Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OrthoPets Allows Another Dog To Walk Again

A Germam Shepherd,Rottweiler,Lab dog named Andre from Alaska who had chewed off two of his paws was brought to OrthoPets in Denver, Co where he received prosthetic legs by Dr. Martin Kaufmann and his staff.

You got watch the video,it is just amazing to watch as Andre finally walks again.

Read the article by Jeffrey Wolf & Kim Christiansen here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Central Missouri Humane Society Has Won The Nation Wide Shelter Makeover

Photo by TrapLight Photography

The word on the street is that two little girls named Amanda Huhman and Libby Burks are the ones who earned all the credit for allowing the Central Missouri Humane Society to become the winners of the makeover.

These two girls had put a lot over work into their cause to see that their much needed home town shelter win. And to be able to get all the town folks involved is amazing when you think about the love and kindness that went into the event.
Well it doesn’t stop there for these two little girls their next trick will be a weekly Web Show called Animal Talk. Now that’s amazing what these girls can come up with…. Keep it going and believe in your dreams and they will always come true.

Read the article by Sharon L Peters here.

Another Puppy Mill Bites The Dust

Down in Missouri the Phelps County Sheriff's Department and the Humane Society had just removed sixty eight dogs from an unlicensed puppy mill. The Phelps County Sheriff Rick Lisenbe said; the dogs were in rabbit hutches and a garage.

What kind of breeder is that to raise puppies in such an humane setting. I hope they throw the book at this guy.

Read the article here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

When You Dump Your Dog At The Pound Do You Really Know Where It's Going To Go

Former Pets End Up Dead in University Teaching Labs

Investigation Reveals Supply Line of Dogs and Cats in Higher Education

JENKINTOWN, Pa., April 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new report, "Dying to Learn: Exposing the Supply of Dogs and Cats to Higher Education," documents the hidden practices of higher education, proving that science lab students are using former pets at major colleges and universities. It traces the route that brings dogs like Cruella, a shepherd-mix from Michigan, to an unhappy end, a victim of dissection, live surgeries and other procedures, at college and university teaching labs. The report is available at

"Dying to Learn: Exposing the Supply and Use of Dogs and Cats in Higher Education" is the result of a two-year investigation of animal acquisition and use from 92 public colleges and universities in the U.S. It presents evidence of unnecessary use of animals, unethical sources, and chronic violations of animal dealers supplying dogs and cats to these institutions.

A comprehensive review of official documents reveals that 52% of the colleges and universities examined are using live and dead dogs and cats for teaching and training purposes in life science, veterinary, and medical education, in spite of viable alternatives available that are being used by other schools.

All categories of animal dealers supplying dogs and cats to public colleges and universities have track records of violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA), which regulates the care and use of animals supplied and used in laboratories and other industries. These violations include inhumane treatment.

Of particular concern are the cats and dogs purchased from random source Class B animal dealers who collect animals from shelters and pounds, misleading ads, auctions, and other sources. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) admitted in its 2007 Animal Welfare Report that "some of these dealers may be trafficking in stolen animals."

Tracie Letterman, Esq., Executive Director of the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS), commented, "Congress should act to cut off the supply of pets to labs by banning random source Class B dealers and the use of random source animals in general. Immediate action could be taken by USDA, which has the discretion not to renew licenses for those random source Class B dealers who are consistently violating the AWA."

Animalearn Director Laura Ducceschi also expressed concern about those colleges and universities that obtain cats and dogs directly from local pounds and shelters. "With the current economic and foreclosure crisis causing homeowners across the country to lose their homes, the numbers of pets being relinquished to shelters is drastically increasing, putting an ever-increasing number of former pets at risk of ending up in labs. That kind of fate is completely at odds with recent studies showing that 65% of Americans consider the welfare of pets 'very important'."

Dying to Learn, which was released today by Animalearn, the education division of AAVS, also documents problems with other sources of dogs and cats, such as biological supply companies, who sell preserved animals, and Class A dealers, who breed animals on their premises.

The report has some good news however. It offers extensive resources, including studies showing that students learn as well or better with cost-effective humane alternatives and/or therapeutic uses of animals. These include beneficial shelter medicine programs for veterinary students, ethically sourced animal cadavers, virtual dissection, and technologically advanced surgical simulations.

Animalearn, the educational division of the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS), works with educators, students and others to achieve quality humane science education without harmful use of animals. Visit

The American Anti-Vivisection Society has monitored the use of animals in science since it was founded in 1883.

Who Has The Naughtiest Dog ? Bark Busters Wants To Know

Bark Busters Launches America's First National Naughty Dog Contest

Bark Busters Home Dog Training is searching for the naughtiest dog in America
Englewood, CO (PRWEB) April 27, 2009 -- To kick-start National Pet Week May 3 - 9, 2009, Bark Busters, the world's largest dog training company, announced the first-of-its-kind National Naughty Dog Contest to find the naughtiest dog in America. Bark Busters invites members of the public to submit videos of their naughty dogs to via YouTube May 4 - July 13. The contest winner will be selected by a panel of experts at Bark Busters USA and will win free dog training--which includes Bark Busters' guaranteed lifetime support--to transform the "winning" dog from naughty to nice.

"So many dog owners get a dog hoping he will be an ideal member of the family, only to discover the dog rules their household instead," said Liam Crowe, CEO and master dog behavioral therapist at Bark Busters USA. "We want to help owners realize they can address these unwanted behaviors and build a stronger relationship with their canine companions, and we want to showcase this fact by training America's naughtiest dog and having a bit of fun along the way."

Bark Busters, the world leader in natural home dog training, kicks off its National Naughty Dog Contest on May 3. Any dog can enter - any breed and any age. Bark Busters will accept video entries via through July 13. Entries must include a personal video of the dog at his or her naughtiest. The winner will be announced and posted online at on July 21. The participant whose dog is chosen as the Naughtiest Dog in America will receive free in-home training from a Bark Busters that includes lifetime support.

"With more than 65 million dogs in the US, we are sure to find some naughty ones," added Crowe. "This is an opportunity for us to help America understand that any dog can be trained - even the nation's naughtiest dog."

For more information on Bark Busters' National Naughty Dog Contest, including specific entry rules, or to find a Bark Busters dog behavioral therapist in your area, please visit

About Bark Busters:
Bark Busters, the world's largest, most trusted dog training company, started in Australia in 1989 and came to the United States in 2000. Since inception, over 500,000 dogs have been trained worldwide using its dog-friendly, natural methods. With 250+ franchised offices in 41 states and more than 400 offices in 10 countries, Bark Busters continues its mission to build a global network of dog behavioral therapists to enhance responsible dog ownership and reduce the possibility of maltreatment, abandonment and euthanasia of companion dogs. Bark Busters is the only international dog training company that offers guaranteed lifetime support. SPCA International selected Bark Busters dog behavioral training services as the "Best of the Best" in its category. No other training company or dog trainer received such a distinction. To fetch a trainer in your area, call 1-877-500-BARK or visit, where dog owners can complete a Dog Behavioral Quiz to rate their dogs' behavior.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Lot Of Dog Events Today

First off there was the 12th Annual Wiener Dog Race down in Austin Texas; you got to check out the video.

