Friday, July 31, 2009

ASPCA Finally Arrest NY Dog Thrower

Photo by the NY Daily News

It took a little while but the ASPCA has finally arrested the guy named Fabian Henderson for throwing his dog Oreo off a roof six stories high.

Joseph Pentangelo from the ASPCA said: Because of the amount of trauma she went through, there were a number of breaks and noting that nothing broke the poor pup's fall. Oreo is continuing to recover under the ASPCA's care.

Read the article by John Lauinger here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Dublin Dog Foundation Successfully Completes 2009 Let Freedom Bark Ride; Exceeds Fundraising Goals

The Dublin Dog Foundation Awards Funds to Canine Assistants
to sponsor a service dog for North Carolina Cerebral Palsy Patient

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 30, 2009) - The Dublin Dog Foundation, the non-profit branch of Dublin Dog Co., Inc., which helps foster the therapeutic and service roles of dogs in the development, support, and inspiration they provide to their human companions, successfully completed the 2009 Let Freedom Bark Ride fundraising initiative and exceeded the fundraising goal of $20,000 in an effort to sponsor the life of a service dog for an individual in need.

The Dublin Dog Foundation teamed up with Canine Assistants to select Winston-Salem, N.C., resident Terry Montgomery, who has Cerebral Palsy, to receive the sponsored service dog, Butterball. The funds raised covered all the costs associated with the training, graduation, food and medical bills for Butterball's lifetime.

"Our fundraising efforts came to fruition when the Dublin Dog Foundation team watched as Terry was presented with her new service dog at the Canine Assistants graduation ceremony on July 23rd," said Jason Watson, founder of the Dublin Dog Foundation and CEO of Dublin Dog Co. "We were met with an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment knowing that Butterball would not only be a companion for Terry, but would also provide the mobility and freedom that her disease has denied her for so long. Butterball could not have come at a more perfect time in Terry's life as her daughter will be leaving for college this fall and she will now be able to live independently and with confidence."

Fundraising efforts surrounding the campaign included the 2009 Let Freedom Bark charity ride, the national raffle for the official Dublin Dog Foundation Dream Bike and Sidecar, and over two-dozen fundraising events. The 2009 Let Freedom Bark charity ride from Charlotte, N.C. to Washington, D.C., kicked off on the 4th of July and covered over 400miles of side roads in an effort to raise awareness and support for the campaign. The national raffle for the official, custom fabricated Dublin Dog Foundation Dream Bike and Sidecar, brought in over 2,100 entries valued at $5 per entry. Winston Salem, NC resident, Joy Adams, was hand selected by fellow Winston-Salem resident Terry, to win the official Bike and Sidecar with a value of over $3,000.

Thank you to our sponsors:
American Pet Cross
Presbyterian Endocrinology and Osteoporosis Consultants
Go To Team

About Dublin Dog
With "You should be so lucky"™ as its company motto, Dublin Dog is committed to pampering pets and their owners everywhere by producing accessories that blend hip style and function. Founded in 2007 in Charlotte, N.C., by passionate dog owner Jason Watson, Dublin Dog is the creator of the original "All Style, No Stink" 100% waterproof dog collar, as well as a complete line of colorful and stylish leashes, dog tags, and fashion-forward t-shirts for owners. The Dublin Dog Foundation, the non-profit branch of Dublin Dog, was created in 2008 to foster the therapeutic and service roles of dogs in the development, support, and inspiration they provide to their human companions. Dublin Dog products are sold online at, as well as in fine pet stores and boutiques throughout the U.S and abroad.

Lisa Conover
Sylvia Henry

Dog Cruelty To Dog Fighting And The Ones That Were Saved

After a two month long investigation the police finally arrested Donna Mungo from Medford, NY for torturing and injuring her dogs and charged her with four counts yesterday. It all started when Mungo dropped off one of her dogs at a shelter that was in bad shape saying that she found the dog.

How cruel can you get to do something like that and let your dogs starve. Thanks to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter the dogs are improving.

Read the article by Carl MacGowan here.

While over in Pittsburgh, PA the police are putting together arrest warrants for those who were involved with the dog fighting ring that they busted in Larimer. After the police found ten dogs, one dead dog during their raid along with steroids and antibiotics that were used to treat the dogs.

We all know the Pennsylvania has some tuff laws on animal cruelty and some of the charges will be a felony which fits the bill.

Read the article here.

One of the dogs that Michael Vicks used in his dog fighting rings has became a star with the help of Sharon Cornett who rescued the poor dog. The dog named Gracie will be getting a special recognition from the Justice Department at an awards ceremony honoring the men and women who helped in the seizure of the Michael Vick dogs.

Sharon Cornett said: When I look at Grace I often say to myself I wish she could talk to tell us what really happened.

I wish the dog could talk too, we would probably hear a lot of things that are still unknown from the fighting days. I bet Vick is glad the dog isn’t able to talk.

Read the article by Tara Morgan here.

Arkansas SB77 Animal Cruelty Bill Starts Tomorrow

Here is a copy of the bill that was past making the state of Arkansas the 46 state to make animal cruelty a felony charge.


Wednesday, Jan 14, 2009
Looks for Swift Passage of Landmark Legislation

LITTLE ROCK– Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel discussed details and distributed copies of his animal cruelty bill for the first time with the media and general public. Senate Bill 77 is sponsored by Senator Sue Madison-(D-Fayetteville) and Representative Pam Adcock (D-Little Rock). At the time the bill was filed, the bill listed 38 co-sponsors in the House and 20 co-sponsors in the Senate.

“We stand here today as the result of 10 months of hard work, over 50 drafts, and the dedicated contributions of many people and organizations,” McDaniel said. “It is important to note that a majority of the members of both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees are included as co-sponsors, as they will be most likely to control the bill’s fate.”

SB 77 will make aggravated cruelty to a dog, cat or horse, a Class D Felony on the first offense. Currently, animal cruelty, no matter what the degree, is punishable by a fine of no more than $1,000 and a jail term of no more than 1 year. When SB 77 becomes law, offenders will face a fine up to $10,000 and up to six years in prison. Staggered penalties for subsequent misdemeanors will also be in place for those who are guilty of cruelty to any animal.

