Monday, September 29, 2014

Apache Junction, AZ Animal Hospital Veterinarian Eva DeCozio Receives The 2014 Hero Veterinarian Award

 VCA Veterinarian Eva DeCozio Honored at American Humane Association's Gala with Inaugural ‘Hero Veterinarian’ Award

 Eva DeCozio, DVM of VCA Apache Junction Animal Hospital was recognized at the American Humane Association’s (AHA) Hero Dog Awards Gala with the 2014 Hero Veterinarian award sponsored by Zoetis

 Eva DeCozio, DVM of VCA Apache Junction Animal Hospital was recognized at the American Humane Association’s (AHA) Hero Dog Awards Gala with the 2014 Hero Veterinarian award, sponsored by Zoetis. Held on September 28 in Beverly Hills, California, this year’s popular event that celebrates American heroes on both ends of the leash featured hosts Terry Bradshaw and Beth Sterns.



 Recognized as a Hero Veterinarian, Dr. DeCozio embodies the qualities of a caring professional in the veterinary community. As medical director of VCA Apache Junction Animal Hospital which is located at the edge of a low-income Arizona neighborhood, Dr. DeCozio treats seriously ill pets on a daily basis. While many of her clients have scarce resources to pay for the necessary care, Dr. DeCozio refuses to turn them away because her mission is to help as many creatures as possible. Her dedication and commitment to improving the lives of pets with expert and compassionate veterinary services is what makes Dr. DeCozio a partner in care and real life hero among her peers.
“We congratulate Dr. DeCozio on being recognized with this special honor for the work she does on behalf of VCA along with her ongoing animal welfare efforts,” said Art Antin, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of VCA Animal Hospitals. “Eva is a caring and compassionate industry role model who exemplifies our mission that a pet’s health is our top priority.”
In addition to Dr. DeCozio’s dedication to caring for pets at VCA, she is co-founder of Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary (PAWS) where she has brought in hundreds of animals who might have been euthanized in other shelters, treats them, and helps them find forever homes. PAWS is a non-profit animal welfare organization that “exists to create a community in which there is no unnecessary animal euthanasia.” As a testament to Dr. DeCozio’s efforts, more than 800 animals have been given a second chance at life.
“I am overwhelmed and humbled by this huge honor,” said Dr. DeCozio. “This award is a credit to my family, my community, my clients, my patients, and of course, my technicians. I want to dedicate this award to everyone involved in our rescue group who helped make this dream of creating a non-profit a reality.”
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