Then there was Paws In The Park at Prince William’s Park that was described by Amanda Stewart as one hell of a dog party.

Then over at the Stagecoach Festival in California there was suppose to be a reunion of the band called POCO, well that didn’t go off so well due to Timothy Schmidt being bitten by a dog. But the band played on and I wish I was there to see this reunion.

The Northampton Lions Club Dog Walk for the Animals fund raiser was held in Mass. today to help raise some money for the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in South Deerfield and Look Park.

Down in New Zealand they held the International Day of the Dog event that was held by Greyhounds as Pets today.

A few more I thought I add to the list.

The Savannah, Georgia Mayor Otis Johnson has proclaimed April 25 as Case Veterinary Hospital Centennial Day. Wow what an honor for the Veterinary for giving one hundred years of service.

Down at the Hawai'i Kai Park and Ride they will be holding their 5th Annual Hawai'i Kai Dog Walk called; Off Leash and Loving It on June 7th.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

OK Virginia You Now Have A No Kill Shelter

On April twenty eighth the Franklin County Humane Society of Virginia will finally open their long awaited no kill shelter. I would personally like to Thank all those who had donated to this mighty cause to help save our buddies. And a special Thanks goes out to Inglath Cooper for all her family had donated to help build this shelter.

What great news to read about today, when another animal gets a second chance to live.

Read the article by Candice Nelson here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

For The Love Of Dogs

Photo by Four Paws

I just read an article that tells a story of a dog named Hope was born without any eyes and when he was brought to an animal shelter they had no idea how to help this little dog. But with a place called Four Paws the word got out and now Hope is at a place called the Milo Foundation.

The article goes on to say that Hope was also in need of heart surgery which has been preformed with success. But the bills were pilling up so now Four Paws is looking for your help in any donations that you can afford to help pay off the medical bills from Hopes surgery.

Read the article by Nate Sunderland here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deena Cooper's Comes Out With A Puppy Training Kit

Deena Speaks Dog® Puppy Training Kit Gives Dog Owners a Leg Up on Obedience Training

Dog Behaviour Consultant, columnist and radio host Deena Cooper introduces a fun and economical way to train a new puppy! Deena Speaks Dog® introduces the first puppy training kit for Spring, a re-usable bag full of tools, treats and proven techniques!
Toronto, ON (PRWEB) April 23, 2009 -- Deena Cooper is more than just a Dog Behaviour Consultant, a columnist and a Radio Host, she has dedicated the last 18 years of her life to creating fun, practical solutions to every dog problem in existence, from the ordinary to the truly bizarre. Beginning in 1990 with Deena's Dog Service, and led by an unshakable love and respect for dogs, Deena has used her extensive knowledge of dog behaviour to create her first puppy training package, aimed at making training fun, easy and enjoyable for puppies and their human parents.

In response to her clients repeated requests, Deena saw a need for a basic training package that would simplify the process of choosing the proper training tools and techniques. The Deena Speaks Dog® Puppy Training Kit was designed with Deena's understanding that, "people are treating their pets more like children. My puppy training package is designed to help pet owners bond with their new four-legged family members and differentiate between the essentials and non-essentials of proper training. I've used simple and proven techniques that make training fun for pets and their parents!". The custom designed training package comes in a reusable shopping bag with step-by-step instructions on how to teach a puppy all of the basic commands, along with a few adorable puppy tricks! The training package is complete with all the tools needed to socialize and train a puppy using the best pet-care products available in the marketplace.

Product Information:

The Deena Speaks Dog® Puppy Training Kit retails for $49.99 CDN.
To purchase the kit go to the Deena Speaks Dog website or Ebay Store at: Deena Speaks Dog Puppy Training Kit

About Deena Cooper and Deena Speaks Dog®: As a Dog Behaviour Consultant, Deena has shared her knowledge of dog behaviour through her weekly radio show on 1050 CHUM 'Deena Speaks Dog', her regular newspaper and magazine columns, as well as numerous guest appearances on national radio and television programs. Deena's advice can be read in Canadian Business Magazine, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star and Boom, Bust, & Echo. She has appeared on CBC Radio's Here and Now and CFRB Radio in Toronto. Her television appearances include; CTV's Entertainment Tonight, CBC's Living in Toronto, Dogs in Canada TV and ichannel with Arlene Bynon. Deena has been a published columnist in SNAP, where she responded to readers canine concerns and questions. She regularly contributes articles to "City Dog" Magazine and is affiliated with; Evaluator for the Canine Good Neighbor Program (CKC), CPR and Pet First Aid, Oakland Education Services, Canadian Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CPPDT) & International Positive Dog Trainers Association (IPDTA) and the Canadian Kennel Club (since 1998).

For more information on Deena Cooper or Deena Speaks Dog®, please visit Deena Speaks Dog For media inquiries call 416-653-2165

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Have A Winner The Most Ugliest Dog

Ugly Dog Contest Winner Named

HIGHLAND, Calif., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- RASCAL was proclaimed the Ugliest Dog, taking the top prize at the annual event held during the "Citrus Harvest Festival" in the San Bernardino county area outside of Los Angeles. Rascal was featured in a fundraiser fashion show for "Guide Dogs of the Desert" the day before, so it was ironic that he was the ugliest dog the next day.

Rascal, owned by actor DANE ANDREW of Sunnyvale, Calif., is no stranger to being called Ugliest Dog. He is the 1st and only dog in history to hold 5 current ugly dog titles from different contests. Rascal was first named World's Ugliest Dog in 2002, and is now a "Ring of Champions" title holder. He is current winner of The Oldest Ugly Dog Contest in Fort Bragg, Calif., Regal Cinemas "Hotel for Dogs" Ugly Dog Contest, Author Tim Downs' Ugly Dog Contest, and may be headed for the Guinness record books like his grandfather, Chi Chi, who won 8 World Titles.

Rascal has stared in several horror movies, "The Adventures of Scanky Doo" and will market his patented leash line to raise money for animal charities.

Rascal is a very healthy 7-lb. purebred Chinese Crested who is a rescue descendent of Lady Pink and world-renowned Chi Chi, "The World's Ugliest Dog," Never shaven, he is naturally and completely hairless except for his Mohawk and a little hair on his tail and feet. He is complete with warts and freckles. Having a lack of teeth, he can't keep his tongue in his mouth and his face appears crooked at times. "People call him a Space Alien, Einstein, Phyllis Diller, Bat Dog, or 'Hairless Potter,' but to us he is our loving little family member," said Andrew.

Rascal is Ugly Dog Royalty, being from a dynasty of ugly, with his mom, grandmother, and grandfather, all who have held the title of "The World's Ugliest Dog." Rascal's grandfather "Chi Chi" is in the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the most ugly dog contests with 8 ugly dog wins. Chi Chi may be the only dog along with Rascal's Mom "Mai Tai" and now Rascal to have received a Mayoral proclamation, 4 total.

Rascal was named official Fire Dog of Station #1 in Newark, Calif.

Rascal received an Honorary Doctorate in Animal Magnetism from SSU in California.

