Monday, October 31, 2011

Scooby-Doo Partners Up With Cesar Millan


Over 1,000 Attendees Participated in Dog-Friendly Event That was Held in Los Angeles on October 30 in Support of the Millan Foundation

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, internationally renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan, and Scooby-Doo were joined by over a thousand dogs and their loyal owners for the Scooby-Doo and Cesar Millan National Family Pack Walk on Sunday, October 30, at Lake Balboa Park in Van Nuys, CA. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the event were donated to the Millan Foundation, which strives to create and deliver community humane education programs and promote animal welfare by supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs.

As part of an ongoing partnership with Scooby-Doo and Cesar Millan, the National Family Pack Walk brought together humans and dogs for a day filled with fun activities, games, training and education. The entire experience was geared toward enhancing the relationship between owner and dog, which kicked off with a 1.5-mile Pack Walk around the lake led by Cesar and the beloved Scooby-Doo.

And the hot weather couldn’t scare away the fun – people and pups of all ages came to enjoy the Halloween-themed event. Special guests included “General Hospital” stars, Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri), actress and model Mayte Garcia (Firehouse Dog), LaMonica Garrett (Sons of Anarchy), and children’s author David Shannon (Good Boy, Fergus).

Attendees and their furry friends who needed a beat from the heat took it easy in tented areas like the Mutt-i-grees Reading Lounge, the Monsterpiece Theater screening room,the Scooby Bark-cade gaming room, Barks & Crafts area and more. Other attendees teamed up with their pooches for photo booth sessions, a “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” themed scavenger hunt, a Halloween doggie costume contest, an off-leash Bone Yard Play Yard, doggie agility demonstrations by Muttley Crew and Urban Mushing, and a meet-and-greet with Scooby and Shaggy costume characters and the Mystery Machine. A community row of “Pack Pals” highlighted animal friendly offerings from Dyson, Pedestrian Pooch Valet and the International Association of Canine Professionals. The West Valley Animal Shelter was also on hand processing pet adoptions. An afternoon raffle awarded over $2,500 in prizes, including a Cesar Millan Training Basket, Scooby-Doo toys and games, a Dyson vacuum, and an iPad sponsored by ScrollMotion.

In the Scooby-Doo screening room, fans enjoyed a preview of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group’s new Scooby-Doo release, Scooby-Doo Legend of the Phantosaur, as well as episodes from the first season of Warner Bros. Animation’s animated adventure series, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Season 2 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated is coming soon to Cartoon Network.

In the Mutt-i-grees Reading Lounge, children and their pets were treated to a special reading from author David Shannon of his best-selling children’s book, Good Boy, Fergus, in addition to Scooby-Doo storybooks and a selection of stories from local Mutt-i-grees teachers. The Mutt-i-grees Curriculum is a new, innovative program that builds on children’s affinity for animals and highlights the unique characteristics and desirability of “Mutt-i-grees,” or shelter dogs. The Reading Lounge also demonstrated the latest in Scooby-Doo technological advancement with a new storybook app, “The Haunted Halloween: A Scooby-Doo You Play Too Book” for iPad from ScrollMotion.

Free product samples of tasty Scooby snacks such as General Mills’ fruit snacks and Blue Bunny fruit ice face bars brought smiles to all participants. Lunch was served by some of LA’s most famous food trucks including Me So Hungry, Del’s Lemonade, Knockout Taco, Down Town Dogs and The Hungry Nomad.

All proceeds from the National Family Pack Walk event were donated to the Millan Foundation which provides financial support to educational programs and non-profit animal shelters and organizations engaged in the rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs. The Foundation prioritizes funding for spaying and neutering programs to help reduce or eliminate dog overpopulation and has various initiatives, such as “Shelter Stars,” “Spay & Neuter is Nothing to Whisper About,” and the “Mutt-i-grees Curriculum,” which are targeted towards the overall improved well-being of the canine community.

About Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is one of the leading licensing and retail merchandising organizations in the world.

About The Millan Foundation
On Valentine’s Day 2007, Cesar Millan officially established The Millan Foundation with the mission to create and deliver community humane education programs and promote animal welfare by supporting the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abused and abandoned dogs.

Since its inception The Millan Foundation has been creating lifelong healthy relationships between dogs and people through a series of grants to non-profit animal shelters and rescues, community education programs including The Mutt-i-Grees Curriculum, spay and neuter campaigns and emergency animal rescue through the Daddy’s Emergency Animal Rescue (DEAR) Fund. For more information visit

SCOOBY-DOO and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Hanna-Barbera.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Abandoned & Saved Dogs

More Pets Being Abandoned Due to Housing Issues


Research from animal charity the Dogs Trust has found that more people are having to abandon their pets as they are unable to find rented accommodation that accepts animals.

In the last five years, the charity has seen a 56% increase in the number of people giving their dogs to a rehoming centre due to housing issues.

The current problems in the housing market mean that many people are unable to purchase a home as it is more difficult to get a mortgage. About half of all households in the UK are thought to own a pet, but the latest figures from the Dogs Trust has found that a third of owners struggle to find accommodation which will accept them with their pet.

Nearly half (47%) of pet owners said that their letting agency didn't help them in finding pet friendly accommodation, with 29% of people choosing not to use a letting agency because they didn't believe that they would help them.

A campaign has been launched to encourage landlords consider taking pets and make it easier for house hunters to find pet friendly on accommodation websites.

Pet owners who are concerned about their dog being rejected from accommodation should look to invest in dog training supplies to help put potential landlords' minds at rest. The Dogs Trust says that landlords should be encourage to meet a pet before refusing to let a property to an owner as it can put most of their fears to rest.

75% of tenants are willing to pay to have carpets or soft furnishings cleaned after the tenancy has finished, and if a dog is well trained using dog training leads and always wears dog collars, a landlord should have no objections to letting a property to a tenant with a pet.

Diseased Dogs Rescued From Dinner Plates in China

BEIJING -- Hundreds of dogs who narrowly escaped the fate of being on a restaurant menu two weeks ago, received emergency vaccinations today provided by the International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW ( At the same time, IFAW issued an open letter to the Chinese authorities, calling for enforcement of health and quarantine regulations to prevent the illegal, unsafe and inhumane inter-province transport of dogs for human consumption.

On October 14, concerned residents intercepted a truck packed with more than 800 dogs in Zigong, Sichuan province heading to Guangxi for slaughter. The dogs were cramped into 100 cages without food or water for three to four days.

Veterinarians conducted health examinations and found the dogs were not only suffering from various degrees of dehydration, fractures and trauma, but many were also infected with potentially lethal infectious diseases, such as canine distemper and Parvovirus and serious illnesses caused by fungi and mites. Twenty-seven dogs have died so far due to injury and disease.

"The transport of live animals in urban and rural areas carries a high risk of spreading infectious diseases to both animals and people. It also brings great challenges to the prevention of epidemics," said Dr. Kati Loeffler, IFAW's Veterinarian Advisor. "It poses a direct threat to human health and public safety."

IFAW questions the mishandling of the case by local authorities who failed to uphold existing regulations to ensure public safety. In a letter to authorities, IFAW appeals for strengthening existing regulation to protect companion animals from the illegal meat trade and advocates for the anti-cruelty legislation to protect all animals, including dogs and cats.

"This is the second time this year that concerned citizens have intercepted companion animals headed for slaughter – showing that times are changing," said Grace Gabriel, IFAW's Asia Regional Director. "The Chinese public is speaking up and taking action against animal cruelty. IFAW's team on the ground will continue to call for China's laws to catch up with the growing desires of Chinese people for greater dog protection."

About IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare)
Founded in 1969, IFAW saves animals in crisis around the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

SOURCE International Fund for Animal Welfare

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Arrest Animal Torturer

This sick animal torturer named Daniel Wright Jr. from Harvey, LA has been arrested by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's for inflicting some sick things to animals has now been charged with ten counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said : Wright set the animals on fire, cut off their body parts and shoved items into their anuses. One cat was euthanized because of its injuries. This young man has issues, serious issues.

This sick o is sitting in jail now with a million dollar bond which I hope he doesn’t ever make for what he did to these animals. You can only wonder why this kid did this to these animals but maybe we will never know.

The director of the parish animal shelter Robin Beaulieu said: most of the tortured animals survived, although one was euthanized. Some animals fully recovered with little scarring, while others suffered serious disfigurements. Some of the animals were injured so badly, they could not walk.

Read the article by Allen Powell II here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's Dog Video: Soccer Dog

This video is pretty cool to watch when the dog stops all play in the field and the crowd goes wild.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mars Veterinary Come Out With An Optimal Selection DNA Test

Novel New Dog DNA Test Turns Breeders Into Genetic Matchmakers

-- Optimal Selection™ from Mars Veterinary™ Poised to Make Long-Term Positive Impact on the Health of the Worlds Dog Population --

Dog breeders in the United States and abroad now have access to a first-of-its-kind tool that will help them make better educated decisions on optimal breeding matches based on science. Mars Veterinary, the global leader in canine genetic breed identification, announced today the introduction of Optimal Selection, a DNA test that is expected to help breeders avoid many health problems associated with inbreeding while still being able to select the physical and behavioral traits that are important to them.

Changing In-Breeding to Out-Breeding

For centuries, dedicated breeders have worked to improve the temperament, conformation, and health of their purebred dogs. However, this can cause a decrease in genetic diversity leaving the breeding community to contend with concerns such as smaller litter size, puppy mortality, and other health issues, in addition to a negative consumer perception around breeding practices.

Optimal Selection will help breeders make better educated decisions on breeding matches based on science. Breeders can make a preliminary assessment of a number of dogs based on their respective breeding goals. When the list has been narrowed to the top candidates, they can then use Optimal Selection to help make their final breeding decision. This new test uses a small blood sample to analyze and compare chromosomes of potential breeding pairs. By comparing the potential sire and dam's chromosomal similarities and differences, the breeder is given the opportunity to diversify the genetic makeup of their puppies and reduce the risk of recessive medical conditions while still being able to select for the physical and behavioral traits that are important to them. The analysis provided by Optimal Selection utilizes a scoring system based on the dog's DNA that can be compared across multiple potential pairings. Each potential mate will be given a breeding score based on the compatibility of the chromosomes analyzed. The lower the score, the more likely it is that these dogs will produce puppies with the desired traits while limiting their disease risk. Everyone benefits as a result of this test.

"We have leveraged our extensive knowledge of the genetic structures across breeds to closely examine the DNA of dogs within each breed and help owners take their breeding programs to the next level," said Dr. Angela Hughes, Veterinary Genetics Research Manager at Mars Veterinary. "Optimal Selection has the potential to transform dog breeding so that the genetic diversity within a breed or family line can be protected and maximized, which can make a tangible, long-term positive impact on the health and wellness of these wonderful dogs. Dogs, breeders and owners -- everyone is better off!"

Optimal Selection Puppies Poised for Champion Status

Among the first breeders to benefit from using Optimal Selection was Woodland, Wash.-based Miriam Couto. She has bred Dandie Dinmont Terriers for over 10 years and has now produced three litters with Optimal Selection. Three puppies from those litters are actively competing and doing very well in American Kennel Club conformation shows; one of which has become a champion and achieved three Terrier group wins at only 7 months of age.

