects product sold at BJ’s Wholesale Club, ShopRite Supermarkets, and Wal-mart locations in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Salmonella can cause serious infections in dogs and cats, and, if there is cross contamination caused by handling of the pet food, in people as well, especially children, the aged, and people with compromised immune systems. Healthy people potentially infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. On rare occasions, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Animals can be carriers with no visible symptoms and potentially infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

This action is an extension of the voluntary recall issued on October 27, 2008 of all sizes of SPECIAL KITTY® Gourmet Blend dry cat food produced at the Allentown facility on August 11, 2008. We recently learned that an additional sample of SPECIAL KITTY® made on September 25, 2008 at the Allentown facility tested positive for Salmonella. There have been no reported cases of human or pet illness caused by Salmonella associated with products produced at this facility. Mars Petcare US is taking an additional precautionary action to protect pets and their owners by extending the October 27, 2008 voluntary recall to include all dry pet food product produced at the facility with “Best By” dates between August 11, 2009 and October 3, 2009.

Recalled Pet Food
The dry cat and dog food listed below are made at our Allentown facility and sold at BJ’s Wholesale Club, ShopRite Supermarkets, and Wal-mart locations in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia.

All code dates, regardless of brand, are listed in a similar format as noted below:
Consumers should look for “50” as the first two digits of the second line.
Best By AUG 15 09 (Sample)
50 1445 1

Berkley & Jensen Bistro Blend Premium Cat Food 21.6#
00000 20052

Berkley & Jensen Small Bites & Bones Dog Food 52#
00000 14958

Ol' Roy Puppy Complete Premium Dog Food 4#
81131 79078

Ol' Roy Puppy Complete Premium Dog Food 20#
81131 79080

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 4#
81131 17550

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 4.4#
81131 69377

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 8#
05388 67144

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 20#
81131 17549

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 22#
05388 60342

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 44.1#
81131 17551

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food 50#
78742 01022

Ol' Roy High Performance Premium Dog Food 20#
05388 60345

Ol' Roy High Performance Premium Dog Food 50#
78742 05815

Ol' Roy Meaty Chunks & Gravy Premium Dog Food 22#
81131 69630

Ol' Roy Meaty Chunks & Gravy Premium Dog Food 50#
81131 69631

ShopRite Crunchy Bites, Bones and Healthy Squares Dog Food 20#
41190 04521

Special Kitty Original Premium Cat Food 3.5#
81131 17557

Special Kitty Original Premium Cat Food 7#
81131 17562

Special Kitty Original Premium Cat Food 18#
81131 17559

Special Kitty Gourmet Blend Premium Cat Food 3.5#
81131 17546

Special Kitty Gourmet Blend Premium Cat Food 7#
81131 17547

Special Kitty Gourmet Blend Premium Cat Food 18#
81131 17548

Special Kitty Kitten Premium Cat Food 3.5#
81131 17553

Special Kitty Kitten Premium Cat Food 7#
81131 17554

In an effort to prevent the transmission of Salmonella from pets to family members and care givers, the FDA recommends that everyone follow appropriate pet food handling guidelines when feeding their pets. A list of safe pet food handling tips can be found at:

Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1-877-568-4463 or visit

Media Statement
Contact: Debra Fair at (973) 691- 3536

For Immediate Release

The following statement was released by Mars Petcare US regarding the voluntary recall of dry pet food produced at its Allentown, PA facility.

As a precautionary measure, on October 27, 2008, Mars Petcare issued a voluntary recall of all sizes of SPECIAL KITTY® Gourmet Blend dry cat food product produced at our Allentown Pennsylvania facility on August 11, 2008. We were recently alerted by the FDA that an additional sample of SPECIAL KITTY® made on September 25, 2008 produced at the Allentown, PA facility plant tested positive for Salmonella.

Based on this information, we are taking an additional precautionary action to protect pets and their owners by extending the October 27, 2008 voluntary recall to include all dry pet food product produced at the facility with a “Best By” date between August 11, 2009 and October 3, 2009.

There have been no reported cases of human or pet illness caused by Salmonella associated with products produced at this facility.

This voluntary recall affects only products sold at BJ’s Wholesale Club, ShopRite Supermarkets, and Wal-mart locations in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia. No other customers and no other states are affected.

Only those products which were produced at the Allentown, PA facility between those dates are impacted. Consumers can continue to have confidence in the quality and safety of our other products.

As part of our commitment to our loyal consumers and their pets, we are continuously monitoring and updating our processes to be at the forefront of product quality, innovation, customer responsiveness, and manufacturing efficiency. In recent months, we have invested tens of millions of dollars in plant upgrades, new testing protocols, advanced associate training, and a new state of the art testing facility that will open in mid-2009.

We are working with affected BJ’s Wholesale Club, ShopRite Supermarkets, and Wal-mart locations to ensure that recalled products are not on store shelves. These products should not be sold in stores or fed to pets. In the event that consumers believe they have purchased products affected by this voluntary recall, they should return the product to the store where they purchased it for a full refund. Specific product details and other information will be posted prior to the public announcement and can be found at

Monday, November 24, 2008

Eighth Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Thousands of Champion Dogs From Around the World Compete for Top Honors and $225,000 at Eighth Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

One of the World's Most Prestigious Dog Shows Descends on Long Beach, Calif.

NEW YORK, Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Kennel Club(R) (AKC) and Eukanuba today announced that nearly 3,000 award-winning canines will go head-to-head at the eighth annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, Calif., Dec. 13-14. Recognized as one of the most prestigious dog shows in the world, this highly anticipated two-day event features dogs and handlers competing in a range of events all under one roof, including the AKC Agility Invitational, the AKC Obedience Invitational and the breed competitions that will lead to the crowning of the 2008 the Best in Show champion.