Rascal was present at actor Dane Andrew's (his master) star dedication on May 5th, 2007 on the "Walk of Fame" Palm Springs, Calif., which Rascal's family considers his as well.

Rascal has a cartoon strip and documentary film on the way, both called "The Ugliest Dog." He has collected blankets for animal victims of hurricane Katrina, and has Rascal's Christmas for Kids.

With TV/film cameos, Rascal will use his new fame for good, continuing to help animals everywhere.

Monday, April 20, 2009

One By One States Finally Cracking Down On Puppy Mills

The State Legislature’s in Washington have approved a bill to crack down on puppy mills in there state today while they wait for the Governor Chris Gregoire to sign the bill into affect.

It’s great to read that some states are finally taking some time to look at the puppy mill business that have gotten away with abusing so many poor little dogs for so many years.

Read the article here.

Well over in Arizona the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition and the circle L Rescue Ranch held a forum with their Congressman John Shadegg and the state Attorney Terry Goddard to discuss the awareness of the puppy mills though out their state.

It looks like it’s a beginning to ending these mills in Arizona.

Read the article by Eric English here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Said There's No Money In Dog Poop

After Being Ridiculed, Pet Sitter Basks in Spotlight

Pet Sitters International member and her six-figure salary featured in Parade Magazine's annual salary report.
King, NC (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 17, 2009 -- Michael Bloomberg makes just $1 a year as the mayor of New York City, while Tiger Woods makes $110 million. What may be more surprising is the $100,000 annual salary of a professional pet sitter.

Tammy Roussin, owner of Absolutely Pampered Pets Sitting & Walking Services in St. Louis, MO, and her six-figure salary, were recently featured in Parade Magazine's "What People Earn" salary report. The national Sunday newspaper magazine featured 90 people and compared their annual salaries.

After last year's salary report, Roussin submitted herself because she thought it would be a great way to promote her business and pet sitting as a profession.

"I've been laughed at and made fun of because I pick up dog poop, but secretly I'm the one laughing," Roussin said. "I thought people would be surprised to know how much money I actually make."

Indeed, the pet-sitting profession has grown exponentially in the last decade, proving to be a viable career option for pet lovers with business savvy seeking to manage their own businesses.

Since 1994, Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world's largest educational association for professional pet sitters, has seen its membership grow to more than 8,000 member businesses. Even amid the recent recession, PSI has seen the industry continue to hold steadfast. The Association's recent State of the Industry Survey showed that its members have an average of 191 clients each and perform 17.4 million pet-sitting engagements annually.

Roussin, a PSI member since 2002, began her pet-care career working in a grooming salon after leaving a lucrative career in the marketing industry. She moved back to St. Louis to take care of her grandfather after the death of her parents.

"The unconditional love of the animals was so therapeutic for me and pretty soon I had clients asking me to pet sit," Roussin said. "I incorporated my business, joined PSI and the rest is history."

While Tammy's salary may not be the norm for pet sitters, she is not alone. PSI reports more than 11 percent of their members have gross business revenues of $75,000 or more annually. Several businesses report annual incomes of more than $1 million.

"The success and profit for a pet-sitting business involves many factors, including the location and economic climate," noted Patti Moran, PSI President. "However, pet sitting continues to be an ideal career for pet lovers looking to follow their passion, set their own hours and who are not afraid of the hard work that comes along with business ownership."

Roussin feels the secrets to her success are her positive attitude and her will to persevere. She talks on the phone with a smile on her face. She is polite, courteous and returns calls promptly.

"It's not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up that matter," Roussin said.

Her hard work is certainly paying off, but Roussin claims the biggest reward is giving people and pets peace of mind.

To learn more about pet sitting as a career or to locate a pet sitter in your area, visit

About Pet Sitters International
Established in 1994, Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world's largest educational association for professional pet sitters, representing more than 8,000 independent professional pet-sitting businesses in the United States, Canada and abroad. PSI provides members with access to affordable bonding and liability insurance and educational resources such as PSI's Accreditation Program, The Pet Sitter's WORLD magazine and PSI's annual Quest convention. PSI provides pet owners with The Pet Owner's WORLD magazine and For more information, visit, home of the Official Pet Sitter Locator™ or visit the PSIStoreOnline to select from more than 2,000 pet sitter and pet owner products.

Contact: Courtney Klein
Phone: (336) 983-9222 ext. 318
Web site:

Contact: Terry Chance
Phone (336) 983-9222 ext. 314

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just My Messy Dogs

Ok so I thought that I would write about my two dogs today.

Last week we decided to rescue two horses that were about to become puppy chow and let me tell you they were pretty beat up when they arrived. One of them is only eight months old while the other one is about seventeen months old. So for the last few days the two dogs have been trying to get to know them. One of the dogs keeps going nuts every time he sees the two horses. And the other dog has found a new trick called rolling in the stable.

For some of you that haven’t seen the inside of a stable, well let me put it this way… Not a good place to be rolling around in… which comes to my situation. I am now looking for an automatic dog washer; yes that’s what I said.
So now who has one or do I need to design one myself is the question.

Back to the two dogs, I will say it is funny to watch the two horses chase the dogs around and I just hope they don’t step on the little guys. I think in time to come they will become friends and will enjoy being around each other.

Who knows maybe the dogs can get a horseback ride out of the deal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Lot Of Dog News Today

SC Johnson's New Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair Announces Winners of the "Show Off Your Shedder" Photo Contest

RACINE, Wis., April 15, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Buster, a nine-year-old cat with tons of energy, and Ace, a five-year-old white German Shepherd who loves ice cream. Buster and Ace were chosen as grand champions in the "Show Off Your Shedder" contest, a national pet photo contest created by SC Johnson and the Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. Buster and Ace and their thrilled owner, Heather Fireman of Berkley, Mich., took home $5,000 cash and a year's supply of the new Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair on behalf of their triumph.

The "Show Off Your Shedder" contest was conducted in celebration of America's love for its four-pawed family members. Though pets have their quirks, like stealing socks, biting ankles and shedding hair all over the home, 63 percent of families are proud pet owners who put up with their pets' quirks and bad habits.1 To enter the "Show Off Your Shedder" contest, thousands of pet owners submitted a photo of their favorite furball enjoying (or sneaking) a coveted moment on a piece of furniture.

America's grand prize "shedders" and two runners-up were chosen out of 10 finalists based on the photo's theme, innovation, creativity, inspiration and originality. Contest runners-up included Sammy, a yellow Labrador Retriever from Port St. Lucie, Fla., and Hugo and Sadie, a Beagle and a Jack Russell Terrier mix, respectively, from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Each took home a year's supply of the new Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair for their winning photos.

"Congratulations to the precious pets who are so obviously adored by their owners and families," said Kelly Semrau, SC Johnson Vice President of Global Public Affairs and Communication. "At SC Johnson, we know pets are a significant part of the family. The new Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair allows families to spend less time worrying about pet hair and more time enjoying their pets."

The Grand Prize "Shedders" – Buster and Ace
The winning photo captures Buster and Ace, the grand-prize dog and cat curled up together for a nap on the couch.