SB 77 also addresses the link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse. The proposed legislation will tack on an additional 5 years in prison for anyone convicted of torturing an animal in the presence of a child.

The bill will also make all forms of animal fighting a felony. Currently, only dog fighting is a felony in Arkansas.

"I would like to thank everyone who participated in the process of crafting this legislation over the past 10 months," said Senator Sue Madison. "I would also like to point out that we would not be here today if it were not for the many dedicated Arkansans who never quit pushing for this legislation."

"As someone who has spent countless hours over many years working on this issue, I am so pleased to be here today. I appreciate the Attorney General's leadership as well as his patience working on this issue,” said Representative Pam Adcock. “This is long overdue, and I look forward to working with my colleagues as we pass this bill."

Statistics related to animal cruelty and a list of organizations that support the legislation are attached.

• Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

• Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association

• Arkansas Pork Producers Association

• The Arkansas Poultry Federation

• Arkansas Chamber of Commerce/Associated Industries of Arkansas

• Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association

• Arkansas Sheriff's Association

• Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police

• Arkansas Farm Bureau

• Humane Society of the United States

• No Chance Arkansas Rescue

• All About Labs Rescue

• Out of the Woods Rescue

• Golden Retrievers Rescue

• Pulaski County Humane Society

• Saline County Humane Society

• Last Chance Arkansas Rescue

• Catfish Farmers of Arkansas

• Rescue Wranglers

• Feline Rescue and Rehome (FuRR)

• Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners

• Arkansas Cattlemen's Association

Fact Sheet: Animal Cruelty & Other Criminal Behavior

• Of 332 animal cruelty arrests, 70% of suspects had arrests for other felonies, including two homicides; 86% had multiple arrests; 70% had narcotics arrests of which 68% were for sales or trafficking; 65% were arrested for battery-related violent offenses; 27% for firearms violations; 13% for sex crimes; and 59% were gang members.

• Of 354 serial murderer profiles, 75, or 21%, were known to have committed animal cruelty, and authors speculated that more may have committed unreported incidents of animal cruelty. The authors studied five serial killers in depth (Carroll Edward Cole, Jeffery Dahmer, Edmund Kemper, Henry Lee Lucas, and Arthur Shawcross), and found that each killer turned to animals to revenge their rage and humiliation. The persons who caused the frustration were seen as too powerful to hurt, so they chose animals because they were viewed as weak and vulnerable, to later repeat the patterns of their animal cruelty against human victims.

• A Massachusetts study of 153 animal abusers found that 70% were arrested for other crimes within 10 years of their animal cruelty arrest: 38% for violent crimes; 44% for property crimes; 37% for drug offenses; and 37% for disorder offenses.

• Up to 75% of domestic violence victims report that their partners threatened or killed family pets.

• In a 1997 survey, 85% of the 50 largest shelters for battered women in the United States said clients discussed incidence of pet abuse in the family. Overall, 71% of women and 63% of children entering the shelters reported that animals had been the target of violence.

• A “gold standard” study that sought to identify risk factors for intimate partner violence found that pet abuse was one of four. The study was conducted between 1994-2000 in 11 USA metropolitan cities with 3,637 women as subjects and 845 participated as a case control.

• In Wisconsin, 68% of battered women with pets reported that their animals had also been abused. Of these incidents, 75% occurred in the presence of children.

• A New Jersey study found that animal abuse had occurred in 88% of homes being investigated for physical child abuse. In one third of the families, the children had abused the animals.

• Childhood acts of animal abuse is one of the earliest indicators for a diagnosis of conduct disorder, often beginning as young as age six and a half.

• More than 13% of children entering shelters for battered women reported that they had hurt pets, and 7.9% said they had hurt or killed animals. 50% said they had protected their pet by intervening against the abuser.

• In December 2008, DEA officials busted a Mexican drug cartel heavily involved in a cockfighting ring in the Nashville, TN area. Authorities confiscated weapons, hundreds of pounds of marijuana.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They Were Suppose To Help The Rescue Dogs And Not Steal The Money Too

Troy Jackson and Jessica Kromer from Sheraden, PA were suppose to help the Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue by helping adopt dogs out. Well it didn’t go away like that, this couple not only kept the money from the dogs they adopted out they also were charged with cruelty to animals.

You would have thought that a couple who offers their time to help out adopting dogs to new homes that they must be some nice people right. Well the Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue staff sure got a rude awakening when they first discovered what was really going on behind closed doors.

I feel so bad for these poor dogs that were only waiting to find a new home and to be treated like that is a total disgrace.

Read the article by Jerome L Sherman here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The ASPCA Makes A Comment On Michael Vicks

ASPCA Issues Comment on Reinstatement of Michael Vick to NFL

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today issued a statement from ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres in response to suspended NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick's conditional reinstatement to the National Football League.

New York (Vocus/PRWEB ) July 28, 2009 -- The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today issued a statement from ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres in response to suspended NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick's conditional reinstatement to the National Football League:

"Leaders are challenged to make difficult decisions on a daily basis--often under intense scrutiny and pressure," said Sayres. "Commissioner Roger Goodell's decisions surrounding the Michael Vick case are no exception. While his decision to reinstate Mr. Vick undoubtedly will be met with cheers by some and derision by others, it is clear that the Commissioner has been particularly thoughtful and has weighed every factor in his deliberations. The ASPCA can only offer him our gratitude for the gravity to which he has lent the issue of animal cruelty, as well as the provisions that the Commissioner has set forth to ensure that Mr. Vick has a positive impact on the NFL and his community.

"Opportunities for redemption are rare -- but that is exactly the opportunity that awaits Mr. Vick. We hope that he rises to the occasion and proves worthy of the rare second chance Commissioner Goodell has granted him."

The ASPCA worked closely with federal authorities at every step of the case, first assisting in the investigation itself through the involvement of Dr. Melinda Merck, senior director of Veterinary Forensics with the ASPCA, and later when Dr. Stephen Zawistowski, CAAB, executive vice president of ASPCA Programs, led a team of several Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in the behavior evaluations of the seized dogs.