The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship also is host to the Eukanuba World Challenge, a colorful event showcasing top dogs from 52 countries all vying for prestigious international recognition. Rare breeds such as the Briquet Griffon Vendeen and the Xoloitzcuintl will compete against traditional favorites such as the Dachshund and Labrador Retriever for the title of "World Challenge Champion" and a total of $15,000.

The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship will be simulcast on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009 from 8-11 p.m. (ET/PT). Highlights from the AKC Agility Invitational will air on Animal Planet on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Highlights:

Best in Show Competition - The country's top-25 dogs (based on breed points) from each of the 158 AKC recognized breeds are invited to compete, as well as every Best in Show winner from AKC all-breed shows held during the qualification period. Reigning National Specialty winners and breeder/owner handled Champions from the Bred-by-Exhibitor and/or Puppy Class also will work their magic to capture the coveted title of top dog. The owner of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Best in Show winner will receive more than $50,000, and the breeder/s of the Best in Show winner will be awarded $15,000.

AKC Agility Invitational-As one of the AKC's fastest-growing canine sports and one of the most exciting to watch during the two-day show, the agility competition demonstrates the athleticism and versatility of these fast canines as they race against the clock and overcome a challenging obstacle course of tunnels, weave poles, jumps and seesaws. It is a sport of physical skill, control, patience and most importantly, teamwork between handler and dog.

AKC National Obedience Invitational - Obedience trials demonstrate how useful a dog is as a valued companion. Accuracy and precision are essential, but the natural movement of the handler and the willingness and enjoyment of the dog also are important. To be invited to this prestigious competition, a dog and handler must be ranked within the top-10 percent of its breed or be ranked among the top-25 dogs nationwide.

Eukanuba World Challenge - The international challenge will feature top dogs from 52 countries and six continents. Watch and cheer on Charmin, the 2007 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Best in Show champion, as he represents the U.S. in this intense competition.

Junior Handlers -Top ranking preteen and teen handlers (ages 9-18), who have met high academic standards and qualification criteria based on year-round competition will compete for prestigious wins and scholarship money.

AKC Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE)- Each year dogs are recognized for their outstanding contributions to their respective community. There are five categories the ACE Award recognizes - Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Therapy, Service and Exemplary Companion - these honorees and their owners will be on-hand in Long Beach to receive their awards and be recognized in front of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship audience.

AKC Meet the Breeds(R) - Showcasing nearly 150 breeds, including both adult dogs and puppies, reputable breeders will be on-hand to share their insights and expertise about unique canine characteristics. AKC Meet the Breeds is designed to teach responsible dog ownership while providing an interactive and fun experience for show attendees. Don't forget to check out one of the newest breeds recognized by the AKC - the Dogue de Bordeaux.

"Alongside our partners - AKC and Animal Planet - we're proud to host one of the most prestigious and well-respected dog shows in the world and celebrate all of the accomplishments of these remarkable dogs, their handlers, owners and breeders," said Dan Rajczak, general manager, Procter & Gamble Pet Care. "We're looking forward to cheering on all of these amazing dogs and watching which will emerge as the new 2008 AKC/Eukanuba National Champion."

This AKC/Eukanuba National Championship is a fun event for dog enthusiasts and families, and will take place Saturday, Dec. 13 and Sunday, Dec. 14 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif. Show hours for all daytime activities are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST daily, and 7 to 11 p.m. PST for the televised evening events. Tickets can be purchased at the door and through Ticketmaster.

"The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship is a unique experience for all dog lovers - whether they are watching the show on TV or enjoying it in person," said Ron Menaker, Show Chairman. "With nearly 400,000 square feet of event space, 3,000 dogs in competition, dozens of vendors, 148 educational displays, numerous demonstrations and now 52 international competitors in our World Challenge event, there is nothing that can compare to this complete canine extravaganza."

Four-Legged Fun Facts:

Breed Breakdown - Every one of the 158 AKC registered breeds will be represented in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship are entered to compete in various competitions, including: 33 Basset Hounds; 30 Border Collies; 30 French Bulldogs; 29 Havanese; 25 Rhodesian Ridgebacks; 25 Silky Terriers; and 25 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Working Dogs Lead the Pack - Each breed of dog is in one of seven groups, with the entry break down as follows: 322 Sporting; 359 Hounds; 348 Working; 289 Terriers; 331 Toy; 252 Non-Sporting; and 257 Herding.

Which Flag Are You Cheering For? Dogs from 52 countries will compete in the Eukanuba World Challenge from countries such as Australia, Ireland, Italy, India, Japan and New Zealand.

Athletes Rule! A total of 468 dogs will display their athleticism in the AKC Agility Invitational which includes 133 breeds from 42 states. Some dogs have traveled as far as Japan and Sweden to compete!

Manners Will Get You Everywhere! More than 100 obedience canines will work in-tune with their owners to win top honors in the AKC Obedience Invitational.

For more information about tickets, schedules, specific breeds, groups, competitions, winners and local competitors, please visit

The American Kennel Club (AKC), founded in 1884, maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world. Its rules and regulations govern more than 20,000 canine competitions each year.

Eukanuba offers the most complete food lineup, delivering nutrition that is customized by breed and breed size as well as health and performance requirements. Eukanuba is a division of Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG). Visit us on the Web at or

Animal Planet Media, a multi-media business unit of Discovery Communications available in more than 95 million homes nationwide, is the world's only entertainment brand that immerses viewers in the full range of life in the animal kingdom.