"Optimal Selection helps breeders dedicated to selecting the best for both their program and their breed. We already select for best possible type, temperament, health, and soundness," said Miriam Couto. "Now, using Optimal Selection, we have a brilliant means for choosing genetic diversity as well. This is thrilling especially for breeders passionate about numerically endangered breeds and their overall health and wellness. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

Mars' Science behind Optimal Selection

Mars Veterinary's canine DNA analyses are based on more than a decade of extensive research, drawing from the expertise of leading scientists, veterinarians, universities and breed organizations throughout the world and the Waltham® Center. This science has also yielded Wisdom Panel Insights, the most comprehensive swab-based mixed breed dog DNA analysis on the market and Wisdom Panel™ Professional, the only blood-based dog DNA analysis available exclusively through veterinarians, as well as the new Wisdom Panel Purebred and Designer Dog tests.

About Mars Veterinary™

Mars Veterinary is a division of MARS® Incorporated, a company known for innovative consumer and pet food brands that are trusted by people around the world. Its mission is to facilitate responsible pet care by enlightening pet owners and communities with valuable insights into their pets as individuals through innovative, science-based discoveries. For more than a decade, Mars Veterinary has researched and developed state-of-the-art genetic tests for mixed-breed dogs, revolutionizing personalized pet care. By discovering a dog's ancestry, pet owners and veterinarians can work together to tailor wellness programs that fit the needs of a dog. For more information, visit

SOURCE Mars Veterinary

Is The Ukrainian’s Barbarically Killing Dogs

What is being called the barbaric killing of the stray dogs in the cities of Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv before the Euro 2012 soccer championship game. Everyone is accusing the government and the animal control officials for the mass killing of the stray dogs by poisoning them.

The head of the Ukrainian Association of Animal Protection Organizations Asya Serpinska said: It's a slaughterhouse, we are convinced that there is an unofficial order to purge Euro cities of stray animals so that, God forbid, some stray dog doesn't bite some foreigner.

A press attaché at the U.S. Embassy named James Wolf after losing his dog to poison said: It was very upsetting, If something like this happened in the United States or Western Europe, I would imagine the outcry would be sufficient so that somebody gets to the bottom of it and makes sure it stops.

Yes they all are denying the use of poison but the AP has proof of the purchase of zinc phosphate that is used to kill the dogs in a inhumane way.

Read the article by Svetlana Fedas & the AP here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

North Carolina Dog Thieves On The Loose

Apparently there are three dog thieves running around in Moore County that are posing as animal control agents. So why would anybody be out stealing dogs when the animal shelters are so full of abandoned pets.

The Animal Control Officer Frank Ringelberg said: We believe they are trying to steal dogs, but we are unsure of the reason why. They are really trying to impersonate an animal control officer. Each one of the men was driving a white truck with dog cages in the back.

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help in arresting these three dog thieves. @ 910-947-2931

Read the article by Tom Embrey here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It Took A Video To Help Save An Abused Dog

When a neighbor had seen enough they decided to video tape an animal abuser and posted it on the web. After viewers had seen the video they wanted to take revenge out on the owner of the dog for abusing the dog.

The police were called to the house in Grimsby, north-east Lincolnshire after the dog’s owner was assaulted and they removed the dog who was taken to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, in Grimsby.

The manager of the Blue Cross animal hospital in Grimsby Antony Hall said: This poor dog has been through a terrible ordeal and was clearly shaken when he was brought to the Blue Cross to be checked over by our vets.

Yes things might have gotten out of hand for this animal abuser but if more people videotaped these animal abusers they might think twice before they abused their pets.

Read the article by Nick Enoch here.

Two Arrested For Burying A Dog Alive

Just when you thought that you read it all about animal abuse you come across an article where two janitors who worked at a school in Khayelitsha, South Africa buried a dog alive.

Luckily someone called the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha and they were able to save the dog who is now being called Warrior.