Media Contact:
Andy Izquierdo, andyi(at)aspca(dot)org, 917.484.0240 (cell)

About the ASPCA®

Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) was the first humane organization established in the Americas, and today has more than one million supporters throughout North America. A 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA's mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA provides local and national leadership in animal-assisted therapy, animal behavior, animal poison control, anti-cruelty, humane education, legislative services, and shelter outreach. The New York City headquarters houses a full-service, accredited animal hospital, adoption center, and mobile clinic outreach program. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New York's animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality television series "Animal Precinct" on Animal Planet. For more information, please visit

I feel that the NFL's greed has gotten in the way here, yes we are all welcome to a second chance in life. But don’t tell me that Vicks has shown anything about being remorseful when the guy just only got out of jail.
I thought that we need to earn our trust and respect back first before we can show that we mean well. I know the commissioner Roger Goodell will be hearing a lot of different views from the fans and from the dog lovers. I just don’t understand the ASPCA statement so soon after all that Vick did to those dogs.

So what’s your thoughts on Michael Vicks return.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Virus Causes Animal Shelter To Kill 40 Dogs

You would think that the Central Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wouldn’t kill any dogs, but due to an outbreak of a distemper outbreak it had no choice but to put down the forty dogs.

It’s sad to read an article like this but with a virus like this they needed to contain it from spreading to more animals.

The shelter is closed at this time and they are offering free distempering shots come August 1st thru 5th to help protect the community’s dogs. So if you live in that area it would be a smart idea to stop by with your dog to be safe.

Read the article here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 Months Later Dog & Owner United Again

What a story of a dog named Daizy who was missing for the last ten months and now is united with her owner Kathy & Joe Bauer.
This is amazing that a dog would return after being missing for so long when she got lost after a hurricane. The Bauer's spent months looking for the dog and sending out filers , finally the dog was spotted not too far away. That’s when the Bauer's went out and found their dog.

Read the article by Kevin Reece here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seized And Dead Dogs How Sad

Nobody Was Watching His Animals, So Now They Have Been Seized

After reading about so many puppy mills being raided and having their animals seized you come across an article where they owner needed to take time off and relied on a family member to watch his pets.
Sometimes you just can’t trust other people to do the things that are needed to be done, so the article went on to say that the family member who was suppose to be watching his pets decided to ask someone else. Well that’s when things went wrong and now all one hundred and forty eight different animals have been seized for this poor guy’s house in Alabama.

The report said that there were three dead animals inside the house. Well I guess nobody was really watching this guy’s pets, which is really upsetting when you put your trust in someone.

Read the article here.

Abandoned Dog Had To Be Killed

Photo by wsbtv

The Cherokee County Marshal’s Office in Georgia received a tip about a bunch of abandon dogs and when they arrived at the house they found dogs living in a van and some living in the house.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Jeff Dore said: I've never seen anything like it, the dog waste in the van is about two feet deep. Could you imagine any poor dog living like that, I hope they find the owner of these poor dogs and make him pay dearly.
The worst part was that the poor dogs had to be killed. Sad is all I can say…Sad….

Read the article by Jeff Dore & Alan Hand here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Time Has Come For Our Well Known Chihuahua

We all have seen the famous Chihuahua named Gidget who has been on so many commercials for Taco Bell, well the sad news is little Gidget has died. At the age of fifteen years old she died of a stroke yesterday said Sue Chipperton the dog’s trainer.

Read the article here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There’s A Heated Debate Starting About What A Dog Bark Means

I was reading an article that was posted on the Boston Channel about a study that was done by Kathryn Lord at the University of Mass. that stated: dogs do not bark differently in different circumstances.

Well after reading some of the comments everybody feels that this women is nuts to come up with a report like this. We all know that are dogs talk to us different at different times. My dog will give a low bark to say here wants to go into a room or a load bark that is strong when someone comes up to our door. My two dogs have different barks for all kind of different things.

Kathryn Lord said: What we're saying is that the domestic dog does not have an intentional message in mind, such as, I want to play or the house is on fire. I think the main complaints I've seen, people were upset because they thought their dogs barked in other situations.

I feel that it’s one persons option that seems to have wasted a lot of time and money. But we all know that because someone has a degree in some field they are suppose to be right, right. No wrong, I don’t care how much this women spent I feel the same way that all the people that are writing on the comments saying she is wrong.

Read the article by Sydney Lupkin here.

If you would like to read Kathryn Lord’s finding you can download it here.

Purina One Comes Out With A New Dog Food For Older Dogs

New Purina ONE(R) Nutritional Breakthrough Helps Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Special Blend of Enhanced Botanical Oils Helps Improve Brain Function in Older Dogs

ST. LOUIS, July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- What if you could help your older dog remember things that he knew like when he was younger, regain his interest in his surroundings and improve his ability to be trained? What if you could actually help your old dog learn new tricks and improve his quality of life during his senior years?

Purina ONE(R) brand dog food is unveiling a nutritional breakthrough discovered by Purina scientists that will be available exclusively in the Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior formula in July 2009. The breakthrough centers on a special blend of enhanced botanical oils that help improve the brain function in older dogs. The technology behind this innovation is neuron (brain cell)-targeted nutrition which provides an alternate energy source to help the older dog's brain cells work more like when they were younger.

"Purina ONE is dedicated to transforming the lives of pets by using optimal ingredients that work with a pet's body the way nature intended," said Chris O'Neil, Purina ONE brand manager. "The number of older dogs in the U.S. is increasing and we take great pride in developing a nutritional solution that helps improve brain function and promotes overall quality of life for aging dogs."

Nearly half of the U.S. dog population is over age six, which is the age when dogs begin to show age-dependent decline in learning and memory. According to a Purina survey of senior dog owners, one-third of the owners reported that their older dogs were less active and slept more. And, 40 percent said their dogs had more trouble getting around, forgot where their water bowl was and forgot how to go outside, so were having more accidents in the home.