Media Contacts:

Jason Taylor Eukanuba (937) 264-7436
Daisy Okas American Kennel Club (212) 696-8343
Melissa Berry Animal Planet (240) 662-2946

Heather Wilkins
(949) 809-6766

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Canine Separation: To Drug Or Not To Drug

I was reading an article called doggie drugs, it talks about a women whose collie, Labrador mix breed dog was diagnose with behavioral problems that is called canine separation anxiety.

This behavior happens when the owner leaves for a time and the dog will walk around either barking or howling and whining for their owner to come back. And at times the dog will even urinate all over the house and even start to have some kind of destructive behavior like biting on the furniture and ripping this apart.

I went on to read about the different kinds of drugs there are. One being called Reconcile which states: some of the reactions are calm or lethargy, reduced appetite, vomiting, shaking, diarrhea, restlessness, excessive vocalization, aggression and, in infrequent cases, seizures.

Wow that really makes me want to put my buddy on this stuff. Their own product label says that some of the dogs had bad seizures and even died.

So I went on to see if there were any more companies that produce meds for dogs and found Clomicalm that says it’s proven to be safe and effective in helping to relieve the suffering in and helping dogs with separation anxiety disorder return to a normal life. So I read their product label and it said that the product doses not act like a sedative and helps reduce the anxiety.
Clomicalm adverse reactions were: Letharygy/depression, vomiting, diarrhea, elevation in the liver enzymes, increased heart rate, decreased heart rate, increased thirst and confusion. These side affect symptoms don’t sound too good to me, and they even went on to say that liver disease has occurred. Now that’s what I want my dog to have, what a great product.

I checked out a few web sites on dog behaviors and found an old article by Stacy Conroy who had a nice training approach that didn’t call for any type of pharmaceutical drug, which goes on to show you that a little training can go a long way.

Then I found an article over at Canines of America which had some really good idea’s about helping your dog get though the separation anxiety, until I read it all the way to the bottom where it stated that sometimes you must consult a qualified animal behaviorist. That went on to say that Prozac might help.

Is that what people were giving their kids a few years back when they didn’t behave. I remember reading one time that the suicidal rate had gotten real bad from this stuff. I wonder about a dog doing this, knowing he couldn’t kill himself. Maybe it would make the dog more violent or something like that. Who knows about all this kind of meds for our dogs, I don’t really know the real outcome. I do know that after reading about all these side effects I will not and I mean will not give one of my dogs any of these drugs or any other type of drugs. I would work on some of the idea’s that talked about different ways to train their behaviors.

So think about your pet’s life before you decide to just drug your dog….

Read the article by Andy Blatchford here.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So Michael Vick Thought It Was Funny Watching The Pit Bulls Fight

Michael Vick and his so called friends, Purnell Peace and Quanis Phillips though it was fun to watch the pit bulls fight. Well how come he is hiding in protective custody in Hopewell Regional Jail in Virginia? I guess he not man enough to face the jail house population is he. But it’s alright to let his dogs brutally fight each other and sit there and laugh.

So now you have your lawyers making a plea bargain looking for a suspended sentence. I only wish that I was the Judge, I would make your life so miserable that you would always remember what you did to those fifty three plus dogs and all those dogs you hung.

Read the article Brian Stanley here.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Newseum For Dogs?

First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Pets' Opens at the Newseum


Behind-the-scenes exhibit features, fortunately, no White House "leaks"

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Newseum has opened a new exhibit that takes a playful look at the history of canine companions in the White House. "First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Pets" features photographs and anecdotes about more than two dozen dogs and their owners, from George Washington -- who not only owned, but also bred, dogs -- to President-elect Barack Obama, who famously promised daughters Sasha and Malia that they had "earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House."

"First Dogs" opens with a popular inside-the-beltway quote, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog," often incorrectly attributed to President Harry S. Truman. The exhibit notes that when Truman received a cocker spaniel puppy, Feller, as a Christmas present in 1947, he promptly gave the dog away to his doctor.

Other presidential pups have fared quite nicely at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., including a pair of Scottish terriers. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Fala had his own press secretary and President George W. Bush's Barney became an Internet sensation with his "Barney-cam" looks at life inside the White House.

President George H.W. Bush's English springer spaniel Millie "wrote" her own book, which became a bestseller and even outsold her owner's book.

Warren G. Harding's Airedale Laddie Boy, however, emerges as top dog among presidential pets. Laddie Boy had his own hand-carved wooden chair at Cabinet meetings. When Harding, a former newspaperman, died in office, newsboys across the country collected pennies to make a copper statue of his beloved pet.

The 40-foot-long Newseum exhibit features 24 photographs or illustrations, including the first presidential pet photograph. President Lincoln's mutt Fido was photographed in Illinois so Lincoln's sons would have a memento, since Fido was not making the trip to the nation's capital for the 1861 inauguration.

Exhibit visitors can vote for their choice of "First Dog" for the Obama family from five hypoallergenic breeds recommended by the American Kennel Club and a shelter dog.

"First Dogs" also includes a behind-the-scenes look at how President Gerald R. Ford dealt with the same issue facing President-elect Obama. Ford's photographer, David Hume Kennerly, was looking for a golden retriever for his boss in 1974 but didn't want to reveal who the owner would be. "Do they own or rent?" the breeder asked. "I guess you could say they live in public housing," Kennerly deadpanned. Ford named the dog Liberty.

"First Dogs" is scheduled to remain on display at the Newseum through March 2009. It is one of several exhibits and programs tied to the 2008 election and 2009 inauguration. The Newseum's display of Nov. 5 newspaper front pages from around the world drew thousands of visitors and international media attention. More than 700 election front pages are accessible via the "Today's Front Pages" section of A commemorative poster featuring more than two dozen of the election front pages is available in the Newseum Store.