"Buster and Ace are such important parts of our family," said Fireman. "They are unique in that Buster, our elderly kitty, is a ball of energy while Ace, our big dog, is very shy and timid."

Buster, who enjoys chasing a laser pointer, has no interest in "people food" while Ace, who is afraid of his own shadow, is crazy about chicken and ice cream.

The Furry Runners-Up – Sammy, Hugo and Sadie
Three furry runners-up also celebrated fame and success. Louise Carlon of Port St. Lucie, Fla., submitted the winning photo of her dog, Sammy, snoozing on the sofa. Jessica Davis of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, submitted the winning photo of her dogs, Hugo and Sadie, curled up on a cozy quilt.

About the "Show Off Your Shedder" Contest
The "Show Off Your Shedder" contest was conducted in celebration of America's love for its four-pawed furry family members. To enter the contest, thousands of pet owners submitted a photo of their favorite furball enjoying (or sneaking) a coveted moment on a piece of furniture. Ten finalists were selected, of which three were awarded prizes. For more information, visit Winning photos are available upon request.

About the Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair
Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is the first time Pledge® has entered the upholstered furniture category. It is an innovative, handheld solution that quickly and effectively solves the age-old problem of living with beloved pets – the removal of unwanted pet hair from furniture. You simply slide Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair side to side in short strokes over upholstered furniture and the rollers grab, lift and trap pet hair inside of the device. The Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is self cleaning - as you go in one direction, one roller picks up the pet hair from the surface. When you go in the other direction, the second roller cleans off the first and pushes the pet hair inside.

Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is available at mass-merchandise stores such as Target, Walmart, and many more with a suggested retail price of $4.99. Find it by the other Pledge® products.

For more information, please visit

SC Johnson is a family-owned and managed business dedicated to innovative, high-quality products, excellence in the workplace and a long-term commitment to the environment and the communities in which it operates. Based in the USA, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, personal care and insect control. It markets such well-known brands as EDGE®, GLADE®, OFF!®, PLEDGE®, RAID®, SCRUBBING BUBBLES®, SHOUT®, WINDEX® and ZIPLOC® in the U.S. and beyond, with brands marketed outside the U.S. including AUTAN®, BAYGON®, BRISE®, ECHO®, KABIKILLER®, KLEAR®, and MR. MUSCLE®. The 123-year old company, with more than $8 billion in sales, employs approximately 12,000 people globally and sells products in more than 110 countries.

Press Contacts:
Jennifer Taylor

Christin Poterek

Animals Away Recently Announces an Updated Client Testimonial Section of Their Website

Animals Away has recently updated its client testimonial section of their website in order to show the ever growing happy client base that they have accrued over the years of shipping animals. Animal shipping can be a very nerve racking experience for many pet owners so it takes a very special animal shipping company to gain the trust of the public.

Port Jefferson, NY (PRWEB) April 15, 2009 -- Animals Away has recently updated its client testimonial section of their website in order to show the ever growing happy client base that they have accrued over the years of shipping animals. Animal shipping can be a very nerve racking experience for many pet owners so it takes a very special animal shipping company to gain the trust of the public.

By visiting the client testimonial page on Animals you can now read through the many different happy pet transportation customers that have used Animals Away over the years to ship their beloved pets and animals. The recently updated client testimonial page can be located at the following link:

Animals Away offers a door to door pet shipping service that people can trust. Shipping a much-loved pet can get very stressful. Many pets are considered another family member so it is important for pet owners to be assured that an animal is handled with the best care and delivered safely. Over the many years that Animals Away has been in business shipping animals they have accrued a healthy list of happy clientele.

This is clientele that has been more than willing to leave their feedback on the Animals Away testimonial section for everyone to see. Animals Away offers a wide range of pet and animal shipping services. Animals Away offers home pickups and deliveries along with door to door animal delivery services anywhere in the world. If your animal or pet requires domestic and international documentation along with health certificates Animals Away can help in this area as well being a full service pet transport company.

Animals Away has become one of the number one animal and pet shipping companies for a reason. Outstanding product and customer service which is a direct reflection of the new client testimonial page located on the Animals Away website. Animals Away brings a great deal of experience with it to the table. Being in business for over seventeen years this company has proven itself each year growing into one of the number one animal shipping companies in the world. Animals Away is a company started by animal lovers for animal lovers. Each and every single animal shipped is treated just like a member of the family and their number one goal is for every animal to have a stress free trip. They realize that animals respond much differently to bad travel than humans do so it is that much more important for every animal to have a safe trip in order to arrive at their destination happy and content.

To read more about Animals Away's happy customer base or to inquire about shipping a pet or animal please call 800-492-7961 or visit

How Many Caring Gay and Lesbian Pet Owners are There Around the World?

A New Gay Pet Club is focusing on building an online community of caring Gay and Lesbians who share the same interests, activities and trends of being pet owners. This social network service is web based and is providing a variety of ways for Gay and Lesbian members to interact with one another online.

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) April 14, 2009 -- Recently launched is currently using a top social networking software making it free and easy for pet owners to sign up. Within minutes, a new member can start communicating, share information, make friends, start a blog, post comments and add links to promote businesses. The linking feature can also be used to cross connect with member's profile from all other social sites like Facebook, Myspace, and other top social websites. They even have featured job listings for members to search through. is currently being used regularly by many Gay and Lesbian pet owners and has become an enduring part of their everyday life. Social networks, have for several years, been the toast of new media. Their principal strength has been an ability to connect millions of unique users.

So how many caring Gay and Lesbian pet owners are there? Just go to to see for yourself. Sign up today and start meeting the world or pet people and have fun.

For questions reguarding the Club or Advertising information, please
contact Club President Raymond (213) 977-2834

Introducing the New Center Pet Pharmacy Pet Blog

The Center Pet Pharmacy team is excited to introduce their highly anticipated Center Pet Pharmacy Blog, a new feature on

(PRWEB) April 15, 2009 -- The Center Pet Pharmacy team is excited to introduce their highly anticipated Center Pet Pharmacy Blog, a new feature on

This new addition to the Center Pet Pharmacy site is an informative and entertaining blog about pet medications, pet care, and of course the pets themselves. Customers and friends can get involved in the fun by submitting pictures and stories about their pets to be posted on the blog.

The blog will feature different types of posts, from helpful articles on pet medications to funny videos and pictures of staff and customer pets. Every week there will be a new featured pet, as well as advice on training pets, medicine administering techniques to prevent scratches, bites and general trauma to the pet,and more. Articles on pet diseases and treatments, health tips, stories about brave or clever pets, funny videos and pictures, recipes for tasty and healthy pet treats, giveaways, worthy charities, and much more.

Customers can get involved too by sharing their great pet stories, funny videos, cute pictures of their pets, and anything else they would like to submit. Fans of Center Pet Pharmacy can also become Facebook fans and follow @CenterPet on Twitter.

Visit the Center Pet Pharmacy blog today.

21st Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest Seeks New Entries, New Breeds

The 21st annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest is now open for entries. Contest producers are seeking breeds and mutts from around the world for the June 26, 2009 contest. Applicants are invited to go to to learn more about the contest or the online voting gallery.