"Dogs start to show cognitive function decline around middle age," said Dr. Mark Roos, director of product development for Purina. "Some older dogs may eventually develop aging behaviors including memory loss, disorientation, reduced social interaction and learning impairment."

According to Dr. Roos, there are many factors that may contribute to the cognitive function decline in middle-aged and older dogs. "One reason is that the neurons (brain cells) in middle-aged and older dogs have reduced ability to utilize blood glucose," explained Dr. Roos. "Our goal was to find a nutritional solution that would provide an alternative energy source to naturally nourish the older dog's brain."

Dr. Roos says the normal energy source for most cells, including the brain, is blood glucose (or blood sugar). As dogs age, their brains use these energy sources less effectively. Neuron-targeted nutrition supplies an alternate source of energy to brain neurons. The nutritional breakthrough discovered by Purina scientists is a special blend of enhanced botanical oils that helps the dog's brain cells work more effectively -- like when they were younger.

Purina scientists conducted a feeding study with 24 senior dogs over the age of seven to confirm this nutritional breakthrough enhances the cognitive abilities of older dogs. In a series of cognitive tests, the research confirmed that the 12 dogs who ate a super premium dry dog food formulated with the special blend of enhanced botanical oils showed improvement in their brain function, including memory, learning and reasoning compared to senior dogs in the control group.

"The dogs who ate the formula with the enhanced botanical oils had a greater ability to remember things, such as where a hidden object was located, and learn new behaviors in a series of tests," said Dr. Roos. "They also had a greater ability to adapt to new situations and use reasoning compared to the control group."

The enhanced botanical oils will be available exclusively in the Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior dry dog food formula, which also provides additional nutritional benefits for senior dogs:

* Real chicken contributes protein for strong muscles and mobility;
* Natural sources of Glucosamine help maintain healthy joints;
* Antioxidant-rich nutrition contributes to immune health;
* Omega fatty acids and vitamin E help maintain healthy skin and coat

"Purina nutritionists and scientists understand how a pet's body works, and how to unlock the power of nature to promote optimal pet health," said O'Neil, "They have spent many years discovering the true nutritional potential of nature's ingredients. And, their use of enhanced botanical oils as a nutritional solution to help improve brain function in older dogs is an example of the innovation Purina continues to bring to pet health."

Purina ONE(R) offers a variety of super premium pet food formulas to meet the needs of puppies, kittens, adult and senior dogs and cats. The product is available in grocery stores and mass merchandisers nationwide. For more information, visit

About Nestle Purina PetCare

The North American headquarters for Nestle Purina PetCare is located at Checkerboard Square in St. Louis, Missouri, where Ralston Purina was founded more than a century ago. Nestle Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. One of the leading global players in the pet food industry, Nestle Purina PetCare is part of the Swiss-based Nestle S.A. - the world's largest food company.

Monday, July 20, 2009

So You Want To Know What Your Dog Is Saying

Photo by AFP

There is a new device on the market called the Bowlingual Voice that can analyses a dogs bark and will tell you if your dog is sad, frustrated or that he wants to play .
Can you imagine that, what a nice thing to have and to think some day we will be really talking with our dogs?

So if you are in Japan you will be able to get one of these monitors and I hope that one day they will be over here.

Read the article Danielle Demetriou here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

All I Wanted Was Four Paws

Photo by Jeff Siner

After being sold twice for being born with five paws the little Chihuahua mixed Terrier that has been finally named Lilly will be growing up with just four paws. This little puppy sure has a special lady named Allyson Siegel to thank for her kind hearted love. Especially after being so close to staring in a freak show.

So in about two weeks little Lilly will be able to walk just like other dogs do and will have a new home with Allyson’s sister. Now that’s what dreams are made of, hey dog’s can have dreams too you know…..

Read the article by Ely Portillo here.

Update: Chihuahua Has Surgery before Freak Show Owner files lawsuit

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So You’re Homeless With A Service Dog In LA …. Tough Luck

A disabled women named Shawnine Mackay has been denied any help from the local shelters in the Los Angeles area because she has a service dog. With times being bad all over the country it’s hard enough for people to get by and for Shawnine who needs her seizure detecting service dog it has become even harder for her to survive with her buddy.

These dogs are trained for a reason to help people with all kinds of illnesses and to be denied help is unbelievable by a state who prides it’s self on so many dumb laws. So now the lawsuits have started because some uncaring people who have no idea what these dogs’ purposes are.
These dog are to help people with illnesses. What a shame…..

Read the article by Jessica Garrison here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So What Happens When You Dump 23 Dogs?

Well if your named is Denise Withee from Iowa you are guilty, yes guilty that's what a jury has decided in a Hall County District Court.
This women dumped 23 dogs in a corn field last July and left them to die. Now if that doesn't turn your stomach I don't know.

Read the article here.

See the video here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treatable Meningitis in Dogs Awareness

Meningitis in Dogs Treatable with Early Detection of Meningitis Symptoms

Veterinary neurologist commends efforts to increase awareness of meningitis symptoms and meningitis treatment by New Jersey legislature. Pet owners also should be aware that knowing the symptoms of meningitis and getting early meningitis treatment can mean a full recovery for many dogs.

SARASOTA, FL (PRWEB) July 16, 2009 -- As the New Jersey Senate considers designating August as Meningitis Awareness Month, veterinary neurologist, Dr. Anne Chauvet, is encouraging dog owners to increase their awareness of canine meningitis for their dogs' health.

Although some forms of meningitis can be fatal, in most dogs it can be treated successfully if the disease is caught early and the dog receives proper veterinary care, which is why awareness of the disease, its symptoms and treatment is important, said Dr. Anne Chauvet, founder of Veterinary Neuro Services.

"I commend the New Jersey Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee for approving legislation that would help raise awareness of this disease in humans," Chauvet said, "and I hope that pet owners will become as aware of the symptoms and the importance of early treatment for their dogs." The bill, SJR-65, to designate August as Meningitis Awareness Month, was introduced by Senator Sean T. Kean, R-11.