Photo by Mdzananda Animal Clinic

The spokeswoman for the International Fund for Animal Welfare said: Veterinarian Dr Edson Man’Ombe and Animal Welfare carer Lazola Sotyingwa immediately rushed to the school and apprehended two janitors on the school field. The men initially claimed the dog was dead, but on further questioning admitted the animal was still alive when they buried it. The dog's fine. It's in good condition. It's eating ravenously now. The dog is slightly disabled, probably as a result of earlier injuries from a motor vehicle accident. It is limping quite badly. It’s got a lot of sand in its eyes and they'll continue to flush it out.

Read the article by Michelle Jones here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Experimental Lymphoma Vaccine For Dogs

The Efficacy Of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Vaccine Demonstrated On Dogs

An experimental vaccine developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine is the first veterinary cancer vaccine of its kind that shows an increase in survival time for dogs with spontaneous non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The work shows for the first time the feasibility and therapeutic efficacy of this alternative cell-based vaccine, which could be employed in the treatment of a number of different cancer types.

The research was conducted by Nicola Mason, assistant professor of medicine at Penn Vet; Robert H. Vonderheide, associate professor of hematology and oncology at the Perelman School of Medicine; and Karin U. Sorenmo, associate professor of oncology at Penn Vet. Erika Krick, Beth Overley and Thomas P. Gregor of Penn Vet and Christina M. Coughlin of the School of Medicine also contributed to the research.

Their work was published in the open access journal PLOS ONE.

The team recruited dogs that were brought to Penn's Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital with newly diagnosed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to receive the experimental vaccine following standard induction chemotherapy and confirmation of clinical remission. The goal of the study was to determine whether the vaccine would prevent or prolong time to a relapse, a common scenario in both humans and dogs with NHL.

"We vaccinated dogs, which were in clinical remission following chemotherapy, three times," Mason said. "We then tracked them over several years to see if the vaccine would prevent relapse and would prolong overall survival.

"We found that, although the vaccinated dogs still relapsed with clinical disease when they were treated with rescue chemotherapy, they had significantly increased overall survival times when compared to an unvaccinated control group. Some of these dogs are still alive and cancer free more than three years later.

"The results with these dogs indicate that our immunotherapy and rescue chemotherapy appear to act synergistically to prevent a second relapse - a phenomenon that has been previously recognized in human patients treated with other types of immunotherapy," she said.

Previous cell based vaccines have utilized genetically engineering dendritic cells - which are part of the immune system - to stimulate immune responses against cancers. Similar to using weakened viruses in traditional vaccines, scientists load these cells with tumor proteins and inject the cells back into the patient's body. Such cell-based vaccines are already being used to treat prostate cancer in humans, but engineering these cells is expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, patients must also endure long, leukapheresis sessions in which the necessary dendritic cells are harvested from their blood.

The Penn team hypothesized that another kind of immune cell, B-cells, could work just as well under the right conditions. Unlike dendritic cells, many B-cells can be grown from a small blood sample, removing the requirement for leukapheresis.

Mason's team made the vaccine by culturing B-cells from the blood taken from the dogs with NHL. These cells were then loaded with RNA that had been isolated from the patient's own tumor.

The results were impressive.

"Though vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs relapsed with clinical disease at the same time, 40 percent of vaccinated dogs that relapsed experienced long-term survival after a second round of chemotherapy; only 7 percent of unvaccinated dogs that relapsed and were treated with the same rescue chemotherapy protocol survived long term," Mason said. "Furthermore, when the vaccinated long-term survivors did eventually die, they showed no evidence of lymphoma on full necropsy."

While the molecular mechanisms responsible for these observed synergistic effects are currently unknown, Mason believes that the vaccine-primed immune system may be boosted by the effects of rescue chemotherapy leading to long term second remissions.

Though the increases in long-term survival are already unprecedented and the proof-of-concept for B-cell-based cancer vaccines represents a step forward in cell-based vaccine development, future research could have even more exciting results.

"These dogs just received three doses of vaccine, three weeks apart. If we kept boosting the immune system in this way by vaccination, perhaps the dogs would not relapse in the first place" Mason said.

Work is now underway to streamline B-cell vaccine generation and initiate further clinical trials aimed at optimizing this novel cell-based approach.