Petaluma, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2009 -- The 21st World's Ugliest Dog Contest is looking for well loved mugs from mutts and pedigree dogs for its renowned contest in June 2009.

The contest occurs on Friday, June 26 at 6 p.m. during the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. Entry forms can be downloaded at or requested by calling 707-283-3247 (FAIR).

The 2009 World Champion will take home $1,000 in prize money along with a trophy and bragging rights. Past winners have had their photos on nearly every newspaper in America (and many overseas as well) and are featured guests (with their owners) on talk shows. Adding to the bid for stardom, contestants will be featured on Animal Planet as the popular show returns to film the contest for the third year.

Unfortunately, last year's winner, Gus, a Chinese Crested who pulled on the heartstrings of judges because of his fight with cancer, has passed. Only past winners Rascal and Elwood will be defending their title in 2009 making the battle for the World's Ugliest Dog wide open. The contest has been dominated by the Chinese Crested breed over the past several years and the Fair is actively recruiting more breeds to participate.

Prize money of $500 and a trophy will be awarded to the Ugliest Dog of 2009 which qualifies the dog to compete for the World title. Prizes of $100 go to the finalists in the Pedigree and Mutt classes. All dogs must enter a prequalifying round to ensure they are truly ugly before they take the stage. New this year, all dogs must have certification from their vet showing they are healthy.

If dog-lovers can't make the contest, but think their dog is worthy of recognition, they are invited to enter him or her in the hugely popular World's Ugliest Dog Voting Gallery ( where contestant photos and descriptions will be posted soon.

Attending the World's Ugliest Dog Contest is included in the price of admission to the fair as are the carnival, concerts, and other entertainment. The Sonoma-Marin Fair runs June 24 through 28 and offers $15 admission for adults, $10 for 4 to 12 year olds and 3 and under are free. Seniors 65 and over pay $8. Look for fair and contest updates online at or call 707-283-3247 (FAIR).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dog Stay Free At Red Lions Hotels

It's a Dog's Life at Red Lion Hotels
Pets stay free and earn loyalty points

SPOKANE, Wash., April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Red Lion Hotels Corporation (NYSE: RLH), announced an innovative stimulus program to make vacations more affordable for pets and their owners. Effective immediately, pets stay free at all Red Lion hotels and earn points in the company's loyalty program, the Red Lion R&R Club.

"This is very welcome news. I've stayed at a lot of hotels and it seems that Red Lion just gets me," said Zeke, a German Shepherd from Seattle. "While I feel welcome at some hotels, most make me feel self-conscious. And the fees, deposits, and mandatory cleaning charges really irk my people Bill and Jennie," Zeke added. Tigger, a cat who travels with Zeke, piped up, "I could tell they really liked me at Red Lion. I don't know, maybe it's a lion thing."

Domestic pets will receive a warm welcome at all of Red Lion's newly renovated hotels this summer - for free. So whether visiting downtown Seattle, Denver, Anaheim or other cities throughout the west, not only do pets stay free, they can enroll in the Red Lion R&R Club where they'll be able to earn 500 hundred points per stay. The program will be adding a host of desirable gift redemption options just for pets that will have pets all over the country begging their owners to stay at a Red Lion hotel. In addition to earning Red Lion R&R Club points, every pet that stays at a Red Lion hotel through September 30, 2009, will be entered into a drawing to receive a year's worth of pet food for free. Just one more way Red Lion is ensuring that pets "Stay Comfortable" this summer.

"With gas prices low this summer and airfares higher due to capacity cuts, we anticipate more vacationers will be traveling by car, including those who want to bring their pets along," said George Schweitzer, SVP Hotel Operations, at Red Lion Hotels. "While hotel room rates may be lower this summer, the pet fees charged by many other hotels can add up to more than the cost of the room. In these difficult times, this initiative makes vacations more affordable. And by earning points in Red Lion's R&R Club loyalty program both for the owner and the pet, vacationers can further stretch their travel dollars by redeeming points for travel awards or retail gift cards," added Schweitzer.

To qualify for the Pet Stay Free Program, the pet owner must be a member of the Red Lion R&R Club. Pet enrollment in the program is free and optional and allows the pet to earn bonus points for their stay. There is no upfront deposit but the pet owner is responsible for any damage caused to the room by their pet. For more details and information visit

About Red Lion Hotels Corporation:

Red Lion Hotels Corporation is a hospitality and leisure company primarily engaged in the ownership, operation and franchising of upscale and midscale hotels under its Red Lion(R) brand. As of December 31, 2008, the RLH hotel network was comprised of 47 hotels located in nine states and one Canadian province, with 8,910 rooms and 437,626 square feet of meeting space. The company also owns and operates an entertainment and event ticket distribution business. For more information, please visit the company's website at


Red Lion Hotels Corporation
Julie Langenheim, Investor Relations Manager
(509) 777-6322

In addition to earning Red Lion R&R Club points, every pet member that stays at a Red Lion hotel through September 30, 2009, will be entered into a drawing to receive a year’s worth of pet food for free.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost, Hungry,Kidnapped and Angry Dog Owners In The News

The Connecticut grey hound dog racing group is trying to sue the Protect Dogs, Grey2K USA, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society of the United States to get their dogs back racing again.
You would think that after all we have read over the years on how these poor dogs get treated and dumped off when the owner are though with them, they would be hiding their faces. The voters in Connecticut knew all about the cruelty these dogs went through, that’s why they voted to abolish dog racing to begin with.

Read the article here.

Ok we got one hungry dog named Bailey who likes to eat gloves and socks so much that he had to have them removed from his stomach. And to think the Vet thought it was a tumor, this sure made the family happy to have their dog back home.

Read the article here.

While over in Lewis County, Washington a little two year old decided to take a walk with his little dog while good old dad was asleep. Well needless to say the boy and his dog got lost until a firefighter from Toledo found the child in the woods with his little buddy laying next to him. Now if that isn’t one nice ending story I don’t know, if you watch the video it will have you in tears.

Read the article by Drew Mikkelsen here.

Well over in Pflugerville, TX the police arrested three kids named Kevin Salter ,John Kern and Monica Montanez for trying to steal a kids dog. The would be robbers punch the little boy and were able to take one of his pit bulls before being caught.

Now how low is that to hit a little child and take his dog.

Read the article here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Everybody Not So Happy With Obama’s Choice On His Dog

We all know that everybody was hoping that Obama would pick his dog though an animal rescue and not give in to the overwhelming population of dog breeding.

Well I guess he is just like the rest of them as TMZ has reported that Sen. Kennedy will be giving Obama a Portuguese Water Dog named Charlie.

So now that leaves the article by Adopt a Pet who are mad with his chose.

I can only wonder how much was paid for that dog, but we all know that money doesn’t mean a thing to Sen. Kennedy. Expresses Disappointment in Obama's Rumored Decision Not to Adopt a Shelter Dog and Reiterates Desperate Need for Americans to Adopt
Today North America's largest non-profit pet-adoption web service,, which gained attention by releasing an Obama-themed Shepard Fairey ADOPT art print, expressed sadness and disappointment at the Obamas' rumored impending acquisition of a dog from a Texas breeder, a decision that is in sharp contrast to the President's earlier pledge to adopt from a shelter.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2009 - Today North America's largest non-profit pet-adoption web service,, which gained attention by releasing an Obama-themed Shepard Fairey ADOPT art print, expressed sadness and disappointment at the Obamas' rumored impending acquisition of a dog from a Texas breeder, a decision that is in sharp contrast to the President's earlier pledge to adopt from a shelter.