Meningitis, which is an inflammation of the membrane (meninges) that wraps the brain and spinal cord, may be caused in dogs by tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis or parasitic diseases like toxoplasmosis. A common cause of meningitis in dogs is a central nervous system disease known as granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis (GME,) and toy or small breeds may be susceptible to meningitis caused by immune dysfunction, Chauvet said.

Sterile (or idiopathic) meningitis is the most common form of canine meningitis, and usually occurs in young dogs a year old or less. Sterile meningitis symptoms typically are neck pain along with a fever that waxes and wanes. Other symptoms of meningitis can include changes in gait where the dog looks as though he is walking on eggshells, she said. Affected dogs may have a lot of pain everywhere except their joints, which is one way to distinguish sterile meningitis from polyarthritis and other conditions that exhibit painful joints. Neurological symptoms, such as seizures or blindness, usually are not present unless the disease is advanced.

A meningitis diagnosis can be confirmed with a spinal tap when the spinal fluid shows a very high number of white blood cells and high levels of protein. An MRI also is an important diagnostic tool that can rule out a disc herniation, infection or other problem that could cause the symptoms, Chauvet said.

Sterile meningitis is treated with high doses of steroids, such as prednisone, to suppress the immune system supported with doxycyline, an antibiotic. Sometimes more advanced treatments or combination therapies are required, such as immunoglobulin therapy or chemotherapy drugs, depending on the patient's need. In most cases, the dog responds quickly and is back to normal in a few days, Chauvet said, but treatment must be extended over weeks and sometimes months with most dogs recovering fully.

About Veterinary Neuro Services:

Dr. Anne Chauvet, one of about 150 veterinary neurologists and neurosurgeons in North America, is the founder of Veterinary Neuro Services in Sarasota, Fla. Veterinary Neuro Services treats brain, spinal cord and neuromuscular conditions in animals and is the only strictly neurology and neurosurgery practice on Florida's Gulf Coast.

More information is available by calling 941-929-1818 or online at

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucky Chihuahua Survives Barbecue Fork Though His Skull

Photo by Caters News

What an amazing story for a Chihuahua named Smoky who was found after three days with a barbecue fork sticking out of his head.
When I first seen the photo it blew me away to look at this little dog, he just looked so sad. I wonder how anybody could have done this to him. The article said that it was an accident when the fork snapped in half and flu into his head.

Thank god for the Vet named Keaton Smith who was on duty at the time. And the best part is that little Smoky will have a full recovery.

Read the article here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Bad & Good Dog News Today

We Couldn’t Get Food For Our Dog So We Left Them

Photo by the Daily Freeman

That’s what German Ruiz and Cassandra Ronk from NY said when the authorities found a boxer- pit bull and boxer just abandoned in a house in Kerhonkson, NY. The SPCA has arrested the two and charged Ruiz with two counts of animal cruelty and abandonment while Ronk was only charged with abandonment.

How could anybody just leave their pet to starve to death and walk away. The two say they were unable to feed these guys is no excuse when there are so many shelters where they could have just brought the two dogs to.

I hope these two kids get hit with the book from the Judge when they go to trial. Hopefully the SPAC’s Vet’s can help these two dogs have a safe recovery.

Read the article here.

A Play book from the Steelers Quarterback

The Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has make a nice donation to the Jeannette Police department through his Foundation with the Giving Back Fund to help the local police and fire departments for their service dogs.

Ben Roethlisberger said: My dad instilled in me a love and respect for animals, this is a good way to combine that passion with a desire to support the police and fire departments, which deserve all the appropriate resources needed to protect our cities and neighborhoods, and allow these brave men and women to arrive home safely.

What a way to go Ben for helping our buddies out. Thanks

Read the article by Paul Paterra here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Will Win This Years Dogs and Sawdust Championship

Royal Canin Will be Among 'Dogs and Sawdust' at the STIHL Dogs & Logs World Championships

In addition to being a sponsor for the regular season DockDogs events,Royal Canin will also be a part of this invitation-only event at the 2009 Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, Minn. July 23-26.

St. Charles, MO (PRWEB) July 13, 2009 -- As a 2009 DockDogs sponsor, Royal Canin has become a recognizable partner to some of the nation's most athletic dogs as they run, jump, and retrieve. However, at this year's STIHL Dogs and Logs World Championships July 23-26, Royal Canin will be affiliated with the country's top lumberjacks as well.

For the second year in a row, teams of the very best athletes, both human and canine, have been invited to Stillwater, Minn. for head-to-head action at the STIHL Dogs and Logs World Championships. The competition includes not only the familiar DockDogs events, such as Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve, but also the Dogs and Logs Relay Championship, which pairs a lumberjack with a DockDog who retrieves bird dummies as the "jack" climbs, saws and chops.

Canine invitees for the competition were selected based on their performance at more than 60 qualifying competitions worldwide, while the lumberjacks are comprised of the top lumberjack sports athletes from all corners of North America.

"Because we provide the very best nutrition for animals, we are extremely proud to be associated with these dogs, which are some of the most athletic in the nation," said Ann Hudson, Director of Marketing at Royal Canin. "The Dogs and Logs Relay will showcase the very best in canine athleticism, and we're proud to be a part of it."

Royal Canin USA

Royal Canin USA is a forerunner in nutritional and technological advancement in pet food. With more than 40 years of experience in the animal health and nutrition industry, the company prides itself on putting knowledge and respect for the animal first. Royal Canin collaborates with nutritionists, breeders and veterinarians from around the world on impartial and relevant research to ensure dogs and cats receive the best nutrition through premium dog and cat food. For more information, contact Royal Canin at 1-800-592-6687 or visit Royal Canin

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Givers That Help Our Dogs

Two High School students named Jamil Miller and Kevin Ruiz from Camden, NJ have started a nonprofit business to help feed pets that are in need.
Their food bank is called Chow Hound House located in Camden, NJ that helps feed and fulfill medical needs for the needy.

Kevin Ruiz said: I remember one lady asking us if all of this is free. "I can't believe you guys are doing this. After the lady told me that, it was all worth it. She was astonished. The look on her face was as if she won a million dollars.

What a Great group of kids that have worked together to try and make life a little better in their community by helping the needy feed their pets.