Article by Medical News Today

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Torture Camp For Animals Owner Gets Sentenced

After being charged with eighteen counts of aggravated animal cruelty and eighteen counts of animal torture the owner of the Muddy Paws animal shelter in Deer Park, MN Diane Eldrup has been sentenced.

The Lake County Circuit Judge James Booras said: It takes a certain mean spirit, a certain meanness of heart. She was running a concentration camp for dogs, taking those dogs in so that she could kill them.

The Assistant State's Attorney Suzanne Willett said: The defendant has been hiding and killing dogs far longer than the evidence of trial. ... She starved them to death. She prolonged their suffering, this was a torture camp for animals and she was a prison guard.

I don't understand how anybody who would run an animal shelter would do this to the dogs. This animal abuser is one sick person who didn't get enough time for what see did to these poor dogs.

Read the article by Beth Kramer here.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sicko Feed Dog Chicken With Pins In It

Why would anybody through pieces of chicken with pins in it in some ones yard. That what the Papillion , NE Police would like to know when the Vanden Hull’s dog eat a piece of chicken that was in their back yard.

So luckily this little dog named Molly is Ok after having four pins in her stomach and with the help of Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital the dog is doing fine. Hopefully the police will find the sick o before more dogs are injured by eating these things.

Read the article by LeAnne Morman here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It Called Dude Vs Maggie

This a pretty good video showing that a little dog isn't afraid of a bigger dog.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nevada’s New Cooney's Law And Almost 100 Saved Dogs

A hoarder from Burien, Washington has had one hundred dogs remover from two different places by the King County Sheriffs and the animal control officers after they received a tip. The sad part is that ten of the dogs had to be killed, so why did this person have so many dogs and no one ever said anything until the other day.

Now the Regional Animal Services of King County and the Burien's Community Animal Resource and Education Society are looking for help in donations and adoptions of these dogs.

Read the article here.

Nevada’s new law called Cooney’s Law will be going in effect tomorrow morning which makes aggravated and intentional animal cruelty a felony crime.

A shelter manager for the SPCA of Northern Nevada named Holly Natwora said: Passing that law is a huge accomplishment, Cooney put a story and a face on the bill and I think that's why it passed. She didn't die in vain. She has a legacy now.

This law all started because an animal abuser named Raymond Rios cut his dogs stomach open with a box cutter.

Anybody who does something this sick should be locked up for a long time.

Read the article by Frank X. Mullen Jr. here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rescued Dogs, Amazing Dog and A Shelter In Need

The Rowan County had to get a warrant to save one hundred and eighteen dogs that were living in unacceptable conditions at a woman named Pat Blevins trailer. The Save The Animals of Rown have taken the poor dogs that were so bad they even had mold growing on them.

A volunteer from Save The Animals of Rown named Shannon Malone said: Horrifying, overwhelming - panic is going to set in soon of what are we going to do with all these dogs. At this point, we have a partnership with law enforcement. Our goal is to take care of the dogs. Their goal is to figure out what they have so now at this point the prosecutor needs to step in and he figures out what we got.

This is so sad even after this animal abuser was let off the hook back in two thousand and four for animal cruelty. Hopefully this time she will have to pay for all these poor dogs would live in misery. So now the shelter is going to need all the help they can get to adopt all these dogs.

Read the article here.

Amazingly a dog named Rocky from Shelton, Conn. was able to survive a deadly day of terror when a nut case named Kenneth Fox tried to kill his dog while killing his wife and himself. Who would have thought that after fifteen stab wounds this dog has survived with the help of Shelton Animal Hospital.

Dog survives 15 stab wounds:

The Shelton Animal Hospital Doctor named Danna Torre said: About six days ago he was taken in for a thoracotomy, and his chest was explored, and we found that the one chest wound was extremely deep through the body wall, through the ribs, and cut through a lung, and that lung lobe was removed, his chest cavity was sealed up, and he has done incredibly well. After everything he has been through, he has been so easy to work with, he is such a loving dog, he wags his tail all the time, and the public has given donations from all over Connecticut, people calling, trying to help.