In the News Corporation News History Gallery, visitors can see other historic election and inauguration headlines and front pages including:

RECOUNT, St. Petersburg(Florida) Times, Nov. 8, 2000
PRESIDENT ELECT KENNEDY, The Boston Globe, Nov. 5, 1960
DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN, Chicago Daily Tribune, Nov. 3, 1948
ROOSEVELT PROMISES SWIFT ACTION TO MEET NATIONAL CRISIS, Washington Times(Inauguration Day issue), March 4, 1933

Dozens of additional election front pages are featured in the searchable, digital displays of more than one thousand historic front pages in the gallery.

In the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Big Screen Theater, visitors can see "Starting Anew: Inaugural Speeches," an original Newseum production that features highlights from past inauguration day speeches.

The Newseum will be open with special post-inaugural afternoon hours on Tuesday, Jan. 20. The Newseum will open at 3 p.m. and remain open until 10 p.m. Visitors will be able to enjoy highlights from media coverage of the inauguration and parade on the 40-foot-by-22-foot high-definition media screen, participate in inauguration-themed "Be a TV Reporter" interactive stations; and view hundreds of inauguration day newspaper front pages from around the world.

The Newseum, located on historic Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., blends five centuries of news history with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on interactive exhibits. The world's most interactive museum takes visitors behind the scenes of news and instills an appreciation of the importance of a free press and the First Amendment. The Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit, is the main funder of the Newseum's operations. The Newseum, while independent of any media companies, receives additional support from foundations, media organizations and individuals.

SOURCE Newseum

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vickie Reason elected Secretary Of The Board Of Directors For NAPPS

Tucson Pet Sitter Vickie Reason Appointed to the Board of Directors of Leading Industry Association

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Vickie Reason, president of Happy Tails Pet Services in Tucson, Ariz., has been elected Secretary of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). As a member of the NAPPS Board, Reason will help shape the future agenda and direction of the association.

NAPPS is a national nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting the concept of in-home pet care, supporting the professionals engaged in at-home pet care, promoting the welfare of animals, and improving and expanding the industry of pet sitting. NAPPS provides valuable credibility, networking and education to help foster the success of their members.

The NAPPS Board of Directors is composed of pet sitters, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are leaders in the at-home pet care industry. Unlike other national associations, NAPPS is the only nonprofit association run by members, for members. In this capacity, board members are responsible for helping to shape the agenda and direction of the association, providing tools and support to foster the success of members' businesses, promoting the value of pet sitting to the public, and advocating for the welfare of animals.

"On behalf of the association, I would like to thank Vickie for her service and commitment to NAPPS," commented Candance Labane-Godfrey, current President of the association. "NAPPS is fortunate to have such a dedicated individual working to further the goals of the organization and the interests of the industry."

Happy Tails has been serving pets and pet parents since 1995 with personal and caring service. Today, Happy Tails has some 40 professional animal companions who serve 1,500 clients in the Tucson area.

For more information about Reason and Happy Tails, visit For more information about NAPPS and the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter, visit

Susan Reid Elected Treasurer of The NAPPS

Merced Pet Sitter Susan Reid Elected Treasurer of Leading Industry Association

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Susan Reid, owner of Reid's Pet Sitting in Merced, Calif., has been elected Treasurer of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). As a member of the NAPPS Board, Reid will help shape the future agenda and direction of the association.

NAPPS is a national nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting the concept of in-home pet care, supporting the professionals engaged in at-home pet care, promoting the welfare of animals, and improving and expanding the industry of pet sitting. NAPPS provides valuable credibility, networking and education to help foster the success of their members.

The NAPPS Board of Directors is composed of pet sitters, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are leaders in the at-home pet care industry. Unlike other national associations, NAPPS is the only nonprofit association run by members, for members. In this capacity, board members are responsible for helping to shape the agenda and direction of the association, providing tools and support to foster the success of members' businesses, promoting the value of pet sitting to the public, and advocating for the welfare of animals.

"On behalf of the association, I would like to thank Sue for her service and commitment to NAPPS," commented Candance Labane-Godfrey, president of the association. "NAPPS is fortunate to have such a dedicated individual working to further the goals of the organization and the interests of the industry."

Operating since 2004, Reid's Pet Sitting is a fully insured, bonded and NAPPS Certified pet sitting company serving hundreds of pet loving clients in the Merced area. An active member of the community, Reid sponsors the annual Presents 4 Pets donation drive to benefit local non-profit shelters as well as a local American Cancer Society's Relay for Life Team for the human residents of Merced. Reid also holds certification in pet CPR and pet first aid and in 2008 was presented with the President's Commitment to NAPPS Award.

"Having served on the NAPPS Board for more than two years, I am honored to be given the opportunity to continue to serve NAPPS in this new position as Treasurer, as well as the opportunity to become an even more well rounded and informed business, for my clients," said Reid. "I continue to benefit from the experiences and education NAPPS offers professional pet sitters and am eager to share, with the public, the benefits and value of the professional sitter."

For more information about Susan Reid and Reid's Pet Sitting, visit or call 209-777-0872. For more information about NAPPS and the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter, visit

Dogs Can’t Drive, Can They?

A dog named Bentley who was out sitting in a car passionately for his owner Bryan Maher out on Long Island, NY could not wait any long and decided to take drive in the coffee shop himself.

Well we all knows what happens when a dog drives. Oh Bentley drove though the patio area and into the storefront. So I guess he failed his driving lessons and will have his license revoked for that.