Read the article by Joseph Gidjunis here.

Over in Wilmington, Delaware the Faithful Friends no kill animal shelter is offering free pet food for their residents that are in need of feeding their pets. The food that has help feed the local pets has come from local donations and companies like Concord Pet Food, Petco and the Humane Society.

How nice is that that these big companies are reaching out all over to help the families that are in need to feed their pets.

Read the article Angie Basiouny here.

They brought in the Marines when the Humane Society from N Iowa moved their place of business to a new location that opens this week..
Humane Society’s Executive Director Sybil Soukup said: I think this is incredible, that they’re helping us do this move, that these guys are going off to serve their country, but first they’re serving their community.
While Staff Sgt. Chad Hyatt from the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Mason City said: The main thing we’re trying to do is to show the young kids the importance of giving back to the community.

Read the article by Dick Johnson here.

Then you have a group called Save-A-Vet that held its second rally with over a thousand bikers that helped raise money to build a place where disabled service dogs will have a place to go and be taken care of.

We always read articles about animal shelters but we never read anything about the dogs that who were wounded while working with our soldiers. This rally was supported by the Harley Davidson dealerships in Illinois along with a lot of other participants that offer their services to help make this rally come true.

So first we say Thanks to all the Vets for their sacrifice and to all the dogs that put their life on the line. And a Big Thanks for all that helped our buddies out on their new future home.

Read the article by Lee Ann Gill here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Huntington Beach Wins 2009 Dog Town USA

Surf City USA Named DogTown USA® by Dog Fancy Magazine

Surf City USA announced today that they have been named "DogTown USA" in the category "medium-sized cities" by Dog Fancy magazine, the world's most widely read dog magazine.

Huntington Beach, California (Vocus/PRWEB ) July 11, 2009 -- Surf City USA announced today that they have been named "DogTown USA" in the category "medium-sized cities" by Dog Fancy magazine, the world's most widely read dog magazine. The magazine researches cities each year after a public nomination period to discover cities that "receive dogs with open arms and provide them with the joys of life," according to Dog Fancy magazine editor Susan Chaney.

This isn't the first time Huntington Beach has been recognized for their friendliness toward canine companions: Huntington Beach was a runner-up in the 2008 DogTown USA competition. San Diego and Carmel-by-the-Sea were honored in the large and small city categories, providing California with a clean-sweep of this year's awards.

Chaney will travel to Huntington Beach to present this top honor at the city's July 20 City Council meeting, where she will present the DogTown USA honor to City of Huntington Beach Mayor Keith Bohr, along with donation check for $2,000 to Martin Senate, president of Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach.

Beach Fun for Dogs and their Buddies

Huntington Beach was nominated for the award jointly by City staff and the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau (HBMVB). Criteria used to select the winning city included plenty of dog-friendly open spaces and dog parks, events celebrating dogs and their owners, high vet-to-dog ratios, abundant pet supply and other services, and municipal laws that support and protect all pets. According to Chaney, Huntington Beach excelled in all of those areas, and more.

In addition to this upcoming weekend's ''Surfin' Paws Dog Jam'' and semi-monthly Dachshund Races at Old World Village, Huntington Beach looks forward to the Surf City Surf Dog event on October 11. The City's most famous canine attraction, however, is the one-and-one-quarter-mile Huntington Dog Beach, a dog-friendly beach where dogs are allowed to run leash-free in the surf.

According to HBMVB President Steve Bone, "Dog Beach is over a mile of pooch paradise for running, playing, swimming, digging, sunbathing and even for some surfing. Volunteers help maintain cleanup of the sand and shoreline on Dog Beach, making the beach one of the cleanest and safest beaches in California."

"What's more," Bone adds, "Huntington Beach offers Canine Cuisine at Park Bench Café, specialty shops, and upscale dog-pampering hotels, and even a 'Doggie Bus.'"

Huntington Beach Dog Attractions:

* Huntington Dog Beach,
* Surfin' Paws Dog Jam, July 11, 2009:
* Surf City Surf Dog, October 11, 2009:
* Dachshund Races at Old World Village,
* Doggie Bus,
* Barking Dog Menu at Park Bench Café,
* Huntington Beach Dog Beach video: This video really gives you a feel of our laid-back, dog friendly lifestyle in Huntington Beach. It is also the most-downloaded video on the website, with over 300 downloads per month.
* Dog-Friendly Accommodations in Huntington Beach: Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort,; Shorebreak Hotel,; Extended Stay Suites,

High-resolution photographs are available upon request.

About the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau

The Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau (AKA Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau) is the official destination marketing organization of Huntington Beach, Surf City USA®. One of Southern California's premier coastal destinations, Huntington Beach is the ideal location for a California family vacation or relaxing weekend getaway.

With 8.5 miles of wide-open white sand California beaches, Huntington Beach is a destination of choice for vacationers and business travelers alike. To plan your Surf City USA® vacation, or to learn more about Huntington Beach, visit the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau website at or call 800-729-6232 for a free Visitors Guide.

Surf City USA® is a registered mark of the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Few Health Issues About Dogs

Over in Australia there have been reports that a disease called Hydatids has been found in the areas of Eumundi, Yandina, Nambour, Woombye and Palmwoods in wild dogs. The locals are worried that domestic dogs will catch this parasite from these wild dogs and pass them on to humans.
Read the article by Peter Morley & Glenis Green here.

In Brooklyn, New York the health officials are worried about Leptospirosis that might have killed two dogs. The report is saying that the bacteria is coming from rat urine on which a dog will have contacted when they drink the tainted water or they pick it up from the soil the rat has left behind.
Read the article by Gary Buiso here.

These are just a few more thing we need to be on the lookout when we take or pets out for a walk.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Shelter Dog That Has Brought The Gift To The Ill

Photo by KARK

A little dog named Katie who was rescued from an animal shelter has brought the gift of love to the dying while they wait for the time to expire.
Katie’s owner Luba Cook has been bringing her friend with her to see the hospice patients at the Fountain Lake Nursing Home for the last five years now.