I feel for this family on the tragedy they have gone though it is so heartbreaking to read, what had happened on the day.

Read the article by Bob Wilson here.

With a twenty five hundred dollar reward being posted by the Humane Society for the villain who abandoned two dogs in Rocky Mount, NC over the weekend.

Kim Alboum from the Humane Society said: We do see animals like this, but they're in hoarding conditions or puppy mills. But they could have just been with a family that couldn't have taken care of them too. The level of neglect this dog has experienced is absolutely horrific.

So now that Marley and Charlie are in good hands hopefully they will be adopted to a loving home.

Read the article by Kelli O’Hara here.

Will the Alameda Animal Shelter survive the ax with the cities shortfall budget this year. The group is worried that they will no longer be in business without an agreement and donations to help them survive.

So they are asking for your support by sending an e-mail @ telling them you support the shelter and don’t want to see them close.

Read the article here.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two In Cincinnati, OH Charged With Dog Fighting

The Blue Ash Police and the County Swat along with the USDA have raided two animal abusers named William Stone Jr. and Michael J, Ellsworth home where they found fourteen pit bulls that were being used in dog fighting.

The Blue Ash Police Chief Chris Wallace said: Shoulder area, legs. A lot of the dogs had scars on their facial and neck area, which could be consistent with dogs that get into a fight.

Now the two will be facing cruelty to animals and dog fighting charges along with a few other charges. It’s such a shame that these dogs were being used for fighting and not being an owners pet.

Read the article here.

Update: Michael Ellsworth Get Bail Set At $2000

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Break In, Abandon, Survival And Amazing Dog News

How could anybody break into an animal shelter and steal their money. Thats what the police and the Cookeville-Putnam Animal Shelter in Tenn. would like to know when someone took about three hundred dollars from their donation box last Friday night.

Read the article here.

Another sick person who left their two dogs to die when they moved out. It all happened in New Bedford, Mass when a pit bull was found that jumped out of the third floor trying to get some food to eat.

A tenant who lived in the building named Michael Acevedo said: When the dog fell out the window, we saw how skinny it was. It was horrible. It was horrible to see, it looked like it was starving for months. I don't even know how it's alive.

So now the poor dog has a broken hip from the fall and the owner of this dog is nowhere to be found. I only hope that the police find the animal abuser and makes them pay and hopefully the dog recovers from its injury.

Read the article by Katie Davis here.

Can the Oakville and Milton Humane Society animal shelter in Canada survive with this ringworm outbreak that has been going on since September Ninth. It looks like hard times are coming on figuring out where to put the two hundred animals that are quarantined after twenty two cats had become infected with the ringworm.

So if you can offer some help in the funding or even know where they could use a warehouse or something to help put the other dogs in to keep the shelter running they would be grateful.

Read the article by Laura Stone here.

For a little good news at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge national finals that was held in Gray Summit, Missouri has a new record when a dog named Vee Bee was able to jump thirty one feet and eight inches.

That sure was one long jump for this Belgian Malinois who is one happy dog.

Read the article here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's That Time Again: Iams Home 4 The Holidays


Iams Home 4 the Holidays, one of the world’s largest pet adoption programs, kicks off its annual adoption drive today in partnership with Helen Woodward Animal Center, with the goal of finding homes for 1.5 million orphaned pets. Now in its 13th year, the program, which runs from October 1, 2011 through January 3, 2012, has helped 5.8 million pets find loving homes across the globe. This year, Iams and Helen Woodward Animal Center will again team up with more than 3,500 animal organizations worldwide to encourage pet adoption. In addition, Iams will also donate 5 million meals to animals in need at adoption and rescue centers through its Bags 4 Bowls program.