Read the article here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Why’s This Dog Famous

Photo by P. Kevin Morley

This little dog name Roo who is a five month old Chihuahua is one of the dogs that’s sits and waits to be adopted at the Richmond Animal League Shelter and now with his picture on the front page of a newspaper called the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

So now the world knows who Roo is and there is a list of people trying to adopt him. The director of development Susan Kelly said; we had an incredible response, He's the most popular dog in Richmond right now.

Don’t get me wrong cause I own a Chihuahua too, but why dose it take the posting of a dog on the front cover of a paper for people to come out and help rescue these poor animals that have a life sentence hanging over their heads before the are put to sleep. These dogs are only looking to find a home due to some unfortunate reason that put them their in the first place. I wonder how many people that are unable to adopt little Roo will chose to adopt another dog that’s in the shelter, or are they just wanting the dog for pride only?

Kevin M. Kilgore the chief of Hanover County Animal Control and a board member of the National Animal Control Association said; It is a national crisis, when mortgages go belly up, people are having to turn in their pets. They're going into rentals and temporary housing situations that will not accept animals.
So come on and Help Save Our Buddies

Read the article here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The DSPCA Rescue 35 Dogs From Dog Fighting Ring

Photo by

Working on a tip the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) inspectors were able to rescue thirty five dogs that were being used by a bunch of drug deals for fighting in Tallaght, S. Dublin.

There was also a report that some of the dogs were being used for badger baiting which is the cruelest type of sport that was outlawed a long time ago. The bottom line is that they fight to the end, how cruel is that.

Read the article here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well Just Maybe The Words Getting Out About Pet Adoption

Just maybe with enough of us spreading the word about pet adoption our buddies will all have a place to call home.

Down in St. Johns County Animal Control in Florida, they are saying that they are having a boom in the adoption rate with a record of one hundred and forty one animals adopted last month. While over at the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania they had forty six animals adopted.

If all the adoptions centers could pull that many adoptions like what we see here ,then just maybe all the pets will have a home. Now that would be some great news and just think maybe all the people that work so hard in these shelters can catch up on a breather… They do have a life too you know, so keep the word going and help push the word PET ADOPTION

And remember that some shelters haven't been doing too well, like the shelters for Greyhounds.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forget Bringing Me Toys, I want Dog Food

That’s just the way a little five year old named Alex Pletcher from Southampton Township, PA wanted it.
Little Alex didn’t want any toys for his birthday, this year he wanted dog food for the dog’s without mommies or daddies as Alex’s mom Rebecca said.

To read about a five year olds passion for our buddies is awesome and what a gift of love this child has given to help the dogs. I’ll bet the dogs over at the Better Days no-kill shelter were real happy too.

So a Big Thanks goes out to Alex….

Read the article by Dale Heberlig here.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Help Me I’m Stuck In A Pipe

Photo by Pat Auckeman

That’s what a dog called Lady was trying to say for a whole week until a miracle happened. A dog (basset hound) that was out walking with his owner sensed something was wrong and leads his owner to a rottweiler that had been stuck in a drainage pipe.
Now this wasn’t just any dog, it was a hundred pound dog. So you can imagine this poor big dog being stuck in a drainage pipe. It goes to show that dogs do have that natural sense or in other words that gut feeling when something is wrong.
A Thanks goes out to the Fire Fighters that help rescue our buddy from a long and lonely week of despair.

Read the article here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Town Folks Rally To Help A Disabled Vet Get Some Of His Dogs Back

This is a sad story when you read how a disabled Veteran spent what little he had just to feed and care for his dogs. And then one day the Veteran was unable to care for his buddies and he had to give them up, which must have been real hard for a guy who even slept outside with his dogs.

Now you have a town that is trying to give back the love this guy had for his dogs by helping him build a fence for the dogs and bringing food for the dogs. Now if that doesn’t make your day to read about how so many people are giving from their heart to help this guy get some of his dogs back.

Read the article by Christi Lowe here.

I Just Had To Share This Video Of A Dog

I was checking out some Blogs today and came across a post by Jennifer Viegas over at Discovery News Blog. When I read an article about a dog that knows if you have any cigarettes on you.
I must say that this video is pretty amazing too.

Read the article by Jennifer Viegas here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

OK New Jersey Go Spoil Your Pets

Morris Animal Inn Reopens as Luxury Pet Resort

Champagne Celebration for VIPs (Very Important Pets) and their People Will
Mark Grand Reopening

MORRISTOWN, N.J., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Morris Animal Inn, a 5-star
luxury resort and spa for pets, announces the completion of its
multi-million dollar expansion and renovation project. The full-service
country inn for dogs and cats offers the finest amenities for four-legged
guests anywhere -- including lodging, grooming, spa services, day care,
doggie day camp and more.

The state-of-the-art facility has doubled in size and offers a heated
indoor pool, whirlpool, pet suites with soothing music and videos,
skylights, indoor and outdoor play areas, pampering and activities
packages, daily maid and room service, Happy Hour with homemade pet treats,
tuck-in service and more.

Morris Animal Inn ( will roll out the
red carpet for a Grand Reopening Celebration for its VIPs (Very Important
Pets) and their people beginning at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 20. The
private event will feature behind-the-scenes tours, a visit from the
"Puparazzi," a bone bar for dogs, music and refreshments. The media is

The United States pet industry continues to grow. Americans will spend
$43 billion dollars on their pets this year, and $3.2 billion on boarding
and grooming -- up 7 percent from last year, according to the American Pet
Products Manufacturers Association.

"Our Inn is not a typical boarding kennel but rather a first-class
experience for companion animals," says owner Walter Morris.