"This is truly a missed opportunity to set a pet-adoption trend among Americans," said Abbie Moore, executive director of "If Obama had adopted a pet from a shelter, it could have been the turning point for the pet-overpopulation problem in this country. With pet relinquishment up 20 to 30 percent due to the poor economy, pets in shelters can use all the help they can get."

Many Americans share this sentiment. "We are hearing from people all over the country that they feel let down by the President's change of heart," said Moore, "which is why we're launching a new 'Social Petworking' campaign in the coming days to encourage Americans to adopt. To all those people out there who feel like hope has been dashed for millions of pets in shelters, we say there is something you can do. Go to, find an adoptable pet in your area, and send the link out to your friends or use the sharing tools to post that pet's information on your Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter feed. Spread the word. We can keep hope alive."

About (formerly is North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website, helping over 7,000 animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies advertise their homeless pets to adopters for free. displays photos and descriptions of adoptable pets to over 1.5 million people seeking to adopt a pet each month, and is funded by the passionate pet lovers at Purina and North Shore Animal League America. Aside from being able to adopt a dog or adopt a cat, visitors may now also adopt a rabbit, horse, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, farm-type animals and other small pets.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Can They Save The Pitbulls

Animal Welfare Groups Announce New Collaboration to Save Pit Bulls

(Vocus/PRWEB ) April 10, 2009 -- Best Friends Animal Society and The Humane Society of the United States announced that a summit meeting held this week in Las Vegas to discuss the disposition of dogs seized from dogfighting operations has led to a coalition of groups working together to help the canine victims of organized violence.

Among the outcomes of the meeting:

The HSUS has a new policy of recommending that all dogs seized from fighting operations be professionally evaluated, according to agreed upon standards, to determine whether they are suitable candidates for adoption. Dogs deemed suitable for placement should be offered as appropriate to adopters or to approved rescue organizations. The HSUS will update its law enforcement training manual and other materials to reflect this change in policy.

The groups agree that all dogs should be treated as individuals, and they are the true victims of this organized crime. They also agree to support law enforcement and animal control agencies when decisions must be made regarding the dogs deemed unsuitable for adoption and in cases when rescue organizations and adopters are unable, within a reasonable timeframe, to accept dogs from such raids that have been offered for adoption.

The organizations will form a working group to develop future protocols for cooperation in addressing the needs of dogs seized in raids, such as how to assist with the housing of fighting dogs, how to conduct professional evaluations, and how to screen potential adopters.

The summit meeting was convened to address the matter of dogs seized as a result of cruelty investigations, particularly due to the increase in HSUS-led enforcement actions against dogfighters. Participants at the meeting included Best Friends Animal Society, The Humane Society of the United States, BAD RAP, ASPCA, National Animal Control Association, Maddie's Fund, Nevada Humane Society, and Spartanburg Humane Society.

Best Friends Animal Society
Barbara Williamson (435) 689-0200 (cell) or barbara(at)
John Polis (435) 644-2001, ext. 4858 or johnp(at)

The Humane Society of The United States
Rachel Querry (301)258-8255 or rquerry(at)
Martin Montorfano: 301-258-3152 or mmontorfano(at)

About Best Friends Animal Society:
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2009, Best Friends Animal Society advances nationwide animal welfare initiatives by working with shelter and rescue groups around the country. The society operates the nation's largest facility for abused, abandoned and special needs companion animal, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which is located in southwestern Utah. On any given day the sanctuary is home to approximately 1,700 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, and other animals. The society publishes Best Friends magazine, the nation's largest general interest, pet-related magazine with approximately 300,000 subscribers. For more information on Best Friends Animal Society, visit:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

NJ Family Needs Help To Save Their Dog Judge

Photo by Kevin R. Wexler

A family from New Jersey had the house burn down and one of their dogs that survived was burned from the fire over forty percent of his body. The owners are asking for your help to pay for the surgeries that this poor dog will be needing.

Read the story by Elaine D'Aurizio here.

Anyone wishing to contribute may send donations to:
The Negrini Fire Fund, Lakeland Bank,
28 Main St.,
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

Tough Times Ahead

I just wanted to share this photo that I received with you.

Looking at this picture just tells the story about whats going on all around us. It doesn't matter what country you are from it's the same though out the world. Times have been tough for a lot of people and some have just got up and left there animals to fend for them selfs.

This picture shows me that even threw hard times this guy wasn't giving up on his love ones. As humbling as it might look his pets were by his side, it just shows the true love between man and his buddies.

So just maybe you might think of the unfortunate ones and reach in your pocket to help those who are unable to help them selfs. And You know the saying: You get paid back tenfold for your good deeds.

A New Animal Community

Petfive Launches AnimalGate Introducing a Unique Animal Community Portal

A global community for animals and their owners. The meeting place for people and pets to have fun as well as take action in favor of pressing animal welfare and conservation matters.

Mequon, Milwaukee (PRWEB) April 9, 2009 -- AnimalGate is a Global Animal Community that connects friends who love animals and pets. A community where members can communicate, share information, learn, have fun and exchange views on animal welfare and conservation matters in a unique way.
After a free and quick registration process on, members and pets can create a profile and then enter the world of AnimalGate. Making friends is simple by using either the advanced integrated search engine, the community page or the "animals near me" section.

AnimalGate's features include the ability to share photos, videos, blogs and articles, create groups, find training guides as well as search for pets that have been lost, found, are up for adoption, available for breeding or for sale.

AnimalGate also offers audio and visual entertainment. AnimalGate.TV offers a wide selection of animal-related videos covering categories such as fun, awareness, competition and education where members have the opportunity to add favorite videos. Additionally, AnimalGate.FM is a weekly podcast webshow with tips, news and music hits.

AnimalGate "One World One Kingdom" has been built around the belief that the future well being of the world is directly linked between the harmony that the human race and the animal kingdom can find. The fate of both is in our hands and Animalgate provides the means to connect the world and not only offer a community for interaction amongst friends, but also act as a community that will have substance and a purpose. Animalgate with its members can Voice their opinions on many pressing matters through the "Take Action" section which features awareness articles and petitions where even the pets can sign with their picture.

AnimalGate, a community that allows animal lovers and pets to have fun, participate as well as express their views on animal welfare.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Look Out The Fashion Shows Are Going To The Dogs

Canines Parade in Couture at FIT's First Pet Apparel Show

Eleven dogs sporting one-of-a-kind outfits will take the runway when the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) presents its first pet apparel fashion show, Bark Is The New Black, on Wednesday, April 22 from 5 to 6:30 pm in FIT's John E. Reeves Great Hall, Seventh Avenue at 27th Street.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) April 8, 2009 -- Eleven dogs sporting one-of-a-kind outfits will take the runway when the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) presents its first pet apparel fashion show, Bark Is The New Black, on Wednesday, April 22 from 5 to 6:30 pm in FIT's John E. Reeves Great Hall, Seventh Avenue at 27th Street.