“Each year, as many as 4 million orphaned dogs and cats are euthanized due to shelter overcrowding – that is approximately one pet every eight seconds,” said Mike Arms, founder of the adoption drive and president of Helen Woodward Animal Center. “Since partnering with Iams on the adoption drive 13 years ago, we have really seen the benefit of what this program can do for orphaned animals, and the families who adopt.”

While finding loving homes for orphaned pets is critical and the core of the program, the campaign is also designed to provide shelters and rescue centers with much needed food donations. With the help of consumers, the Iams Bags 4 Bowls program aims to donate 5 million meals to animals housed in participating organizations. Consumers can lend a hand by simply:

· Visiting the Iams Facebook page and clicking to “Like” the page or various messages, photos, videos, etc. For each “Like” comment, photo posted, etc., Iams will donate meals.

· Becoming a fan of the Iams Facebook page ( and creating a custom adoption announcement or holiday card to share the news of their new four legged family member or just send a season's greeting to their family and friends. For each card created and shared, Iams will donate meals.

· Purchasing specially-marked packages of Iams dog or cat food during the duration of the campaign. For every specially-marked package sold, Iams will donate one bowl of food* to a participating Iams Home 4 The Holidays animal organization.

New to the program this year are campaign ambassadors, NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman, and his wife, Krissie. The Newmans, who founded the Ryan Newman Foundation to educate and encourage people to spay or neuter their pets and to adopt animals from shelters and rescue centers, have joined Iams in their mission to help animals in need this holiday season.

“As proud pet parents to five incredible animals, we are honored to join with Iams Home 4 the Holidays to find permanent homes to loving animals,” said Ryan Newman. Krissie Newman added, “We truly believe that the real reward is when the pet adopts you and we invite everyone to join the millions of families who’ve already experienced the joy of animal adoption through this program.”

Iams Home 4 the Holidays strives to educate about the importance of adoption so that every pet adopted goes to a permanent, loving home. Those who adopt through the program will receive an Iams adoption kit loaded with important information about nutrition, training and proper care to ensure their relationship with the new animal starts off on the right paw.

“Since its inception, Iams Home 4 the Holidays has seen 5.8 million pets find loving, forever homes and that truly is a gift that keeps on giving,” said Maria Beatriz Rodriguez, Iams general manager. “We recognize that not everyone is in the position to welcome a pet into their home. However, we still want to empower consumers to get involved and our Bags 4 Bowls program enables people to do just that.”

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About Iams Home 4 the Holidays (IH4TH)

As one of the most successful pet adoption programs in the world, IH4TH partners with thousands of animal organizations dedicated to finding forever homes for orphaned pets. Founded by Helen Woodward Animal Center and supported by Iams, IH4TH began in 1999 with just 14 participating animal shelters in San Diego County. Since it began 13 years ago, IH4TH – along with more than 3,500 pet adoption centers – has helped 5.8 million families experience the joy of pet adoption, including nearly 1.1 million pet adoptions from 2010. For more information, please visit

About Helen Woodward Animal Center

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private, non-profit organization where “people help animals and animals help people.” Founded in 1972 in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., the Center provides services for more than 57,000 people and thousands of animals annually through adoptions, educational and therapeutic programs both onsite and throughout the community.. Helen Woodward Animal Center is also the creator of the international Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption drive and the Animal Center Education Services program, teaching the business of saving lives to animal welfare leaders from around the world.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

You Would Think That It Was An Honor To Have A K9 Dog As Your Partner

Most Police Officers know that they are honored to be the one who’s partner is a K9 dog but this office named Bob Diorio from the Tinley Park Police department in Illinois thinks that he should be paid more for working with his partner.

So now this police office is disgracing that honor to serve with a K9 dog. What has become of the guy who has turned his job into greed and has shown that his partner is nothing but doggy care? Yes that’s what he suing for doggy care.

This is just sad that this specially trained dog Thor has a partner like that.

Read the article by Ashley Rueff here.