Located on a quiet country lane with over 12 acres, the new facility
was designed by Morris with state-of-art engineering to provide for both
the comfort and safety of his pet guests. The facility is
climate-controlled with purified air, smoke and sprinkler systems, back-up
generators, 24-hour surveillance cameras and the capability for daily
floor-to-ceiling sanitizing for the cleanest environment. Perimeter fencing
encloses the facility.

Spacious, comfortable and affordable accommodations range from $29 to
$52 for dogs, $23 to $49 for cats, depending upon size of the pet and
season. Additional add-on services are available.

Family-owned and -operated for over four decades, the Inn was
established by Walter Morris Sr., a professional dog handler who won "Best
in Show" at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Current
owners Walter Morris Jr. and wife Marianne built the current facility in
1986 and put years of experience into transforming Morris Animal Inn into a
luxury pet resort and spa.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Additional photos available upon request.

Morris Animal Inn is a full-service, luxury pet resort for dogs and
cats located in Morristown, NJ. Established in 1960, the country inn was
recently renovated and expanded into a state-of-the-art facility that
offers lodging, spa services, grooming, day care and camp. The
award-winning Morris Animal Inn is a charter member of the Pet Care
Services Association. For more information, call 973-539-0377 or visit


Kelly G. Vanasse

or Gina Ramos
973-539-0377 ext. 15

Dickinson Police Department Shock’s Animal Shelters By Euthanasia Pets On Their Own

The Town of Dickinson’s Police Department have now become in charge of animal shelters. When I read this article it really disturbed me to think that a Police department can just go into an animal shelter and kill these dogs and cats with no regards to the employees that run these shelters.

The president of Oreo’s Animal Rescue Tara Couch said; We are shocked and dismayed by what happened.
The Vice President of Pet Project Sharon Dorval said; Our group was actually devastated and in shock when we heard the news. Words can’t even describe it, that this could happen.
The Director of Oreo’s Animal Rescue Shelly Quandt said; Some of them could have been saved.

The acting chief of police Stuart Stenberg said; We have room for seven dogs and comfortably about six or eight cats.
I wonder if this guy has any pets, I guess he really showed the little kids in the area that animals are worthless. It’s sad to say that this acting police chief had no right what so ever to take this killing in his own hands.
To top it off he went on to say; We have by ordinance, ten days to hold a pet and see if the owner comes in to claim, and if not, after ten days, it can either be adopted out or euthanized.

I don’t know about you, but if I lived in that town I would start a petition and request that officer Stuart Stenberg not only be removed from his job, also find him as unworthy of being an officer of the law.

Read the article by Ashley Martin here.

So what’s your view on this heartless guy who did this cold blooded killing to our buddies?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did You Tell Obama To Adopt A Shelter Dog Yet?

6,500 Animal Shelters Come Together for National Signature Campaign to Support Obama Adopting a Dog at a Shelter and 'Pardoning A Pooch' -

Press Conference at Los Angeles City Animal Shelter

DATE/TIME: Thursday, November 13, 10:00 A.M.

LOCATION: Los Angeles North Central Animal Care Center

13201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --, the
nation's largest non-profit pet adoption website, is spearheading a
national campaign and website called "" Using a
Barack Obama-themed campaign website and messages such as "Yes We Can
ADOPT," animal shelters around the country are gathering signatures of a
letter to be delivered to the White House in support of the President-Elect
adopting a shelter puppy. The website already had gathered over 5,000
signatures in just its first few hours.

In his first press conference, President-Elect Barack Obama stated his
interest in adopting a shelter dog, but expressed that his daughter Malia
is allergic to dogs and needs a hypoallergenic breed. Obama was concerned
that this was in conflict with his desire to adopt a dog from a shelter.
"Many pets in shelters across the nation are hypoallergenic purebreds and
mixed breeds," says David Meyer, President of "Common
hypoallergenic breeds include Poodles, Schnauzers, certain Terriers, and
mixes of those and many other breeds as well. There is no conflict at all
between needing a hypoallergenic dog and adopting from a shelter."

Obama's interest in adopting a dog has spawned an outpouring of support
in the animal welfare community and an avalanche of interest across the
country and the world. "Searches for adoptable pets have increased sharply
in the last week on our national pet-adoption website." adds Meyer.
"Certainly if the President-Elect realizes that he can easily adopt the dog
he needs from a shelter, he will inspire the whole nation to do the same,
and will help get the word out about the millions of pets in shelters who
do not get adopted each year." Meyer added with a smile, "Whether you were
a 'Bark' Obama or a 'McCainine' supporter, everybody can support shelter
pet adoption." is working with its 6,500 listed shelters to get as
many signatures as possible in the next days and weeks to impress upon
Obama the support of his adopting a dog or adopting a puppy from an animal
shelter, humane society, SPCA or pet rescue group. ( is the world's largest
nonprofit pet adoption web service, helping over 6,500 animal shelters and
pet rescue organizations find homes for pets by displaying photos and
descriptions of adoptable pets to over 1.5 million people a month seeking
to adopt a dog or adopt a cat.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can They Make The 1 Million Pet Adoption Mark

Iam’s Home For the Holiday is trying to break last year’s adoption of 491,612 pets this year with a goal of 1 Million adoptions.

There are 3371 animal shelters and pet rescue groups that have enrolled in Home 4 the Holidays. So stop buying your dogs from puppy mills and help support the cause of giving a pet a chance to have a real home.

Check out the original shelter that inspired the whole campaign:
Helen Woodward Animal Center

The Great Dane Winner Is

Photo by Sun-Times

A little thirteen year old girl named Kayla Guerrero from Romeoville, IL has been chosen as the winner by the dog owner Diane Gilbert. Kayla who has had twenty nine heart surgeries due to being born with a congenital heart was given a puppy who she now calls Peyton.