Luba Cook said: When we come into a nursing home, you've seen her straighten up in her stroller, and she knows it's time to offer sympathy or love or whatever a patient might need. I believe the Lord has blessed my life and this is something that I feel I can do to maybe return some of the blessings that I have.

I too have a child who is terminally ill and I watch how my one dog will just go and lay besides his bed as if he is guarding over my son. Dogs are amazing when it comes to their senses of just knowing that something is wrong. As Luba said; she calls her a gift from God. This article has touched my heart today, so that’s why I would like to share it with you.

Read the article by Jancey Sheats here.

Ozzy Osbourne's Dog Killed By A Coyote

Photo by SkyNews

Ozzy’s little Pomeranian dog named Little Bit was attack and eaten by a coyote in LA last night. Ozzy’s daughter Kelly said that he was devastated when he found out.

I live in an area where there are many coyote’s and at times my two dogs wouldn’t even go out the door knowing that the coyote’s were out there just waiting.So I always walk out with my two little guys to be safe.

It’s sad to read an article about one’s buddies being attacked and killed.

Read the article here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ASPCA Makes The Largest Dog Fighting Bust Ever

Largest Dog Fighting Operation in U.S. History Raided by State & Federal Agencies With Assistance From ASPCA

ASPCA Dispatches Forensics, Vet Care and Behavior Evaluation Teams to Sites in Missouri, Illinois

NEW YORK, July 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- What is believed to be the largest dog fighting operation in U.S. history was raided early Wednesday in an effort that included federal and state agencies, with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) assisting.

At the request of the Humane Society of Missouri, the ASPCA, along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, United States Department of Agriculture's Office of the Inspector General, Federal Bureau of Investigation, The U.S. Marshals Service and the United States Attorney, is collaborating in the rescue, veterinary care, and forensics evidence collection of dogs associated with multiple suspected dog fighting operations. The ASPCA will also be assisting in behavior evaluations of the dogs.

The dog fighting operation is believed to have spanned five states and included arrests in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Texas and Oklahoma. Dogs are being safely transported to a secure facility under the direction of the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force, where they will be cared for until final disposition is determined by the United States District Court.

"The ASPCA is determined to protect its nation's pets from dog fighting and other forms of brutality," said ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres. "Animal cruelty cannot be tolerated, and we are proud to lend our support to federal and local agencies to ensure that these abusers are brought to justice."

The ASPCA is collecting evidence for the prosecution of the criminal case, as well as lending the services of its special forensic cruelty investigation team, comprised of disaster animal rescuers, field service investigators, and Dr. Melinda Merck, the nation's premier forensic veterinarian. More than a dozen responders from the ASPCA's Disaster Response team are in the field, along with the ASPCA's "Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit," a critical tool in the collection and processing of evidence at crime scenes. The CSI unit brings both state-of-the-art forensics tools and expertise to crime scenes and is outfitted with medical equipment tailored for animal patients.

"The ASPCA's Mobile Animal CSI unit is an important component in the effort against animal cruelty," said Laura Maloney, Senior Vice President of Anti-Cruelty Initiatives for the ASPCA. "This technology allows the ASPCA to strengthen cases against animal abusers and seek justice for their victims."

About the ASPCA(R)

Founded in 1866, the ASPCA(R) (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(R)) was the first humane organization established in the Americas, and today has more than one million supporters throughout North America. A 501 [c] [3] not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA's mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA provides local and national leadership in animal-assisted therapy, animal behavior, animal poison control, anti-cruelty, humane education, legislative services, and shelter outreach. The New York City headquarters houses a full-service, accredited, animal hospital, adoption center, and mobile clinic outreach program. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New York's animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality television series "Animal Precinct" on Animal Planet. For more information, please visit

About the ASPCA's "Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit"

The ASPCA's "Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit," the nation's first, was unveiled in December 2007. A "forensics first," the "Animal CSI" vehicle was created to significantly advance the prosecution of animal cruelty and help strengthen cases against offenders by incorporating the emerging field of veterinary forensics in crime scene investigations. It also provides a proven chain of custody for law enforcement, thus ensuring the integrity of the evidence, and helps reduce the stress placed on the animals that are the innocent "collateral victims."

Here are some of the names in today's bust:
Rick P.Hihath 55 of St.Joseph, Mo.
Cris E.Bottcher 48 of Gilman City, Mo.
Julio Reyes 28 of Tecumseh,Neb.
Jill D. Makstaller 43 of Perry,Iowa
Zachary R.Connelly 32 of Ogden,Iowa
Kevin P.Tasler 51 of Jefferson, Iowa
and Ryan J. Tasler 42 of Woodward,Iowa

Read more of this article here.

Another Big Puppy Mill Raid This Time In Texas

A puppy mill called Maggic Pets/Heddins Kennel in Bowie, Texas that sold their dogs on the internet and though ads in the papers has been busted.
The Montague County Sheriffs and the Humane Society of N Texas raided the puppy mill that was owned by Carol & Cloyce Heddins on which they took some four hundred and ninety six dogs to a temp shelter.

Sandy Grambort of the Humane Society of North Texas said: Several dead animals were found, and some dogs had skin conditions or open sores. Some dogs in the poorest health were found at the back of the property, where customers are not allowed. Sandy also said: We have saved hundreds of dogs today, and know that they will one day bring joy to someone in the near future.

This rescue mission had the help from many people and organizations like the PetSmart Charities and the United Animal Nations along with the help of the Sheriff’s department and all the volunteers from the HSNT. The Chesapeake Energy was kind enough to allow them to use a warehouse for temp shelter, pretty nice of them.

Over and over we keep reading about these dam puppy mills that are just out to make money and sooner or later they get over whelmed and who suffers, the poor little dogs do. So go ahead and keep buying from these places and more and more dogs will suffer. There are many real legitimate dog kennels that sell dogs of all kinds if you really want to buy a dog or you could help us all by adopting a dog that is only looking for your love.

Read the article by Alex Branch here.

If you would like to help these poor dogs out you can contribute to the HSNT, they can really use all your help with this many dogs.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do You Have A Rescue Kit For Your Pet

I was reading an article today that was about a Pit Bull named Tank that had his life saved by firemen from Villa Grove, Illinois. The articles make me think about what I would have done if something had happened to my dog.