The dogs will wear togs created by 20 designers enrolled in the Pet Product Design and Marketing Professional Development certificate program, offered by FIT's Center for Professional Studies (CPS). Pet accessories and pet lifestyle products will also be on display. At the show's conclusion, canines and humans will receive "doggy bags."

The pet apparel fashion show is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until April 14 at FIT, northwest corner of 7th Avenue and 27th Street, Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, Room 130. Non-participating dogs will not be admitted to the show, and flash photography is prohibited.

The show is produced by FIT students majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications (AMC), as part of their work for a Special Events Marketing Public Relations class. Linda Finnerty, assistant professor, AMC, said, "Students in our Special Events class typically produce a variety of educational events, including guest speaker panel discussions and career fairs for FIT students. Last spring, we helped produce the opening night after-party for a Broadway show. However, working with pets is a new and challenging experience for all of us. This event should be very entertaining and lots of fun."

Joan Volpe, director of CPS, said, "The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and pet apparel and related products represent a $40 billion industry that is proving to be comparatively recession-proof. This niche market requires talent, know-how, and skills commonly found in traditional fashion business segments. Our program provides training for designers wishing to enter this market."

The Pet Product Design and Marketing Professional Development certificate program consists of six non-credit courses, How to Get Your Pet Apparel and Product Concepts to Market, Fashion Design for Pet Apparel, Pet Accessories and Lifestyle Product Design, Quick Sketching for the Pet Product Business, Pet Accessory Design Studio, and Introduction to Pet Product Branding. Students receive a Pet Product Design and Marketing certificate upon completion of the program.

The Center for Professional Studies, a department in FIT's School of Continuing and Professional Studies, offers non-credit programs. These abbreviated courses of study provide comprehensive coverage of a particular career specialty or field and are geared toward industry-experienced individuals seeking career advancement or new possibilities.

The Fashion Institute of Technology is a selective college of art and design, business and technology of the State University of New York, with 44 majors leading to the AAS, BFA, BS, MA, and MPS degrees.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help A Soldiers Pet

Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet Requests Assistance to Buy Land for First MVP Sanctuary
National 501(c)(3) nonprofit "taking leap of faith" to raise $135,000 by April 15, 2009 for pet Sanctuary.

Hot Springs, AR (PRWEB) April 7, 2009 -- Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet (GASP), an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization supporting deploying military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets through programs aimed at reuniting the pets with their owners following a deployment or an emergency hardship, announced they have found 11 acres for the establishment of the first "Military & Veterans Pet (MVP) Sanctuary". In order to purchase the property, the organization is requesting financial assistance by raising $135,000 by April 15th to remove the contingency for obtaining the funds and setting the closing date.

The property is located in eastern Garland County, Arkansas, approximately 9 miles east of downtown Hot Springs and 60 miles west of downtown Little Rock off Hwy 70.

The MVP Sanctuary will allow GASP to provide a caring, loving, and safe temporary home-like environment where an individual foster home is not available to care for the pet/pets to meet the deploying pet owner's time line Pet guests will be from Arkansas and surrounding states such as LA, MO, MS, OK, TN, and TX.

"We are asking the military community and general public to help us make the sanctuary a reality via monetary donations," said Linda Spurlin-Dominik, Founder/National CEO of the organization. "The space will further GASP's mission by ensuring that the pet is waiting for their owner's safe return from deployment and expand the organization's programs and services to Arkansas veterans' who need a temporary home for their pet in emergency hardship type situations."

To make a donation, visit MVP Sanctuary to make an online donation or mail check/money order payable to:

Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet - MVP Sanctuary
167 Candleberry Cir
Hot Springs, AR 71913-2109

Donations to the MVP Sanctuary are deductible as allowed under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code (Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet Federal Tax ID: 20-2229425). Each donor will receive an official "Thank You" and pre-numbered receipt for their tax records.

About GASP:
GASP is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit Federal Tax Exempt public charity supporting the United States' military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets through programs aimed at reuniting pet(s) and owner following deployment or an emergency hardship. To learn more about the MVP Sanctuary project visit and for more information about Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet visit

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Does Your Dog Have What It Takes To Win

Britain’s Most Talented Pet
Does your pet have what it takes?

Move over Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson as The Ultimate Pet Show - Britain’s first show celebrating pets of all kind, from the cute and cuddly to the weird and wonderful - is launching a search to find ‘Britain’s Most Talented Pet’. Dogs that dance, horses that sing and piano playing pussy-cats will have the chance to showcase their unique talents for all to see at the Birmingham NEC from 2nd-4th May 2009.
The most talented pets will be pre-selected to appear at the show in the quest to find Britain’s Most Talented Pet. Their pet-tastic skills will be judged by industry experts including UnderDog Show Winner, Kevin Sacre, TV vet and founder of Marc Abraham, dog behaviourist Carolyn Menteith.

The winner will be crowned with the prestigious title of ‘Britain’s Most Talented Pet’ on the 2nd May 2009 and will receive £250 along with a professional pet photography shoot and digital camera.

If you think that your pet has what it takes to become ‘Britain’s Most Talented Pet’ then email a photo or video clip to by 20th April 2009. As well as the ‘Britain’s Most Talented Pet’ grand final, the Ultimate Pet Show will be packed full of fun animal themed activities to enjoy, wonderful things to buy for you and your pet, free expert advice and helpful tips plus celebrity guest appearances. Visit to book tickets and for more information on Britain’s Most Talented Pets and other exciting features at The Ultimate Pet Show.- ends -For more information contact Danielle Carter or Selina Campbell on 020 3170 0950 or email /

Friday, April 3, 2009

Did Your Dog Join Mighty Dogs Yet ?

Mighty Dogs Unite in Spirit of Bipawtisonship to Launch First-of-its Kind Nation for Dogs

TV Personality and Dog Lover Maria Menounos Serves as the Official Human Ambassador to the Mighty Dog(R) Nation

BOSTON, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- It is time for the proud to rise up. It is time for the mighty to be heard. It is time to unite for the good of dog-kind!
Dogs have often been celebrated for their acts of heroism, breed excellence and celebrity. Now, the "everydog" - those mighty pooches whose attitudes are bigger than their size - have a Nation to call their own. Dogs across the country are invited to become citizens of the Mighty Dog(R) Nation and enter a national video contest for the chance to star in a 3-5 minute dogumentary about the founding of this nation for dogs.

The newly formed nation is being officially ratified at an event in Boston on Saturday, April 4. Maria Menounos, TV personality, dog lover and Human Ambassador to the Mighty Dog Nation, will officiate the ceremony as mighty dogs gather to march in solidarity and pawtograph the Mighty Dog Nation Bill of Rights.

"As a passionate dog owner and lover, and someone who understands the power of a mighty spirit, I am honored to be named the Human Ambassador to the Mighty Dog(R) Nation," said Menounos. "Today we declare to the world what proud owners of everyday dogs have always known - that the strength of a dog's character tells more than his bark."