When I read this article it just shows that a girl who has been though a lot for only being thirteen has now be given a new friend that she will have on her side to share her pain and joy. We all know that a dog will always cheer us up when times are bad and to think of the love that Diana has offered by this small token of giving.

Read the article by Monifa Thomas here.

A Sad note goes out for Gus, the worlds ugliest dog who had died from cancer…

Monday, November 10, 2008

Huntsville, Alabama Gets Tough On Dog Owners

Animal Service director Dr. Karen Sheppard said; We have been discussing it for about three years with our staff, officers and supervisors. We decided we wanted to raise the minimum standard of care for dogs in the community. Huntsville has a good animal cruelty law, but we felt it wasn't enough and this will make our minimal standards very specific. Now that the Huntsville City Council has voted unanimously to pass a new updated law for our pets.

So some of the new laws now requires owners to provide their pets with a secure water bowl or container that can't be tipped over and now you must feed them with the appropriate food to maintain the dog's ideal weight. Not some cheap food that doesn’t provide good nutrition.
You must have a large enough shelter for a dog to get inside and turn around with a floor, doorway, four sides, a roof and be clean and dry, along with a whole lot more.

It was nice to read about this law, I just wish more towns would vote for these type of laws. Just maybe our buddies would get treated better.

Finish reading about all the laws that were past by Yvonne Betowt here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stem Cell to Recall

Stem Cell Therapy Available in Tulsa Private Veterinary Practice

Stem cell therapy has been adopted by Southwest Veterinary Hospital, Inc. This new technology allows a pet's own fat cells to be used to spur healing of injuries and chronic, painful conditions.

Tulsa, OK, November 08, 2008 --( Southwest Veterinary Hospital, Inc has included stem cell therapy as a means to treat injured and arthritic patients. This technology was made available to small animal veterinarians in February of 2008. In July of the same year, Dr. Keith A. Bailey became credentialed in the use of this new regenerative therapy.

“This is an exciting time for veterinarians. The new techniques and new technologies allow us to provide more options for our clients who have injured and older pets,” says Dr. Bailey. “Our ability to provide great patient care is always improving.”

Degenerative conditions, such as hip dysplasia, were once considered manageable but not reversible. It was a matter of time before the pain of the condition and the limited quality of life forced people to make hard decisions about their companions.

Using stem cells to treat ligament, tendon and arthritic conditions stimulates healthy cells to grow within the compromised area and spur regeneration. The cells are not foreign to the pet, as they are taken from the pet’s own tissue. This technology avoids both the problems of rejection and the ethical concerns that many people consider when discussing stem cell therapy.

With this new technique, patients can have lasting relief in as little as three months. The entire process takes less than a week and is an outpatient procedure. For more information on stem cells, visit


Contact Information
Southwest Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Dr. Keith Bailey

November 7, 2008 / 57(44);1200-1202

Update: Recall of Dry Dog and Cat Food Products Associated with Human Salmonella Schwarzengrund Infections --- United States, 2008

On May 16, 2008, CDC reported on a 2006--2007 multistate outbreak of infection with Salmonella enterica serotype Schwarzengrund that was associated with dry dog food (1). At the time of that report, a total of 70 cases had been reported from 19 states, with the last case identified on October 1, 2007. Subsequently, an additional case was identified on December 29, 2007. Epidemiologic and environmental investigations have suggested the source of the outbreak was dry pet food produced by one manufacturer, Mars Petcare US. This report updates the previous CDC report, provides additional epidemiologic findings, and describes additional actions taken by public health agencies and the manufacturer. In 2008, eight more cases have been reported, bringing the total number of cases in the outbreak to 79. On September 12, 2008, the company announced a nationwide voluntary recall of all dry dog and cat food products produced during a 5-month period at one Pennsylvania plant.* Dry pet food has a 1-year shelf life. Contaminated products identified in recalls might still be in the homes of purchasers and could cause illness. Persons who have these products should not use them to feed their pets but should discard them or return them to the store.

During 2006--2007, CDC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and multiple state health departments investigated reports to PulseNet† of persons infected with a strain of S. Schwarzengrund with an indistinguishable pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) pattern.§ A case was defined as a laboratory-confirmed infection with the outbreak strain of S. Schwarzengrund in a person residing in the United States who either had symptoms beginning on or after January 1, 2006, or (if the symptom onset date was unknown) had S. Schwarzengrund isolated from a specimen on or after January 1, 2006. Investigators initially identified 70 cases, mostly in children. As a result of these findings, on August 21, 2007, Mars Petcare US (referred to as manufacturer A in the May 16, 2008 report) announced voluntary recalls of selected sized bags of two brands of dry dog food, both manufactured by the company at its plant in Everson, Pennsylvania. The recall was based on microbiologic testing by FDA, which found unopened bags of the two brands contaminated with the outbreak strain. Other brands of dry dog and cat food produced at the same facility were not included in that recall. The Everson, Pennsylvania, facility ceased operations during July--November 2007 to enable cleaning, disinfection, and renovation, and resumed normal operations in mid-November 2007.

Despite the 2007 recall, the outbreak strain of S.Schwarzen-grund was isolated from eight more ill persons during January--October 2008 (Figure 1), bringing the total number of cases to 79 in 21 states (Figure 2). The ill persons were residents of Pennsylvania (three), Georgia (two), New York (two), and Texas (one). The last reported specimen collection date was September 18, 2008. The only connection between the ill persons was infection with the outbreak strain; they shared no household or family contacts.