So I came across one site named Homeopathic that had an animal rescue kit that was for Vets and another site called Sunbear Squad that had a nice list of items that you could keep in your car along with some good tips.

Well over at Instructables they have a nice list on how to put together a good kit. Then I found a site called BART who helps train the professionals to be first responder’s for are buddies.
Woo what a day in finding some really great articles to help save are buddies one day.

Read the article about Tank by Amy Rose here.

I almost forgot to say Thanks to those Firemen that help save another one of my buddies.You guys are always doing great things.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What Did A Dog Say To A Duck

Do you want some of my dog food...

Read the article here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Health Supplement For Your Dog

DHA Omega 3 Pet Supplements Enhance Puppy Trainability

Cranimals introduces the first DHA based pet supplement combined with key nutrients - formulated specifically for optimal cognitive development in puppies.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) July 4, 2009 -- Cranimals announced the immediate availability of CRANIMALS™ GOLD , a daily nutritional supplement formulated specifically for rapidly developing puppies. CRANIMALS™ GOLD is fortified with a primary source of DHA-Omega 3 (Docosahexaeonic Acid). DHA -an omega 3 fatty acid is critical for proper brain development , eyesight, and peak cognitive performance.

Puppies who do not consume sufficient amounts of DHA during their most crucial developmental stage, may suffer brain, motile and visual impairment.

"CRANIMALS™ GOLD contains a concentrated microalgae extract" explains Cranimals Director of Sales, Ryan Calvert. "Conventionally, DHA is sourced from fish, which contain pollutants like heavy metals, PCB's and dioxins. Our research team sourced the DHA in CRANIMALS™ GOLD from its most basic source: pollutant-free, sustainably grown microalgae".

Calvert went on to say that as little as a teaspoon of CRANIMALS™ added daily to a puppy's food boosts its cognitive development and responsiveness in a holistic and natural manner. The DHA in CRANIMALS™ GOLD is synergistically combined with other key nutrients to ensure optimal brain, eye and nervous system development, as well as proper growth rates in puppies.

Calvert concluded , "Cognitive function, healthy eyesight and enhanced memory and coordination are key factors in puppy training and obedience. CRANIMALS™ GOLD will help uncover the Puppy Einstein in your pet."

About The Animals Behind Cranimals:
Cranimals develops berry-based animal supplements targeted at improving animal development and overall health and well-being. All CRANIMALS™ products begin with high quality human-grade raw food ingredients sourced directly from the farm. Cranimals is a division of I&W Research Inc., Canada's premier producer and supplier of certified organic and conventional berry ingredients for the natural animal health, food functional and cosmetic industries.
Additional information regarding Cranimals products and distribution inquiries can be found at:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Please Don’t Dump Your Unwanted Dog Off Here

If you are thinking of dumping your poor little dog off because you are unable to keep the little guy, please don’t bring it to the Young Williams Animal Center in Tennessee.

The report said that they kill almost seventy percent of unwanted animals in their animal shelter.

Seventy percent is a lot of animals to be killing if you ask me, let alone just one. The place should change its name to the Young Williams Slaughter House Pound if you ask me. I hate to read an article like this and have it on my mind all day, just thinking about my buddies being killed just because someone didn’t want them anymore. Why do people even go out and buy a dog if it isn’t for life, I see ads all over and even on craigslist from people saying we can no longer take care of them. If it was your child I guess you would do the same thing too. No you wouldn’t, so why do it to your best friend. Tell me when you first got your dog you loved them and did all kinds of things with them. They only wanted to feel your love and kindness; they didn’t know that they were just some kind of disposable item did they.

I can go on and on but back to the article, If you live in this area please try and bring your dog to a different shelter and yes even try posting an ad on the web to try and find a good home for your pet.

Read the article by Lauren Davis here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Check Out The New Pet Portal Called PetYak

PetYak Launch Offers a New Pet Portal: Providing a Wealth of Helpful Cat & Dog Information Unlike Any Other

PetYak understands the importance of a pet in a person's life and strives to provide the information that will help people to forge closer relationships with their animals, increase awareness and understanding of species as well as offer a broad range of ideas and solution based information for every type of pet.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) July 2, 2009 -- Cat, dog, bird and fish owners finally have a brand new portal that serves to provide them with the most accurate and intuitive information on the web. PetYak is packed full of comprehensive articles, how to guides and insider information from leading pet professionals; all culminated in an easy to use layout that ensures pet owners quickly have access to the content they need to know to care for their animals.

PetYak leaves no stone uncovered and covers issues as controversial and new as holistic health to tips and tools to dog health and even training a cat. The site is designed to help pet owners solve issues like excessive barking or litter box training by offering useful tools from respected trainers as well as advice and guidance through forums and resources that ensures pet owners will never suffer from a lack of know- how or knowledge when it comes to caring for their pet.

PetYak understands the importance of a pet in a person's life and strives to provide the information that will help people to forge closer relationships with their animals, increase awareness and understanding of species as well as offer a broad range of ideas and solution based information for every type of pet. Visitors' wondering why do cats purr or which breed of dog would be suit them best will encounter and endless supply of fresh articles and information that is updated often and cutting edge in theory and practice. There is also a vast array of dog trivia and animal interest blogs, articles and forums that will help to form a perfect place for like minded pet owners to converge and learn even more about the pets they own and love!

PetYak works with the mission to provide complete coverage of topics for pet owners that run the gamut from health, nutrition, grooming, training, behavior and holistic health with the intent that valid, useful and helpful information will enable pet owners to provide their pets with the best in care and love; enhancing their life and enabling them to become a valued and understood member of the family. PetYak strives to provide up to date information about tried and tested techniques that will work for all pets and owners and pledges to offer a spectrum of information in effort to strike an emotional chord for every pet owner and pet.

PetYak ( ) is the pet portal of the future and includes one of a kind articles and information that are sure to please the most concerted and avid pet owner. New content is added daily with an official launch of September 15th.