From maintaining first right to mail inspection and visitor endorsement to chasing squirrels or chewing on balls, citizens of the Mighty Dog Nation inspire and delight their proud owners everyday with their spirited personalities and "can do" attitudes.

Dogs wishing to join the Mighty Dog Nation can ask their owners to visit to learn how to become a citizen.

The Story of the Mighty Dog Nation

Like many great movements, the Mighty Dog Nation started small - a sniff here, a bark there. And as mighty dogs come together from all walks of life, their voices will grow and their stories will be heard.

The founding of this first-of-its-kind nation for dogs will be documented in a short dogumentary called "Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie." Dog owners are invited to enter a national video contest for the chance for their dogs to win a starring role in the dogumentary, which will be 3-5 minutes in length and will debut on in January 2010.

In addition to being chosen for feature roles in Mighty Dog(R) Nation: The Movie, three grand prize winners will appear in a 30-second film trailer that will air in a commercial break during the National Dog Show on NBC on Thanksgiving Day.

"As the brand that helps dogs be their mightiest, Mighty Dog(R) dog food is excited to see the many ways in which the citizens of our nation show their mightiness everyday," said Nicole Balderas, brand manager for Purina Mighty Dog. "Are they fearless front porch defenders or the masters of their domain who oversee all household activities? Regardless of the ways in which these spirited dogs show their mightiness, it's time for them to be recognized."

Owners of mighty dogs can go to to learn how to become a citizen of the Nation and get a copy of the Official Contest Rules on how to enter the Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie Video Contest.

About Nestle Purina PetCare
Nestle Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. A premiere global manufacturer of pet products, Nestle Purina PetCare is part of Swiss-based Nestle S.A., the world's largest food company.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Music For The Dogs

Bootstrap Productions Web Video - Tour Promotion

Discover new live music and help local animal rescue too at

(PRWEB) April 2, 2009 -- BOOTSTRAP PRODUCTIONS launches a Tahoe region "live performance" video production studio and publishing service with the new web channel a video based promotion service for touring bands.

Bootstrap's video services are aimed at multiple shoots in multiple venues of the same band. "Since the bands tour to this region regularly we can build a video library, from that we create promotional material for the bands. We constantly improve on our collection - the site will be fresh." says CJ, the producer and publisher behind the IndiesForPaws website.

We see our promotional videos as a resource to the "promotion and band management" side of the "Music Business". By collaborating we all have a singular goal of the bands financial and musical success. Working with bands to build a video collection of live performances will be valuable for many reasons - including the possibility to get income from advertisers on the web site and DVD sales as well. It will also help drive show attendance. It's win - win - win when you look at it. There is no down side.

That's one of the things that makes us different- we collaborate with bands to create videos and make money for both sides and then the animal rescue donations - that's icing on the cake. Check out the Rocket Dog Rescue video on the Indiesforpaws site. What a story- what a commitment. Lots of pets need rescue help - or they die. You can foster a pet…, adopt a pet or two... There is a "Foreclosure dog" problem out there. Help!

The studio is working on several combination DVDs including two titled The Tahoe Sessions and The Sierra Sessions. The first should be out within a few months. The DVDs will feature shows from a combination of artists and will be sponsored in part by merchants. "this is part of our business, we help merchants reach clients through live music of all sorts of genre's. From geezer rock to reggae, bluegrass to new grass…, I particularly like the geezer rock stuff myself. "

The site was launched on February 14th with over a hundred hours of video in the bank and dozens of bands already in the queue we expect this site to change and grow rapidly for months to come.

We have been fortunate to partner on many projects with the most prolific concert promoter in the Tahoe area, Renegade Productions. For nearly 20 years Renegade has been bringing great shows to Tahoe venues including River Ranch Lodge, MontBleu Casino, The Tahoe Biltmore Casino and the Truckee River Park. Renegade has helped the local talent and the touring acts build a strong base of music fans in the Tahoe area. From the Classic Rock Led Zeppelin cover band Zepparella to the Austin Texas kick ass rock sensation Del Castillo. The local area is a hot-bed of great performers too; they are often given the chance to open for national touring acts. Renegade has been a great combination for us - bringing more value to the bands for the shows they perform, that's our mutual goal. Video helps provide that by keeping the live, alive.

Bands looking to collaborate with Bootstrap Productions to create promotional and commercial video should contact CJ by email cjmccoypromo(at) and calling 530-573-0805.

Press Contact:
Chuck Connell, aka "CJ"
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Forget The Second Annual National Pet Parent's Day

April 26 Marks Second Annual National Pet Parent's Day℠

Dedicated Day for Pet Lovers Highlighted by Free e-Cards at

Brea, Calif. (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 1, 2009 -- Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) has designated a day in honor of those who tirelessly scoop poop and dish out kibble, hold birthday parties in Fido's honor, and share a cramped bed with four paws. Pet Parent's Day℠, the nation's only official day celebrating pet caregivers, lands on the last Sunday in April - this year, April 26. Preempting a season dedicated to the appreciation of mothers and fathers, National Pet Parent's Day recognizes and honors those who lovingly consider their pets a part of the family.

In the spirit of applauding devoted pet parents for their hard work and diligent care, Veterinary Pet Insurance has created an impressive host of electronic pawliday greeting cards at Through April 26, nine different 'e-Cards', each conveying a different tone (fun, warm, new pet) for dogs, cats, and other species will be available for Web site visitors to share with the pet parent(s) of their choice. Senders will have the ability to choose an animated design and compose a personalized message to the recipient.

"The fact that the majority of our policyholders emphatically consider their pets part of their family inspired us to create a day for the dedicated pet caregiver," said Curtis Steinhoff, spokesman for VPI. "A recent survey by the American Animal Hospital Association reports that 83 percent of pet owners consider themselves their pet's mom or dad. With the human animal bond at an unprecedented high in America, we feel it's important to set aside an annual day to recognize the special commitment made by pet owners."

Those who view their pets as integral family members extend far beyond caregivers purchasing pet health insurance. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 93 percent of pet owners value their pets for love and companionship, three quarters would include their pets in their disaster preparedness plan, and more than half give their pets medication or special food and consider caring for a pet beneficial to the health of their family (2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey).

Free Pet Parent's Day e-Cards will be available on through April 26. This year e-Card senders will have the ability to send the same greeting to one or more pet parents (multiple addresses) and time their e-Card to arrive the morning of Pet Parent's Day or to be delivered immediately.

About Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co./DVM Insurance Agency is the nation's oldest and largest pet health insurance company and is a member of the Nationwide Insurance family of companies. Providing pet owners with peace of mind since 1982, the company is committed to being the trusted choice of America's pet lovers and an advocate of pet health education. VPI Pet Insurance plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for multiple medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries. Optional Pet Well Care Protection for routine care is also available.

Medical plans are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. More than 2,000 companies nationwide offer VPI Pet Insurance as an employee benefit. Policies are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in California and in all other states by National Casualty Company, an A+15 rated company in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about VPI Pet Insurance, call 800-USA-PETS (800-872-7387) or visit

Brian Iannessa
(714) 989-5662 (office)
(714) 981-2056 (mobile)
biannessa (at)