Among the eight ill persons, five were female. Among the seven whose age was available, the median age was 8 months (range: 4 months--39 years); six persons were aged <2 years. Of five ill persons for whom clinical information was available, all five had visited a health-care professional, two had bloody diarrhea (no information on symptoms was available for the other three), and one had been hospitalized. No deaths were reported. Of six households with pet ownership known, all six had pets (i.e., dogs, cats, or both), but no illness was reported in any pet. Pets in three households were being fed a brand of dry pet food known to be produced at the Everson plant. Investigators collected seven dog stool specimens and two samples of dry dog food from the homes of two Pennsylvania patients. None of the stool specimens or dog food samples tested positive for Salmonella. Bag lot numbers and "best by" dates could not be examined in these households because the dog food had been poured into plastic containers and the bags discarded. Consequently, investigators could not be certain that the dog food from the two households had been produced at the Everson plant, and, if so, whether the dog food had been produced after the plant was reopened in November 2007 or earlier.

After additional outbreak-linked illnesses were identified in 2008, FDA conducted another investigation. In August 2008, FDA found the outbreak strain of S. Schwarzengrund in multiple brands of finished product at the plant, prompting another recall of products by Mars Petcare US. On September 12, the company announced a nationwide voluntary recall of all dry dog and cat food products produced at the Everson plant from February 18 to July 29, 2008, when production again was suspended at the plant. In addition, Mars Petcare US has taken steps to ensure that recalled products are no longer on store shelves. On October 1, the company announced that the Everson plant would be closed permanently. The FDA investigation is continuing.

Reported by: M Deasy, M Moll, MD, V Urdaneta, MD, S Ostroff, MD, Pennsylvania Dept of Health. E Villamil, MPH, P Smith, MD, New York State Dept of Health. PulseNet; C Barton Behravesh, DVM, IT Williams, PhD, Div of Foodborne, Bacterial, and Mycotic Diseases, National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Diseases, CDC.

Editorial Note:

This outbreak of human Salmonella Schwarzengrund infections has continued over a 3-year period, likely because of continued contamination in the Everson, Pennsylvania, pet food production facility. S. Schwarzengrund is a rare serotype of Salmonella. Although the outbreak PFGE pattern is the most common S. Schwarzengrund PFGE pattern in the PulseNet database, isolates with that pattern made up only 20 (4%) of the 498 S. Schwarzengrund isolates from humans submitted to PulseNet during 1999--2005, suggesting that the illnesses described in this report resulted from a common source.

Considering the wide distribution of these products and the relatively small number of cases, the attack rate for this outbreak appears to be low. However, only an estimated 3% of all Salmonella infections in the United States are laboratory confirmed and reported to surveillance systems (2). A low attack rate supports the hypothesis that infection might have resulted from practices in a limited number of households that brought humans into contact with the contaminated pet food and led to amplification of the organisms (e.g., cross-contamination in the kitchens or irregular cleaning of pet food bowls that might promote bacteria growth). In addition, the strain might primarily affect persons (e.g., young children) who are more susceptible to lower infective doses.

This outbreak is the first documented outbreak to associate human Salmonella infections with contaminated dry dog food and to trace human illness to a contaminated pet food plant. The original source of contamination and mechanisms for continued contamination in the Everson plant over a 3-year period are unknown. The absence of cases during January--March 2008 suggests that cleaning and disinfection of the plant might have had some effect. FDA is working with Mars Petcare US to better understand this problem.

Since 2006, at least 13 recall announcements involving 135 pet products (e.g., dry dog food and cat food, pet treats, raw diets, and pet supplements) have been issued because of Salmonella contamination.¶ These recalls have resulted from contamination with multiple serotypes of Salmonella and have been associated with multiple pet food manufacturing plants in the United States. Pet products typically are recalled after product testing indicates contamination with Salmonella. To date, no human illness has been associated with these other pet food recalls.

Although the last reported case in this outbreak was tested on September 18, 2008, additional cases might occur. The September 2008 recall involved approximately 23,109 tons of dry pet foods, representing 105 brands. However, dry pet food has a 1-year shelf life, and contaminated product might still be in the homes of purchasers and could produce illness.

State and local health departments that identify ill persons with the outbreak strain should query ill persons or their caregivers to find out about pet-related exposures, including brands of dry pet food used in the home. When possible, pet stool specimens and samples of dry pet food should be collected and submitted for laboratory testing. Hypothesis-generating interviews for enteric infections should routinely include questions on contact with pets and other animals, pet food, pet treats, and pet supplements.

Consumers and health departments should be aware that all dry pet food, pet treats (3), and pet supplements (4) might be contaminated with pathogens such as Salmonella, and consumers should use precautions with all brands of dry pet food, treats, and supplements. In contrast, canned pet food is unlikely to be contaminated with such pathogens because the manufacturing process should eliminate bacterial contamination. To prevent Salmonella infections, persons should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap immediately after handling dry pet foods, pet treats, and pet supplements, and especially before preparing and eating food for humans. Infants should be kept away from pet feeding areas. Children aged <5 years should not be allowed to touch or eat dry pet food, treats, or supplements.

In addition to transmission of Salmonella from contact with dry pet food, humans can acquire Salmonella infection from contact with the feces of animals that acquired Salmonella infection from contaminated dry pet food or other sources. Effective hand washing after handling pets and animal feces will prevent such infections. Persons who suspect that contact with dry pet food or pets has caused illness should consult their health-care providers. Additional information on the transmission of Salmonella from pets to humans is available at


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Food and Drug Administration. The Hartz Mountain Corporation recalls Vitamin Care for Cats because of possible health risk. Rockville, MD: Food and Drug Administration; 2007. Available at

* The list of recalled products is available at

† The national molecular subtyping network for foodborne disease surveillance.

§ XbaI pattern JM6X01.0015.

¶ Available at

Figure 1
Figure 2