Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Would You Want This CEO Named Desmond Hague Watching Your Dog

So you ask your friend who is a CEO named Desmond Hague who runs a company called Centerplate in Stamford, Conn. to watch your dog thinking he should be a nice guy to have take care of your dog.
Until you see this video.

Video by Globe News

I sure wouldn't want this lowlife to be my friend who likes to abuse dogs. The video was report to the BC SPCA who then went with a search warrant to find the dog named Sade who was stuck in his crate that was disgusting to say,

And now the company Centerplate has offered a mer hundred grand to a create a foundation in the name of Sade and they gave Desmond Hague

a thousand hours community service.

So that's how these companies hold these animal abusers for their wrongs with just trying to give out a little money and push it under the rug.

Read the main article by Yuliya Talmazan here.

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 Here is the full press release on Tweeter.  


Centerplate’s board of directors announces the resignation of Desmond Hague.

Read it here by Daniel Roberts.

 The dog lovers have spoken...Woof...Woof..

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